Find Volunteer Opportunities - Results

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1. A Change of Pace Foundation


Address: 1260 Lake Blvd. #245
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307572012

Descriptions: The A Change of Pace Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization, established in 2007 after many years of conducting events as A Change of Pace Inc (est. 1987). Based in Davis, CA, the Foundation's annual efforts include healthy family-oriented events, youth exercise programs (with specific focus on elementary school-age children), kids triathlons and camps, and community education.

The Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors, of whom meet monthly. The Foundation relies on grants, donations, and special event income & sponsorships to fund our programs and events.

We have more than twenty years of experience on the local, regional and national level in the running and multisport field. The Positive Energy Campaign, established in 2006, was designed to encourage positive exercise for kids through fun, fitness-oriented events. This Campaign now includes four high-profile events, including one of the largest kids triathlons in the country, the California Kids Triathlon. With less than 30% of tested K-12 students in California meeting the criteria to be in the "Healthy Fitness Zone," we are striving to increase the number of kids we reach with our programs and events. Our events serve as a motivational tool for our after-school exercise programs.

The A Change of Pace Foundation strives to "encourage, educate and motivate kids to inspire life-long habits towards a healthy lifestyle."

Keywords: Organizations, recreation

2. ACC Senior Services


Address: 7334 Park City Drive
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 958314602

Contact Person: Kim Fujiwara
Contact's Position: Volunteer Manager
Phone: 9165035387
Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Descriptions: Founded in 1972, ACC Senior Services provides housing, education, and social services to help older adults sustain their independence and lifestyles. We have become one of the most responsive and dynamic organizations for seniors in the Sacramento region.

Keywords: Cultural, Education, Elderly, Health, Housing, Organizations, Recreational

3. Access Leisure, City of Sacramento


Address: Belle College Community Center, 5699 Land Park Drive
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95822

Contact Person: Michelle Tabarango
Contact's Position: Resource Specialist
Phone: 9168081205
Hours: Monday and Wednesday 11:00am - 5:00pm

Descriptions: You may be working with youth and adults with intellectual and cognitive disabilities and/or physical disabilities. We will expect you to interact positively and socialize with participants in activities. Make sure you dress for the program you choose. You may be asked to help set up and clean up and of course have fun. Please be aware of the times, for we will need you to volunteer for the entire program.

Keyword: recreation, disabled persons

4. Albert Einstein Residence Center


Address: 1935 Wright Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95825

Phone: 9169729555
Hours: 24 hours

Descriptions: This agency, which is sponsored by the Jewish community, provides low-income housing for the elderly. Volunteers are needed to provide one on one support to seniors and/or develop health, educational or recreational programs. Group projects can also be set up to work with the elderly.

Keywords: religious, housing, counseling, education, health, elderly

5. Alderson Convalescent Hospital


Address: 124 Walnut Street
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Gwen Devlin
Contact's Position: Activities Director
Phone: 5306629161
Hours: 6:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Descriptions: The Alderson Convalescent Hospital, is an elderly rest home. Anderson Convalescent Hospital provides support to those who are limited in their ability to care for themselves.

Volunteers are needed for one-to-one visits with the residents of the hospital. Other activities are possible, such as an educational program and Bingo. Daytime and evening commitments are preferred. Group projects are also available.

Alderson Convalescent Hospital (ACH) needs assistants with our planned events to run group and participate in the daily activities of events.

Facility is open 24 hours a day , activities run from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM daily and on weekends.

Keywords: Elderly, Health, Recreation, Disabled Persons, Education

6. Beanstalk (B.J. Jordan Child Care Programs)


Address: 1771 Tribute Road Suite A
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Paula Burchett
Contact's Position: Center Manager
Phone: 9163446259
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: Provides child care and development, educational, recreational and nutritional services in licensed centers and family child care homes that promote the healthy growth and develoment of children and encourages academic sucess in safe, supportive communities.

Free and sliding fee programs for income eligible (limited income) families as well as fee for service programs.

