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1. A Community for Peace


Address: 6060 Sunrise Vista, Ste. 2340
City: Citrus Heights State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Alicia
Contact's Position: ACFP Advocate Team
Phone: 9167285613

Descriptions: The Domestic Violence Intervention Center provides support for victims of domestic violence. Volunteers are required to participate in 40 hours of training which is held twice a year. Upon completion of taining, volunteers will receive a certificate as an advocate. Advocates can volunteer in a variety of ways; clerical work and phone operator at the office, crisis line phone operator after hours, out reach and tabling at events, producer of grant proposals, mediator of women's support groups, as well as other opportunities to help. Volunteers are expected to maintain confidentiality, as it is a domestic violence center. Long term commitments are encouraged.

Keywords: counseling, women

2. Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide


Address: 5170 Golden Foothill Parkeway
City: El Dorado Hills State: CA Zip: 957629608

Contact Person: Yvette Kelley
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 9169520854

Descriptions: The mission of Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide (APTW) is to improve mental wellness by teaching and educating people, especially women, who are dissatisfied, how to plan and to implement the skills and the confidence essential to make positive life choices by increasing employment and educational successes through proven positive thinking technique and strategies by providing positive thinking counseling, support from coaches and social workers, career mentoring, anger management classes, parenting enrichment groups, clothing for work and/or school, assistance with legal resources and a lifetime support network connecting to a community of positive thinkers.

Keywords: education, counseling, international, mental health, women

3. Adolescent Family Life Program


Address: 1625 Stockton Blvd. Suite 112
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Contact Person: Elaine Ellers
Contact's Position: Program Manager
Phone: 9162629141
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Sutter Teen Programs provides comprehensive case management services for pregnant or parenting adolescents who enroll prior to turning 18 years of age. There are two available Programs. The Adolescent Family Life Program is a voluntary program to any pregnant and parenting teen not receiving TANF (welfare) dollars. The Cal-Learn Program is a mandatory program for any pregnant and parenting teen that is under 19 and has not received their high school diploma. Case management includes: medical services, educational services, legal services, housing, fiscal support, child care transportation, infant development, and parenting education. The primary goals of both programs are:
-Reduce the incident of low-birthweight babies;
-Maximize educational potential of the teens and their children;
-Reduce the incidence of unplanned repeat teen pregnancy; and
-Reduce child abuse and neglect

Most contacts with clients occur at school or in their homes. Volunteers can help with office work and other tasks as needed.

Contact Felicia Parker-Rogers or Elaine Ellers for more information on volunteering.

Keywords: health, education, legal, housing, youth, women

4. Adoption Connection


Address: 1710 Scott Street
City: San Francisco State: CA Zip: 94115

Phone: 4158513089
Hours: M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Descriptions: Adoption Connection has facilitated successful adoptions for more than three decades. As a full-service agency and national leader in domestic open adoption, we are proud to serve as a trusted resource for anyone considering adoption.

We help our clients navigate all the details of the adoption process from start to finish. Our expert staff offers exceptional newborn adoption facilitation and practical support to pregnant women and their families anywhere in the United States and to adoptive families in Northern California.

Adoption Connection understands that families come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We welcome couples and individuals of all ages, religions, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.

Keywords: counseling, health, women, youth

5. Al-Anon Family Groups

Address: 5429 Palm Avenue, Suite A
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95841

Contact Person: Ken Priestley
Contact's Position: Office Manager
Phone: 9163342971

Descriptions: Al-Anon and Alateen support groups for those who have alcoholic relatives or friends. Based on 12-step program. Meeting schedules available; 24-hours telephone message for meeting information. Spanish-speaking, men only, or women only meetings available. Volunteers are required to be a member of Al-Anon.

Keywords: substance abuse, mentor/tutor, counseling

6. Alternatives Pregnancy Center


Address: 1111 Howe St., Suite610
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95825

Contact Person: Brook Odgers
Phone: 9168804040
Hours: By scheduled appointment

Descriptions: Program run by the Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center in Sacramento. Support groups to help women experiencing stress from a past abortion. Christian orientation. Facilitated by a trained volunteer.

916 880-4040 main number

Keywords: women, religious

7. American Cancer Society


Address: 1545 Riverpark Drive, Suite 100
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Phone: 9165612900
Hours: M-F 9-5

Descriptions: The American Cancer Society is dedicated to conquering cancer and minimizing the burden of those who currently have cancer. The Society employs a three-level approach to meeting these goals:
-support cancer research;
-conduct education programs for early detection and prevention of cancer; and
-provide services and rehabilitation programs to cancer patients and their families, including tangible items as well as counseling through support group functions.

