HBS On Line Sign Ups

Welcome to the Health-Related Internships (HRI)
On-Line Sign Up system.

The Internship & Career Center's HRI online signup system provides an opportunity for current UC Davis students to browse and select health-related internships each quarter in fields including medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, nutrition, and public health.


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February 2021 Announcement

The Internship and Career Centers continues to work to provide internships during the time of COVID-19. Limited sites will be available for Spring 2021.  The HRI system will open for pass time registration on February 24th at 9 am. You will be able to register for a pass time until March 3rd at 4:59 pm. The deadline to register for an internship will be March 4th at 5 pm. Passtimes are randomly generated. Registering early in the process does not necessary mean an early passtime will be given. If the HRI website is slow, log out and check back later.

Prior to HRI internships in Spring and during Spring Quarter, we ask that students avoid travel and continue to socially distance as part of the UC Davis commitment to campus safety. If you plan to travel outside of the region or will engage with members outside your current household during Spring Break and Spring Quarter, please do not register for an HRI.

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