Keywords: youth, health, childcare

7. Blue Line Arts


Address: 405 Vernon Street, Suite 100
City: Roseville State: CA Zip: 95678

Contact Person: MaryTess Mayall
Contact's Position: Co-Executive Director
Phone: 9167834117
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-6PM

Descriptions: We endeavor to continue our 50 years of service, providing accessible arts education for all, presenting high caliber art exhibitions, bridging the arts, artists and business to fuel the creative economy, activating communities with art and creative fun! Blue Line Arts showcases the works of regional and national artists, and offers flexible exhibition space suitable for small musical performances, lectures, parties, and demonstrations. As a non-profit organization, Blue Line Arts is entirely funded by memberships, grants, sponsorships, fund-raising events and other donations.

Keywords: Cultural, Education, Organizations, Youth, Recreation, Outreach

8. Boy Scouts of America, Golden Empire Council


Address: 251 Commerce Circle
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Tyler Bonino
Phone: 9169291417 x108
Hours: M-F 8:30-5pm

Descriptions: Educational and family oriented recreational programs neighborhood groups. Trains volunteer leaders, maintains outdoor educational and camping facilities, and provides special programs for disabled children and adults. We have a lot of fun and no previous experience required. Traning provided.

For more information,

Keywords: disabled persons, mentor/tutor, environment

9. Boys and Girls Club of Greater Sacramento


Address: 5212 Lemon Hill Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95824

Contact Person: Shannon McPhedran
Contact's Position: Sr. Community Engagement Manager
Phone: 9163921350
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

Descriptions: Opportunities to volunteer in our after school youth development programs, at our teen center, in our administrative office, or with special events. We can also offer campus organizations and service groups opportunities to complete "done in a day" volunteer work projects. We may be able to offer unpaid internships for college students on a case by case basis. Contact us for more information.

For more information,
Keywords: youth, culture, health, environment, recreation

10. California Wilderness Coalition


Address: 1814 Franklin Street, Suite 510
City: Oakland State: CA Zip: 94612

Phone: 5104511450

Descriptions: The California Wilderness Coalition protects the natural landscapes that make California unique, providing clean air and water, a home to wildlife, and a place for recreation and spiritual renewal. CWC is the only organization dedicated to protecting and restoring California's wild places and native biodiversity on a statewide level. Since 1976, we have empowered local communities and conservationists to be the voice for wild California.

Please contact us at 510-451-1450 or at to learn more about how you can participate in our work.

Keywords: Environment

11. Carmichael Recreation and Park District


Address: 5750 Grant Avenue
City: Carmichael State: CA Zip: 95608

Contact Person: Jerry Eppler
Contact's Position: Maintenance Supervisor - Grounds
Phone: 9164810603
Hours: 7am-2pm

Descriptions: Our mission is to satisfy the recreational needs of the community by providing a wide range of facilities and opportunities to enrich the quality of life. District boundaries include a population of approximately 52,000 residents and features 13 park sites; 11 fully developed parks , a 36 acre community center at the former La Sierra High School, a botanical garden that is nearly 50 years old, and 17-acre nature area called Schweitzer Grove. Volunteer help needed to do various grounds cleanup and maintenance.

Keywords: park, gardening, cleanup ,painting, maintenance, environment

12. Catholic Faith Formation - Catholic Diocese of Sacramento

Address: 2110 Broadway
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: John Reisch
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9167330123
Hours: M-F 8:30-4:30pm

Descriptions: For Catholic parishes in 20 counties in Northern California. Trains teachers and cathedral workers for preschool through adult. Programs in:
Youth Ministry: leadership formation of youth and adults retreats, special events, resources and consultation services for junior high and high school students. Cheryl Tholcke, Coordinator.
Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry: leadership development, retreats and activities for Hispanic youth and young adults. Milagros Calvetti, Coordinator.
Pendola Center: summer camp program for boys and girls ages 6-17 and a backpacking program for high school students. Family Camp on Labor Day Weekend. Outdoor School in the fall, grades 5, 6 and 7. Stephen Tholcke, Director.
Camp Recreation: summer camp for adults and children with disabilities. John Donohoe, contact person.
Ministry to Persons with Special Needs: responsible for accessibility, religious education and outreach to people with disabilities. Michelle Hendricks, Coordinator.
Ministry to the Deaf: coordinates religious education, liturgy, accessibility and interpreters for deaf children and adults. Stanley Simonet and Debbie Vanderfold, contact persons.