There are two support groups in Yolo County.
For information on the Sacramento Branch, contact them at 350 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, 95816. Their phone number is 446-7933. Support programs in Sacramento include:
-HOPE: resources for the Crisis of Cancer, offering tools to deal with the educational and emotional aspects of cancer; and
-I Can Cope, a series of eight classes with lectures, discussions, and study assignments to help participants regain a sense of self-control.

Cancer patients, their families, and close friends are eligible to join these groups.

Various volunteer opportunities are available including office assistance, health fairs, smoking cessation and breast self-exam teaching, and other educational seminars. A training period is required of volunteers and is provided by the agency.

Keywords: Community Development Health, health, counseling, women, youth, education, elderly

8. American Cancer Society- Discovery Shop 1


Address: 2708 Marconi Avenue
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95821

Phone: 9164840227
Hours: M-F 10am-6pm, Weekends: 10am-5pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Sells new and gently used Merchandise including clothing, household goods and small furniture.

Keywords: health, women, youth, elderly

9. ASUCD Pantry


Address: Memorial Union #154
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Pantry Staff Team
Contact's Position: Pantry Volunteer Manager

Descriptions: The ASUCD Pantry is a student-run, student-directed campus food pantry under the Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD), serving up to 800 students daily through fresh produce, bread, non-perishable products, and basic necessities. We are located on the first floor of the Memorial Union, open 7 days a week.

Volunteers will directly interact with and assist students as they visit, as well as work to maintain the Pantry space. We ask our quarterly-committed volunteers for a 1.5 or 3 hour/week. One-time sign-ups are also available on our website.

Please email us to coordinate. We appreciate the support and dedication of groups across our campus and local community.

We have had 47,000+ visits in the 2018-2019 school year, and to operate, we have recruited, trained, and scheduled 120+ volunteers to staff the Pantry and now we are looking for Spring '20 volunteers to help expand our hours of operation.

Join us in our fight for a hunger-free campus and a healthy, thriving UC Davis community.

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Visit us at the Memorial Union!

Keywords: Education, Emergency, Health, Hunger, Volunteer Groups, Disabled Persons, Elderly, Organizations, Women, Youth

10. Birth Connection


Address: P.O. Box 276044
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95827

Contact Person: Lois Baxter
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 9164519868
Hours: Tues-Fri 9-2, Other days by appt

Descriptions: Support and education for women with unplanned pregnancies. Assistance in basic decision making, goal setting, childbirth preparation, parenting, adoption planning and recovery for birth mother. Labor and hospital support; including access to prenatal care and accompaniment to hospital. Education for couples considering adopting a child. Information and referral on adoption. Monthly support group open for those exploring planning or recovering from an adoptive plan. Monthly support group open for adoptive adults.

Keywords: women, counseling, pregnancy, adoption

11. Cache Creek Lodge


Address: 435 Aspen Street
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 5306625727

Descriptions: Cache Creek Lodge is a division of Yolo Alcoholic Recovery Center. It serves as a residential treatment center for men and women suffering from alcoholism and drug dependency. Residents are provided room and board seven days a week, staff supervision, and a structured educational program designed to help them regain their lives.

Sessions are held daily on all aspects of chemical dependency - physical, psychological and spiritual - so that residents may begin to learn how to reclaim their lives.

Also provide intensive day treatments, out patient services, and sober living.

Keywords: substance abuse, women, housing

12. California Conservation Corps


Address: 1719 24th Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 96816

Phone: 8009525627
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: The California Conservation Corps is the oldest and largest conservation corps in the country and develops thousands of young men and women into citizens with character, credentials and commitment.

Corpsmembers have numerous special opportunities in the CCC, working on backcountry trails, joining an exchange crew in Australia, improving fish habitat in cold streams and creeks, building in state parks, or participating in an AmeriCorps/CCC program.

Keywords: Employment/Training & Personal Development Corps Environment Emergency, education, nature

13. California National Organization for Women (NOW)


Address: 2022 Capital Avenue
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Phone: 9164423414

Descriptions: NOW works to achieve social and economic equity for women. In the Sacramento office, NOW lobbies legislators on bills affecting women's rights. Volunteers are needed to provide office support, including answering phones, assisting with mailings, computer work, and helping to organize events

Keywords: Lobbyists, women

14. Center for Fathers and Families


Address: 2251 Florin Road, Suite 152
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95822

Phone: 9165683237
Hours: M-F 8:30-5:30pm

Descriptions: The Center for Fathers and Families (CFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency with a strong history of responding to the needs of fathers and their families by offering programs and services that lead to family growth, enrichment, and empowerment.