Keywords: religious, youth, disabled persons, counseling, mentor/tutor

13. Center for Fathers and Families


Address: 2251 Florin Road, Suite 152
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95822

Phone: 9165683237
Hours: M-F 8:30-5:30pm

Descriptions: The Center for Fathers and Families (CFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency with a strong history of responding to the needs of fathers and their families by offering programs and services that lead to family growth, enrichment, and empowerment.

We also strive to equip each member of the family with the skills, information, and resources necessary to promote a strong family life, which in turn promotes stronger, healthier communities. To see this vision to fruition, beginning in 2007, CFF expanded our services to include our Making After School Time Enriching and Rewarding (MASTERS) program. MASTERS serves 2,200 low-income children and families each and every school day by providing homework assistance, enrichment activities, recreation, and health and wellness activities and education. We knew it was extremely important to partner with school and other community based organizations in managing youth time between 3-6 PM.

Keywords: women, youth, mentor/tutor, father, paternity

14. City of Davis - Adopt a Park

Address: 23 Russell Blvd
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Kellie Vitaich
Contact's Position: Volunteer Program Coordinator
Phone: 5307475874
Hours: M-F, 7:30 a.m.. - 4:30 p.m.


Keywords: Cultural, Disabled Persons, Elderly, Environment, Outreach, Recreation, Volunteer Groups, Women, Youth

15. City of Davis- Urban Forestry Division


Address: 1818 Fifth Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307575633
Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

Descriptions: Come join the City of Davis Urban Forestry Division and Tree Davis in a volunteer young tree care event this season! Get to know your neighbors, bring a group of friends or family, engage your service agency! There is no bond quite like growing trees together.

Keywords: youth, recreation

16. City of Sacramento Volunteer Program


Address: 915 I Street, Historic City Hall 1st Floor
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Mary Lynn Perry
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9168088317
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Descriptions: The City of Sacramento is a municipal government and provides fire, police, utility and other services for the city's residents. In addition, the city has a variety of amenities for both residents and visitors including parks, recreation programs, a zoo, and museums. Volunteers provide a broad source of expertise, talent, and manpower for City programs. Volunteers gain new skills, meet new people, make use of talents, develop greater knowledge and understanding of city government, help solve community issues, secure job references, explore career possibilities and gain personal satisfaction of making a difference in their community.

Volunteers assist with special events, animal care, gardening, tours, arts and crafts, child development, and much more. Some departments can utilize volunteers as young as 12, while others require the volunteer to be at least 21. Short-term options include helping with fairs, festivals, sports activities, adopt-a-park clean-ups and other one-day events. On-going opportunities offer the chance to work with animals as well as youth and seniors. Unpaid internships and group options are also available.

Keywords: Animals, Cultural, Disabled Persons, Education, Elderly, Environment, Recreation, Volunteer Groups, Youth

17. City of Woodland Parks and Recreation Department

Publications: http://www.cityof

Address: 2001 East Street
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95776

Contact Person: Dallas Tringali
Contact's Position: Recreation Supervisor
Phone: 5306612000
Hours: Mon-Fri 8-5

Descriptions: For more information on volunteer opportunities, visit
Keywords: volunteer groups

18. Consumer Self-Help


Address: 7000 Franklin Blvd., Suite 200
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95823

Phone: 9163949195
Hours: M-F 8:30-4pm

Descriptions: A drop-in day program operated by mental health consumers for mental health consumers, structured with numerous self-help groups planned by the consumer membership. Peer counseling and peer advocacy, arts and crafts, social and recreational activities, community meals, math/reading/GED tutoring, occasional clothing, laundry services, showers, emergency food and other support.