We also strive to equip each member of the family with the skills, information, and resources necessary to promote a strong family life, which in turn promotes stronger, healthier communities. To see this vision to fruition, beginning in 2007, CFF expanded our services to include our Making After School Time Enriching and Rewarding (MASTERS) program. MASTERS serves 2,200 low-income children and families each and every school day by providing homework assistance, enrichment activities, recreation, and health and wellness activities and education. We knew it was extremely important to partner with school and other community based organizations in managing youth time between 3-6 PM.

Keywords: women, youth, mentor/tutor, father, paternity

15. Centro Guadalupe Advocacy Program


Address: 730 S Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Phone: 9164435367

Descriptions: The Centro Guadeloupe Advocacy Program is a multi-service agency that serves primarily Hispanic families, women, and children in such areas as emergency food and shelter, counseling, translation, information and referral, and employment.

Volunteers are needed to assist with the "Community Pals" youth project for 7th - 11th grades which targets students from high risk environments; make periodic contact in person and over the phone with students; and help plan and implement activities.

This is a program that allows creative input. Volunteers should have a good rapport with young people and be understanding of problems facing students from high risk environments. The ability to speak Spanish is desirable. Volunteers work closely with a project coordinator.

Internships may be available.

Keywords: Hunger Homeless & Housing Cultural Youth Cmty Dev, women, emergency, counseling, mentor/tutor

16. Chicks in Crisis


Address: 9455 East Stockton Blvd
City: Elk Grove State: CA Zip: 95624

Contact Person: Inez Whitlow
Contact's Position: President & CEO
Phone: 9164411243

Descriptions: Emergency Assistance to women who are facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, who may or may not already have young children and are in a crisis situation. It is the goal of our organization to decrease infant abandonment, child neglect, homelessness of women & children and to facilitate open adoption service.

Keywords: Health, women

17. Children's Home Society of California, Woodland Auxiliary


Address: 1100 Main Street, Suite 120
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Ivanna Her
Contact's Position: Program Specialist, Resource and Referral
Phone: 5306654684
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00PM

Descriptions: We are a non-profit agency that provides support to low income families with child care subsidies. We also help support child care providers and individuals looking to become licensed child care providers through technical assistance and professional development opportunities.

Keywords: Youth Counseling Community Development, women

18. City of Davis - Adopt a Park

Address: 23 Russell Blvd
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Kellie Vitaich
Contact's Position: Volunteer Program Coordinator
Phone: 5307475874
Hours: M-F, 7:30 a.m.. - 4:30 p.m.


Keywords: Cultural, Disabled Persons, Elderly, Environment, Outreach, Recreation, Volunteer Groups, Women, Youth

19. Dress for Success


Address: 1600 Sacramento Inn Way Suite 128
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Beverly Agee
Contact's Position: Assistant to Founder
Phone: 9162431282
Hours: By Appointment Only: Monday-Friday

Descriptions: We empower women to become economically self-sufficient by providing a network of support. We offer a career center, professional suiting/clothing for interviews and jobs, mentorship, workforce training, and youth summer programs. We have a range of volunteer opportunities and needs related to the above.

We serve the 6 County Sacramento region.

Keywords: women

20. Education Department - Planned Parenthood


Address: 201 29th Street, Suite A
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Phone: 9163251700
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: Support group for pregnant and parenting offered called "Teen Success." Training for teachers, counselors, youth workers and other professionals is available. Family life education series taught in high schools, middle schools and community settings. Community educators are available to speak to groups regarding reproductive health issues and human sexuality.

Keywords: women, youth

21. Freedom From Hunger


Address: 1460 Drew Avenue, Suite 300
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307586200
Hours: M-F, 9-5

Descriptions: Freedom from Hunger is a supporting organization of Grameen Foundation. When our two organizations joined forces in October 2016, core operating functions, programs and staff of Freedom from Hunger were integrated into Grameen Foundation. At the same time, Freedom from Hunger continues to operate as a charitable organization and a supporting organization of Grameen Foundation, guiding projects across the world to give women the tools they need to end poverty and hunger for themselves and their families.

Microfinance is a powerful self-help support tool that allows the very poor to reduce the day-to-day uncertainties of cash management. Whether it is saving money or gaining access to credit, vital needs can be met and opportunities pursued.

But financial services alone are not enough to help the very poor climb out of poverty. Freedom from Hunger has developed and promoted "value-added" or "integrated" microfinance programs that pair financial services with education and health protection.

Our education programs engage women at their microfinance group meetings to promote better health, nutrition, business and money management. Using dialogue, story, song, demonstrations and pictures, women with little or no schooling learn practical skills to build futures of health, hope and dignity.