Other site:
Consumer Self Help - North Center
(916) 348-1428
4972 Date Avenue, Sacramento 95841
Mike Wheeler, Program Director

Keywords: mental health, recreation, emergency, hunger

19. Cordova Recreation & Park District

Address: 2729 Prospect Park Drive, Suite 230
City: Rancho Cordova State: CA Zip: 95670

Phone: 9168423300
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: CRPD's mission is to lead the region in recreation and parks through excellence and transparency in serving the needs of our diverse and growing community. They host programs for early childhood, teens, adults, and active seniors.

For more information,
Keywords: health, recreation

20. Davis Art Center


Address: 1919 F Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307564100Ex12
Hours: M-F, 9-3

Descriptions: Davis Art Center is a non-profit cultural center. Its services include: An exhibition gallery showing the work of regional and local artists. Group tours can be scheduled. Classes: art classes and workshops for all ages in drawing, painting, oil, acrylic, watercolor, weaving, ceramics, photography, theater, music, dance (jazz, tap, ballet, modern, Irish step dancing), and creative writing. See the current catalog for a complete schedule and more information. Performing Arts and Special Events: the center sponsors local drama, dance, and musical groups, and regularly schedules workshops, art lectures, concerts, and family festivals.

Special events include the Holiday Arts and Craft Sale. There is a monthly reception for new artists in the Gallery. All events are open to the public. Volunteers are especially useful in two main areas: 1. Work in the Art Center office to help with class registration, phone calls, etc.2. Work with the Center's community events staff to help set up for receptions, sales, or gallery exhibits, etc. The Center provides training as necessary.

Keywords: Recr Educ, recreation, cultural

21. Davis AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization)


Address: PO BOX 1602
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95617

Contact Person: Cem Bolkan
Contact's Position: Regional Commissioner

Descriptions: We provide high quality youth soccer leagues in which everyone plays, registration is open, coaching is positive, and good sportsmanship is taught. Soccer clinics are available during the summer.

Volunteer opportunities available; training required.

Keywords: recreation, youth

22. Davis Bike Club


Address: 610 Third Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616


Descriptions: Promotion and encouragement of bicycling safety and interest through touring, commuting, racing and special programs. Sponsors two well-known distance rides: The Davis Double Century in the spring and the Foxy's Fall Century. Also sponsors July 4th Criterion Race in downtown Davis and the Steve Dunlap Time Trial.

Volunteer opportunities available, particularly in support of all competitive rides.

Keywords: recreation

23. Davis Chamber of Commerce


Address: 604 3rd Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Holly Claus
Contact's Position: Director of Marketing and Events
Phone: 5307565160
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: Promotes business activities and interests of community members. Provides information, printed materials and maps of Davis to the general public.

Please contact Holly, Director of Events ( for information regarding volunteer opportunities for events.

Please contact Bobbi, Director of Membership (, for information regarding internship opportunities that may be available.

Keywords: outreach, organizations, recreation

24. Davis Civic Arts Commission


Address: 23 Russell Blvd.
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307575602
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: The Civic Arts Commission is an advisory board to the Davis City Council. Responsibilities include generating public input concerning the arts, recommending annual funding for a variety of art organizations and activities, and selecting and commissioning art to be displayed in public places in the city.

Keywords: recreation

25. Davis Farmers Market


Address: 228 B Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Maggie Dorsey
Contact's Position: Office Manager
Phone: 5307561695

Descriptions: The Davis Farmers Market, held at Central Park, 4th and C Streets in Davis on Wednesdays(4:30-8:30pm, Apr-Nov) and Saturdays (8am-1pm Year Round), provides the community an opportunity to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, garden starters, flowers, plants, honey, juice, herbs, garlic, organic produce, breads, pastries, seafood, cheeses and crafts from local vendors. "Picnic in the Park" Wednesdays feature an international food faire and live entertainment. In addition, DFM offers a number of special events Farmers Market days such as the Saturday Holiday Markets-Craft shows in December, and Fall Festival at the end of October. Please visit our website at for more information.

Keywords: recreation

26. Davis Kids Klub


Address: Davis Public Schools
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Lynda Yancher
Contact's Position: Coordinator
Phone: 5302204731
Hours: M-F 8-6

Descriptions: Davis Kids Klub hosts ACCESS ( Afterschool Community Collaboration Enrichment Student Services). The Davis Child Care Program is committed to providing quality, affordable child care to all Davis families and to enrich their lives through arts, athletics, community involvement with emotional and academic support. This afterschool program is offered at a number of schools in Davis.

Volunteers are needed to help students with homework and recreational activities. For more information, visit

Keywords: youth, mentor/tutor

27. Davis Musical Theatre Company


Address: 607 Pena Drive #10
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95618

Phone: 5307563682

Descriptions: The Davis Musical Theatre Company (DMTC) is the only year-round theatre company in Yolo County and the only year-round musical theatre company in California. Davis Musical Theatre Company performs seven musicals per year, including both family and adult shows and strives to educate the community through their performances.

For people interested in becoming involved in backstage activities or publicity, stop by the DMTC Hoblit Performing Arts Center, 607 Pena Drive #10, Davis, CA 95618 in the evenings and ask for Jan. Auditions are announced online (, and in the Davis Enterprise, on posted signs around town and on the answering machine. Children are also encouraged to volunteer both for adult plays and for the children's theatre; there is a new year-round children's theatre and children's workshops. Season tickets are available. Davis Musical Theatre Company is a nonprofit organization and is always in need of community support.

Keywords: Recreation, acting, theater

28. Davis School Arts Foundation


Address: P.O. Box 4203
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95617


Descriptions: The purpose of the Davis School Arts Foundation is to put visual art, drama, dance, and music back into public schools (K-12). The Foundation raises money through various fundraising events and membership fees and donates the money to schools on a matching basis.

Keywords: Recreation, Youth, visual arts

29. Davis Senior Center


Address: 646 'A' Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307575696
Hours: M-F 9am-4pm

Descriptions: The Davis Senior Center provides quality recreational, social and supportive services for mature adults and their family members. Walk through our doors to find an inviting place where adults of all ages can explore and enjoy activities and experiences which will enrich your life and those around you.

Keywords: Elderly, seniors

30. Design Alliance


Address: 124 Cruess Hall
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 956168585

Contact's Position: Museum Staff
Phone: 5307526150
Hours: Call for hours

Descriptions: Design Alliance presents programs featuring talks by leading designers. All lectures coordinate with the opening receptions. Design Alliance is a support group for the Design Museum at UC Davis and hosts gallery receptions, fund-raisers, design competitions and field trips. Design Alliance also promotes and develops public awareness of the Design Museum through community involvement, educational programs, curator talks and symposiums.

Keywords: recreation, art

31. Developmental Disabilities Service Organization


Address: 5051 47th Ave
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95824

Phone: 9164565166
Hours: M-F 8:30am-5pm

Descriptions: From two sites in Sacramento and one site in Stockton, DDSO is an award-winning nonprofit that annually provides 400 adults with disabilities the opportunity to experience independence, job training, employment, physical Lion-Glass-Mosaiceducation, visual and performing arts, life skill building, social interaction, active participation in the community, nurturing relationships and more.

Today, there is more opportunity than ever to honor and recognize the contributions and independence of people with disabilities. They have diverse ideas and choices to make about where they want to go, how they want to spend their time, and with whom they want to interact. DDSO's programs strive daily to help individuals achieve their dreams of being gainfully employed doing meaningful work, living in a home where they can make their own life choices, contributing to society through volunteering, and impacting the world through visual and performing arts.

Keywords: recreation, disability, developmental

32. Dignity Health: Yolo Adult Day Health Center


Address: 20 N Cottonwood Street
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Beth Conn-Ossenfort
Contact's Position: Assistant Social Worker
Phone: 5306668828
Hours: M-F 8am-5:30pm

Descriptions: Program offers a variety of clinical and recreational opportunities for students interested in working with a diverse population (frail elders, dementia, traumatic brain impairment, developmental disabilities, and psychiatric patients). Areas of opportunity includes nursing, social work, and recreational/physical/occupational/speech therapy. Complementary therapies welcomed such music, art, yoga, aroma, garden and more.