For more information, visit our web site at
Keywords: women, education, youth, health, hunger

22. GoEco


Address: 69 Bograshov
City: Tel Aviv State: Israel Zip:

Contact Person: Daniella
Contact's Position: Content Manager
Phone: 6462404545x506
Hours: Sunday to Thursday 8:00AM - 3:00 PM GMT

Descriptions: GoEco is a leading eco-tourism company with over 150 marine conservation, animal conservation, environmental, community aid, medical and teaching volunteer opportunities abroad! GoEco promotes award-winning programs that are carefully chosen by the company's founding sustainable travel experts. Programs are available in 40 countries, and many long-term and research-based programs can qualify for academic credit.

Keywords: abroad, international, wildlife conservation, marine conservation, marine biology, medicine, teach English abroad, environmental

Pre-defined searches: animals, education, environment, health, international, volunteer groups, women, youth

23. Grassroots Campaigns


Address: 2400 22nd St #230
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: Caitlyn Hughes or Hitesh Bussie
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9164461100

Descriptions: Grassroots Campaigns specializes in running face-to-face outreach campaigns for progressive advocacy groups, humanitarian organizations, and political campaigns. We are currently working on behalf of a range of partners including the Save the Children, The Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, Sierra Club, and Oxfam America to raise awareness, identify new supporters, raise funds, and win concrete victories for change. We also run field campaigns to register and mobilize voters, pass legislation through grassroots advocacy, and build long-term volunteer networks.

Keywords: Animals, Cultural, Disabled Persons, Education, Emergency, Environment, Health, Housing, Hunger, International, Legal, Lobbyists, Mental Health, Mentor/Tutor, Organizations, Outreach, Recreation, Women, Youth

24. Green Party of Yolo County


Address: 1794 Trinity Way
City: West Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95691

Contact Person: Mike Cordova
Contact's Position: Chair
Phone: 9165720042
Hours: M-F 8-10 PM, Weekends 11 AM - 11PM

Descriptions: Political Party promoting Green solutions, community service, & democracy

Keywords: politics, green, community, environment, peace, justice, feminism, Earth Day, climate, ecology, science, reform, sustainability, energy, equality, healthcare, renewable, education, jobs, training, innovation, activism, housing, progressive, Women, Youth

25. League of Women Voters of Sacramento


Address: 921 11th St, Suite 700
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Phone: 9164478683
Hours: M, W, F 11-3pm

Descriptions: The League of Women Voters of Sacramento County is an organization of both women and men who encourage informed and active participation in government, work to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influence public policy through education and advocacy. The League does not support or oppose candidates or political parties.

Located in California's Capitol, LWV Sacramento is uniquely positioned to participate in the study of political issues at both the local and state level. Members of LWVSC meet monthly throughout the county. We study governmental issues and provide a variety of voter education services to help voters make informed decisions at the polls.
Keywords: Lobbyists, Women

26. My Sister's House


Address: 3053 Freeport Blvd # 120
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: Jasmeen Kairam
Contact's Position: Communications and Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9169300626
Hours: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Descriptions: To serve Asian and Pacific Islander and other underserved women and children impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking by providing a culturally appropriate and responsive safe haven, job training, and community services.

Keywords: women, youth, outreach

27. PeachTree Health Midtown (previously The Birthing Project)


Address: 1900 T Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Phone: 5307493242
Hours: 8AM-5PM

Descriptions: Peach Tree Health is committed to providing personalized, affordable, high-quality health services. Peach Tree Health is your center for healing, opportunity and hope. We are here to keep our neighbors healthy and our community growing.

Family Medicine: We provide comprehensive, non-emergency, primary care services for for adults and children. Our services are to treat the "whole patient" and include general physical exams, sexually transmitted disease screening, TB testing, hypertension care and diabetic treatment.

Pediatrics: Peach Tree Health is here to care for your children, ages newborn through adolescence, with emphasis on the treatment of minor illnesses, routine physical exams, immunizations and parent education. We also have a pediatric dental facility opening in Yuba City this year.

Immediate Care: At Peach Tree Heath, we have two immediate care locations to serve you, Sacramento and Yuba City. We can accommodate patients who need to be seen by a provider but who do not have a life-threatening condition warranting an emergency room visit.

Women's Health: Peach Tree Health services for women include gynecological services such as annual exams and pap tests, treatment for urinary tract and vaginal infections, mammogram referrals, family planning education, pregnancy testing, birth control supplies and sexually transmitted disease treatment.

Keywords: women, youth, counseling, mentor/tutor, health

28. PERIOD at UC Davis


City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Annie Wang
Phone: 9252857002
Hours: M-F 9AM-6PM

Descriptions: PERIOD at UC Davis is the local Davis chapter of PERIOD, and international non-profit destigmatizing, celebrating, and improving access to menstrual hygiene through Education, Service, and Advocacy. Our UC Davis chapter are currently working on our Free the Period initiative to secure free menstrual products to students in bathrooms campus-wide, and eventually University of California system-wide, because they are basic necessities like toilet paper and soap. We create educational workshops and campaigns to combat the stigma against periods and we also collaborate with local non-profit organizations to distribute menstrual products to communities in need. Visit our website for volunteer sign-up opportunities!

Keywords: Education, Health, Media, Outreach, Volunteer Groups, Women

29. Sacramento LGBT Community Center


Address: 1927 L Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Luis Gomez
Contact's Position: Center Manager
Phone: 9164420185
Hours: M-F 12pm-6pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Information and referral to gay supportive services and businesses; rap groups for gay men, lesbians, and gay teens; community resource library; meeting space for gay/lesbian/bisexual organizations. Men's Discussion group, Men's coming Out group, Women's Coming Out group, C.O.D.A meetings, F.T.M.I. Group, S.A.C.W.A meetings, S.G.A. meetings, Sacramento Valley Leather meetings, Leather and Lace meeting. Youth group meets every Friday night at Lambda Cafe. Food and entertainment.

Keywords: women, men, outreach,

30. Sacramento Life Center, INC


Address: 2316 Bell Executive Lane
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95825

Contact Person: Julie Criswell
Contact's Position: Registered Nurse
Phone: 9167514357
Hours: 9-5 M-F/ Mobile Hours Variable

Descriptions: Licensed Community Clinic offering pregnancy testing, limited STI testing and treatment, and limited 1st trimester OB ultrasounds.

Roseville location: 151 N. Sunrise Avenue, Suite 1302, Roseville, CA 95661 Roseville clinic: 916-773-4357

Keywords: women

31. Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission


Address: 915 I Street, 3rd Floor
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Melissa Cirone
Contact's Position: Arts Education Coordinator
Phone: 9168083992
Hours: M-F8-5pm

Descriptions: Art in Public Places Provides visual art experiences in public locations through the production of temporary and permanent works of art in public places and rotating exhibitions at the Robert T. Matsui Gallery (at City Hall) and the Sacramento Municipal Utility Gallery. A volunteer docent or tour guide program provides tours and presentations to the general public, community organizations, and students.

Grants and Cultural Programs: This program oversees the distribution of County and City funds to arts organizations in Sacramento, and cultivates professional development and stabilization of artists and arts groups.

Arts Education: Provides professional development to teaching artists, and produces arts education programs in Sacramento schools, social institutions, and other community organizations.

Keywords: youth, women, environment, substance abuse, cultural

32. Sacramento Recovery House, Inc.


City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Hours: M-F 9-1pm, 5:30-11pm

Descriptions: Sacramento Recovery House, Inc., is dedicated to providing gender responsive, trauma informed, residential services to adult persons seeking recovery from substance use disorders.

Contact Gateway House for Women: 916-451-9312
Contact Sacramento Recovery House for Men: 916-455-6258

Keywords: substance abuse

33. Salvation Army


Address: 1200 North B Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Cruz Gusman
Contact's Position: Shelter Services Director
Phone: 9164529388
Hours: M-F 8-4:30pm

Descriptions: Shelter Services: Lodging and meals provided to homeless single men and women for 30 to 120 days, including a support system of multiple resources and specialize programs. Job development, computer training, employment counseling, mental health services, recreational activities and substance abuse counseling. Alcoholics Anonymous, alternative housing, spiritual counseling, chapel services, and bible studies also offered. Casework, counseling, and referral services provided to address other areas of need.

Other programs under the Salvation Army that use volunteers,
Adult Rehabilitation Center (916) 441-5267
Six-month residential social model treatment program for men with treatable handicap (I.e., alcoholism, drug abuse, anger of other abuse issues).
Sacramento Citadel Corps Center (916) 452-9388
Religious programs, fellowship, and recreation for all ages.
Child Development Center (916) 451-4230
Strives to meet the needs of individual children and encourage emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth.
Ray Robinson Oak Park Community Center (916) 452-9388
Educational, recreational, social and spiritual programs for all persons in a safe and secure environment regardless of age, race, religion, creed, color or gender.

Keywords: housing, recreaton, youth, substance abuse, hunger

34. Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center - Woodland


Address: 927A Main Stret
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 9166616336

Descriptions: Last year, SADVC volunteers assisted over 3,000 people on the 24-hour crisis hotline, served countless hours in our business office, confidential shelter, and supported our mission every day in their work and lives. Our outreach to the community would be impossible without the support and hard work of our volunteers and interns.