Keywords: mental health, recreation, elderly

33. Elk Grove Teen Center/Youth for Christ


Address: 8978 Elk Grove Blvd.
City: Elk Grove State: CA Zip: 95624

Phone: 9166866942

Descriptions: Services Provided: Recreational and after-school activities in a drug free environment offering positive alternatives. Pool table, ping pong, video games, big screen TV and movies, computers for homework and other games. Tutor as needed. Youth/family counseling referrals.

Keywords: rcreation, mentor/tutor, counseling, substance abuse

34. Equestrian Center


Address: 1 Equestrian Lane
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307522372
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Operates an affordable, extensive year-round program in English and Western riding for all ages, from beginning through advanced levels. Offers successive, week-long summer camps for kids that include riding and swimming. Specialized classes are offered in Eventing, Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Advanced Western, and team competition. Tours and birthday party trail rides are available. Horse boarding is also available.

Keywords: animals, youth, recreation, horses

35. Ethel McLeod Hart Multipurpose Senior Center


Address: 915 27th Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Contact Person: Roseanne Bernardy
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9168085462

Descriptions: A multipurpose senior center providing leisure enrichement classes, supportive services, creative education, health and wellness and social opportunities.

Keywords: senior, older adults, health, recreation

36. Explorit Science Center


Address: P.O. Box 1288 / 3141 5th Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95618

Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 5307560191

Descriptions: Explorit Science Center features hands-on exhibitions in science, math, and technology. Topics change every eight weeks. Live reptiles, a discovery den for younger children and a gift shop filled with science related books and gifts are also featured on-site.

Exporit Science center offers a unique opportunity for scientists to make their knowledge socially useful. They assist in several programs:
1.Outreach Programs: For schools and groups to provide hands-on experience with science materials, and Assembly programs.
2.Changing Exhibits Program: Series of thematic programs with interacting exhibits Tuesdays through Sundays; suitable for all ages.
3.Vacation Classes: during spring, summer, and winter. Also, the Center needs student volunteers, offers internships, has some teaching opportunities available for wages, and can qualify for work study programs as well.

Keywords: Recreation, Youth

37. Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District


Address: 2201 Cottage Way
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95825

Contact Person: Becky McDaniel
Contact's Position: Superintendent of Recreation
Phone: 9169273802x119
Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday

Descriptions: Recreation programs, Special Events, Maintenance activities, Sports field maintenance, Planning and facility design

Keywords: Recreation, Aquatics, Maintenance, Planning

38. Grassroots Campaigns


Address: 2400 22nd St #230
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: Caitlyn Hughes or Hitesh Bussie
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9164461100

Descriptions: Grassroots Campaigns specializes in running face-to-face outreach campaigns for progressive advocacy groups, humanitarian organizations, and political campaigns. We are currently working on behalf of a range of partners including the Save the Children, The Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, Sierra Club, and Oxfam America to raise awareness, identify new supporters, raise funds, and win concrete victories for change. We also run field campaigns to register and mobilize voters, pass legislation through grassroots advocacy, and build long-term volunteer networks.

Keywords: Animals, Cultural, Disabled Persons, Education, Emergency, Environment, Health, Housing, Hunger, International, Legal, Lobbyists, Mental Health, Mentor/Tutor, Organizations, Outreach, Recreation, Women, Youth

39. Holy Rosary Catholic Church


Address: 301 Walnut St.
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 5306622805
Hours: M-F 9-4

Descriptions: The mission of the Holy Rosary parish is to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ in the world. To make evident the divine love of God for all, to be a reconciling influence,to call forth the gifts of each personfor the common good, and to serve as a leader among God's people in our community.