We have numerous internship and volunteer opportunities, such as:
~Children's Program at the shelter
~Community Group Projects
~Crisis Line Counselor
~Domestic Violence Response Team Volunteer ~Events Committee ~Graphic Designer
~Legal Advocacy Volunteer ~Maintenance/Handyperson ~Men of Strength Program
~Movers ~Program Assistants ~Sexual Assault Emergency Responder Team ~Speaker's Bureau

Volunteers and staff are required to go thought our 65-hour Peer Counseling Training program before they can work directly with clients. The 65-hour program is California state mandated training. Please review the volunteer job descriptions, training agenda, and call me to schedule an informal interview. I am looking forward to meeting you.

The Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center provides assistance to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence in Yolo County. Please call the Center's business line for information on our volunteer programs.

Keywords: Community Development Counseling Mental Heath Women Keywords: youth

35. Shores of Hope


Address: 110 Sixth Street
City: West Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95605

Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9163720200
Hours: M-F 8:30-5pm

Descriptions: Shores of Hope is dedicated to reversing the negative consequences of economic, social and other misfortune in the areas of employment, health, housing and hunger through education, technology and other resources so that each member of our community can enjoy and participate to his or her full potential in the richness of life in our community, our society and our country.

Keywords: youth, women, education, child development, transitional housing, transportation

36. Sisters' Keeper Liaisons

Address: 5545 Bamford Dr
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 958234709

Phone: 9165535041
Hours: M-F 9-3pm

Descriptions: Referrals, workshops and seminars for women. Supports local community social service and health programs; information hotline center; organizes workshops, seminars, job skills training, parenting training, job referrals, female support groups and self-improvement programs which build self-esteem and encourage self-development.

Keywords: women, health

37. Soroptimist International of Women


Address: 415 Second St.
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Maggie Memmott Walsh
Contact's Position: President

Descriptions: Soroptimist International is a global women's organization whose members volunteer to improve the lives of women and girls. The heart of Soroptimist's mission is to make a difference for women and children through volunteer service to the community. Projects are carefully chosen to address challenges unique to women and children today, from providing women with routine medical care and funding domestic violence shelters, to sponsoring career development programs for girls and tutoring women in literacy and basic job skills.

Keyword: Women/ Children

38. St. Vincent De Paul Society


Address: P.O. Box 162487
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Phone: 9169721212
Hours: M-Sat 9:30-6pm

Descriptions: St. Paul Vincent De Paul Society assists individuals and families in need of food, clothing, furniture, and other household goods. They do this through home visit teams that assess the needs of those requesting our help. In some cases funds are available for utilities or rental assistance.Not all area of Sacramento are serviced, and services will vary.

Keywords: Hunger Women Youth Religion

39. Strategies 4 Change


Address: 4330 Auburn Blvd. Suite 220
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95841

Contact Person: Melissa
Phone: 9164735764
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Strategies for Change provides fully integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment for individuals and families in North and South Sacramento. Expertise in addiction/trauma, parenting coaching, mental health counseling and medication management. For a complete listing of programs and services, please visit

North Site:
4330 Auburn Blvd. Suite 220
Sacramento, CA 95841
(916) 473-5764
South Site
7000 Franklin Blvd.
Suite 110
Sacramento, CA 95823

****NOTICE**** We will be moving to our new location in late June 2007. The new South Site location will be:
4343 Williamsborough Drive, Sacramento, CA 95823

Keywords: women, counseling, mental health

40. Strive 2 Free

Address: 4740 Folsom Blvd.
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 958194426

Contact Person: Mary Molinaro
Contact's Position: President
Phone: 9162888363

Descriptions: In recognition of the growing problem of human trafficking, both locally and statewide, Strive2Free was formed by a group of concerned professionals to raise awareness of human trafficking, provide assistance to survivors of human trafficking, and support efforts to stop human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. Through the use of force, fraud, or coercion, victims are forced in labor and/or sex trafficking. Victims include women, men, and children of all backgrounds. And these victims are right here in our community, as California is a top destination state for traffickers of all victims, and Sacramento remains one of the top cities targeted by the FBI for the trafficking of children. Visit the Human Trafficking Page for more details.

We want to use our influence and affluence to effect change in the world, and stop this horror now. Slavery was abolished once long ago; it is our goal to see it abolished again in our life times so that our children will not live in a world where men, women and children are bought and sold like chattel. By working together, using the resources and influence we have each been given, we believe it is possible to make a difference, one project at a time.

Keywords: social, human trafficking, trafficking, social services

41. Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento


Address: 2825 Capitol Ave
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Phone: 9168874377
Hours: 8am-4pm

Descriptions: Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento (SMCS) volunteers offer their time and talents to serve, touching the lives of our patients, visitors, and staff. Approximately 500 volunteers (women, men, college students, retirees, and work professionals), representing diverse economic and cultural backgrounds, dedicate their time and energy to volunteering at SMCS. Their devotion and service is vital to both the community and Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento patients and families.