Keywords: youth, religious, recreation

40. Horseplay Therapeutic Riding Center


Address: 5949 Silveyville Rd.
City: Dixon State: CA Zip: 95620

Contact Person: Debra Cleveland
Phone: 7074478733

Descriptions: Horseplay offers a year-round therapeutic recreational horseback-riding program for special needs children and adults. Riding develops strength and balance, and increases self-esteem, benefiting individuals with conditions such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, down syndrome, autism, brain injury or head trauma, visual and hearing impairments, mental or learning disorders, and muscular dystrophy.

Volunteering at Horseplay Therapeutic Riding Center can be a very rewarding experience. We offer many opportunities in which to volunteer. Pre-session Preparation, Leading or sidewalking during sessions, Horse Care, Help with Fundraising, and Outreach.

Keywords: Disabled Persons Animals Youth Recreation

41. Kid Central- Elk Grove Recreation and Park Department


Address: 8820 elk Gove, Blvd., Suite 3
City: Elk Grove State: CA Zip: 95624

Phone: 9166865381
Hours: M-F before/after school

Descriptions: Services Provided: All day before and after school leisure enrichment programs. Includes arts and crafts, games, sports clinics, homework assistance, science exploration, music and drama. Year round/out of school hours are 7am-6pm.

Keywords: recreation, youth

42. Kids in Motion Physical Fitness Program at North Davis Elementary School

Address: 555 14th Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Kristen Muir
Contact's Position: Owner/Director
Phone: 5302197698
Hours: M-F 8:30-3pm

Descriptions: The program provides PE/fitness programming for grades K - 6th during the school day. Volunteers assist with leading students in a variety of fitness/PE/sports activities, keeping them motivated, having fun, and focusing on developmentally appropriate skill development.

Keywords: recreation, youth

43. La Familia Counseling Center


Address: 5523 34th St.
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95820

Phone: 9164523601
Hours: M,W,F 8am-6pm; T,Th 8am-7pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Multilingual, comprehensive, multi-cultural professional counseling; outreach and supportive services for at-risk youth and families. One-to-one counseling, crisis intervention and supportive services. Year round recreational tutorial program and youth activities.

La Familia is recruiting volunteers to be matched with youth involved in the various La Familia program components, such as counseling, supportive services, neighborhood special projects, recreational programs, tutoring or mentoring.

Qualifications: Make a commitment of 4 hours a month for the course of a year, fill out an application, get fingerprinted and take a TB test.

Keywords: cultural, counseling, mentor/tutor, youth,

44. Mutual Housing Association California


Address: 3321 Power Inn Road, Ste 320
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95826

Contact Person: George Xiong
Contact's Position: Resident Programs Manager
Phone: 5309080800
Hours: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Descriptions: Mutual Housing owns and operates 1,071 homes, housing over 3,600 residents; including 346 homes in Davis and Woodland. We offer a permanent solution to the housing needs of California's diverse families. With residents taking a key role in overseeing their properties and developing programs through site-specific resident councils, communities are created in which residents have a vested interest. Councils and issue-specific site committees provide leadership in the identification of resident and community needs and in raising resources to fill those needs. These include youth development programs, education and economic development resources, safety and security programs, and recreational facilities. The mission of Mutual Housing California is to develop, operate and advocate for sustainable housing that builds strong communities through resident participation and leadership development.

Keywords: Housing, Education, Elderly, Environment, Health, Cultural, Mentor/Tutor, Organizations, Outreach, Recreation, Volunteer Groups, Youth

45. National Multiple Sclerosis Society


Address: 4153 Northgate Blvd, Suite 6
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95834

Contact Person: Mikaela Alvarado
Contact's Position: Volunteer Engagement Specialist
Phone: 9169279113x75209
Hours: 9am-5pm M-F

Descriptions: Volunteer your time and talents so our fundraising events can be executed well! Fundraising events like Walk MS: Sacramento, Walk MS: Folsom need hundreds of volunteers to help with set up and break down, registration, food and beverage distribution, medical support, t-shirt distribution, and much more! Our annual fundraising events bring thousands of people together to have fun, celebrate successes large and small, connect with others in the MS community and raise money for programs, services and research. It takes a village to put on these events and they would not be possible without the leadership and specialized skills of our volunteers.