For more information, call Volunteer Services at 916-887-4377 or email to

Keywords: health, emergency

42. The Complete Wholeness House

City: Dixon State: CA Zip:

Contact Person: Michelle Wright
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 7074509068

Descriptions: Because there is need, there is The Complete Wholeness House. We are a non-profit transitional maternity home which provides homeless pregnant women with housing, supportive programs, and spiritual guidance during the pregnancy and after the baby is born. The goal of The Complete Wholeness House is to provide expectant mothers in crisis pregnancies, the essential services needed to become healthy, successful parents. The objective of The Complete Wholeness House is to offer shelter through pregnancy and up to six months after the birth of their child, while at the same time providing counseling, employment training, education opportunities, life skills, and financial/savings planning. Women will have access to needed services, including parenting classes and substance intervention if the need is present. Individualized case management on site.

Keywords: transition home, maternity, women, homeless, pregnant, support, housing, shelter, counseling

43. UC Davis Medical Center


Address: UC Davis Health, Volunteer Services: 2420 Stockton Blvd., Suite 2000
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95817

Contact's Position: Volunteer Services
Phone: 5307522855

Descriptions: The greatest strength of the UC Davis Health volunteer program lies in its approach to volunteerism. When you become a volunteer you join a team of caring professionals whose mission is to improve the health of the people in the community they serve. UC Davis Health's volunteer team is made up of men and women from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds, high school and college students, retirees, transitioning adults and working professionals.

Registered students who wish to volunteer must go through the Internship and Career Center. Please email for volunteer information.

Keywords: Health



Address: CSI #273 One Shields Ave
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616


Descriptions: In 2001, UC Davis undergraduates and medical students established the Vietnamese Cancer Awareness, Research and Education Society (VN CARES) in response to the National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) report that revealed Vietnamese American women had the highest incidence rate of cervical cancer - five times greater than Caucasian women.

VN CARES began working with the Sacramento Vietnamese community to implement three goals:
1. Inform the community about the prevalent types of cancer that affect the target population - namely breast, cervical, and prostate cancer.
2. Educate the community about the benefits of performing regular cancer screenings and the available cancer treatments.
3. Enroll people to receive free cancer screenings.

VN CARES Mission Objectives

Short Term Objectives
* i. Recruit members who will assist VN CARES in helping the community.
* ii.Promote cancer awareness through outreaches and educational presentations.
* iii.Recruit, enroll, and assist Vietnamese individuals into cancer preventative care and cancer treatment programs.
* iv.Gather qualitative and quantitative data about the healthcare services provided to the Vietnamese community.

Long Term Objectives
* i.Reduce the cancer-related disparities in the Vietnamese community.
* ii.Ensure that all Vietnamese individuals obtain skills and knowledge to maintain a cancer reducing lifestyle.
* iii.Participate in the planning and implementation of research activities designed to identify the health care needs of the Vietnamese community.
* iv.Network with other organizations to achieve common objectives.

Keywords: Health, Clinic



Address: 1900 K Street 2nd Floor
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Phone: 9164482321
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

Descriptions: WEAVE's mission is to promote safe and healthy relationships and support survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. WEAVE provides 24/7 crisis response, counseling services, legal services, case management, and other services for people of all ages and all genders affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or sex trafficking.

Volunteer Opportunities
Direct Services: Programs working directly with clients we serve. A criminal background check and graduation from our Peer Counselor Training is required to begin volunteering in direct services. Direct services include; 24 hr. Support Line, Survivor Accompaniment Services, Safehouse Program, and others.

Indirect Services: Opportunities to support WEAVE without directly working with clients. Indirect services include: WEAVE Retail Stores, Special Events, and Tabling/Outreach.

For more information about volunteering and to start the volunteer application process, please attend one of our volunteer orientations. Location, dates, and times for these orientations can be found on our website.

Keywords: Counseling, Emergency, Housing, Legal, Mental Health, Organizations, Women, Youth, Social Services

46. Wellspring Women's Center


Address: 3414 4th Avenue
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95817

Contact Person: Genelle Smith
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 9164549688x207
Hours: M-F 7:30-11:30pm

Descriptions: Wellspring Women's Center is a safe place for women and their children living in poverty. It serves an average of 200 women and children each weekday morning from 7:30-11:30 am by providing a free nutritious breakfast meal and free social work services, including counseling and case management. Volunteers are the heart and soul of Wellspring!. They help prepare and serve breakfast to Wellspring guests, greet at the door, answer phones, play with the children, and much, much more.

Keywords: women, children, housing

47. Women's Civic Improvement Club of Sacramento


Address: 3555 Third Avenue
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95817

Phone: 9164518870
Hours: M-F 8:30-5pm

Descriptions: For 81 years, the Women's Civic Improvement Club of Sacramento, Inc.(WCIC), has provided programs, services and activities geared toward meeting the needs of Sacramento's low-income communities.

Their purpose is:
To provide a community center in which group programs are geared toward the development of responsible citizens. Emphasis is directed toward underprivileged group participation.
To foster and promote programs and services to increase the economic, cultural, educational and social levels of community members regardless of race, age, religion or gender.
To expand opportunities available to low-income community members to obtain adequate low cost housing with special emphasis on the elderly, disabled and low-income women and children.

Keywords: youth, hunger, elderly

48. Women's Resource and Research Center Joy Fergoda Library


Address: 114 North Hall, UC Davis
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307523372

Descriptions: The Joy Fergoda Library hosts one of the country's largest women and gender studies library collections with over 12,000 volumes of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, DVDs, and zines.

The Joy Fergoda Library is a great place to study, hang out, take naps, and explore women, gender, and social justice topics. In the library, you can find free tea and hot water, skittles, public computers, and donation-for-use printing and copying.

Keywords: gender equity, inclusive, equitable

49. Women's Resources and Research Center


Address: 113 North Hall
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307520127
Hours: M-F 9-5

Descriptions: The Women's Resources and Research Center provides opportunities to promote gender equity in the UC Davis community. The WRRC hopes to achieve our vision- a world in which gender equity is achieved and people of all marginalized genders have the opportunities and support to realize their full potential. We are committed to an intersectional approach in our activism that works to combat all forms of oppression.

The Volunteer Program provides an opportunity to promote gender equity on the UC Davis campus primarily by assisting the community in the Joy Fergoda Library. The Volunteer Program will allow students to learn about resources, books, and educational programs that focus on gender equity and social justice.

Responsibilities may include: staffing the library, greeting community members, checking books in and out, shelving returned books, creating new book displays, maintaining the physical space, and supporting library functions such as the printing and computer stations.

Program Requirements:
1) 2 hour orientation session
2) 2 hour commitment every week

Keywords: Student organizations, women

50. Yolo County Department of Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health


Address: 137 North Cottonwood Streetq
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Christina Hill-Coillot
Contact's Position: Deputy Director Clinical Services
Phone: 5306668516

Descriptions: The Yolo County Alcohol and Drug Programs Office offers various rehabilitation and prevention programs for youth and adults, in schools and on the job.

1. Employee Assistance Service: a program that helps employers develop and institute alcohol and drug policies. Additionally, the program trains and orients supervisors and employees on dealing with substance abuse problems - how to assess the problem, refer the abuser and make appropriate use of counseling services.

2. Beamer Street Residential Treatment and Detoxification Center: a seven day residential treatment program that provides an educational experience for men and women who wish to develop and maintain a sober lifestyle. The primary focus of the program is relapse prevention and includes group and individual counseling, drop-in support, and a 24-hour crisis line.

3. The School and Youth Outreach Program: functions to prevent and reduce youth alcohol and other drug related problems. The program provides counseling to high risk youth and their families, as well as drug/alcohol assessments, individual and family counseling, peer support groups, parent education, and positive alternatives such as Friday Night Live.

The Davis address is 600 'A' Street, and the phone number is 757-5530.

We have an office in West Sacramento:
500 Jefferson Blvd.
West Sacramento, CA 95691
(916) 375-6350

Keywords: Community Development Admin Drugs Couns Substance Abuse

51. YWCA


Address: 1122 - 17th Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Sarbjit Kaur
Contact's Position: Program Director
Phone: 9162648066
Hours: M - F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Descriptions: The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Sacramento provides a wide range of recreational and athletic activities/facilities for women and men, with an emphasis on the personal, professional, and physical development of women. They offer support groups, education, information, dance and fitness classes, clubs, etc.

Other programs include:
1. YWCA Women's Residence for low-income women and senior citizens.
2. Women, Infant, Children's Nutrition Education and Supplemental feeding program (WIC) for low-income women and their families.
3. Teenage Pregnancy prevention, information, parenting, and referral program (TAPP).
4. Single parent displaced homemakers program (SOLO) for people trying to reenter the job market.
5. ENCORE, an exercise and support group for women recovering from breast cancer surgery.
6. Teen Father Program (TFP), with information, referrals, job searches, parenting and counseling for young fathers.

Keywords: women, religious, education, mentor/tutor, counseling, elderly, youth