Link to publications/websites:

Keywords: Disabled Persons, Health, Organizations, Outreach, Recreation, Volunteer Groups

46. Okizu


Address: 83 Hamilton Drive, Suite 200
City: Novato State: CA Zip: 94949

Contact Person: Katie Mahon
Contact's Position: Director of Volunteer Sustainability
Phone: 415829083
Hours: 8am-4pm

Descriptions: If you love kids and want to support a great cause, then apply to become part of our summer camp staff! Okizu is a peer support and recreation program for families affected by childhood cancer and we do all of our programs in a residential summer camp setting! As a volunteer camp counselor, you get the chance to make a meaningful impact on each camper's experience, and develop a meaningful relationship with other counselors who will become like family to you!

Keywords: health, children, camp, counselor, summer, family

47. Okizu Foundation (Camp)


Address: 16 Digital Drive
City: Novato State: CA Zip: 94949

Contact Person: Suzie Randall
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 4153829083

Descriptions: Camp Okizu is a summer camp for children with cancer and their siblings. It is located outside of Oroville, CA in the beautiful Sierra foothills. In addition to our summer camp programs, we offer family camps, bereavement camps, and teen weekends throughout the year. Caring and enthusiastic individuals are needed to fill staff positions at each of the 7 summer camp sessions as well as the weekend camps in the fall and spring. Swimming and boating are the highlights of the program, but other activities include archery, arts & crafts, hiking, sports, outdoor cooking and fishing. If you would like to spend part of your summer providing unique experiences for children with special needs, please call or write for an application. Camp Okizu is sponsored by the Okizu Foundation.

Keywords: youth, recreation

48. Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA)


Address: 1331 Garden Highway, Suite 230
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95833

Contact Person: Ellen Ginda
Contact's Position: Volunteer Programs Coordinator
Phone: 9162851838
Hours: M-F, 9AM-5PM

Descriptions: The mission of the Pacific Crest Trail Association is to protect, preserve and promote the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail as a world-class experience for hikers and equestrians, and for all the values provided by wild and scenic lands. We're looking for volunteers who can help with office administration and volunteer management. This is a rewarding chance to give back to the trail and become part of the PCT community.

Keywords: Environment, Recreation, Hiking, Trail, Administrative

49. Picnic Day


Address: Memorial Union, 3rd Floor, Room 349
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Adan Junaid
Contact's Position: Volunteer Director
Phone: 5307526320
Hours: M-Th 9-5pm; F 9-4pm

Descriptions: UCD's annual Picnic Day, the largest student-run activity in the USA, depends on volunteer assistance. Help is needed in the following areas: parking and directing, parade directing and announcing, animal events, setting up and much more!

Keywords: Student organizations, recreation

50. Sacramento Area Creeks Council


Address: PO Box 162774
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Contact Person: Alta Tura
Contact's Position: President
Phone: 9164544544
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: Encourages the preservation, protection, restoration and maintenance of natural streams in urban or man-made environments by educating the general public on the aesthetic, recreational and ecological value of the natural streams in urban areas. "Dipping into Creeks" educational packet. Workshops for educators, creek kit, and water quality monitoring kit available for classroom use.
Organizes neighborhood creek cleanups and a community-wide "Creek Week." Holds meetings, gives workshops and field outings to increase awareness of the value of natural streams. Encourages alternative flood control project design, stream bank stabilization methods and land use planning that preserves creeks as open space. Develops information on creek care in cooperation with county departments.

Keywords: environment

51. Sacramento County Regional Parks, Recreation and Open Space


Address: 10361 Rockingham Drive, Suite 100
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95827

Contact Person: Liz Bellas
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9168755925
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Sacramento County's Department of Regional Parks maintains and operates more than 15,000 acres of parks throughout the County. Our open spaces, multi-use trails, sports facilities, golf courses, river access and picnic areas offer outdoor adventure for every taste. We have developed strong partnerships with our volunteer and non-profit partners, with steady support from our elected officials. The heart and soul of our operations is our people - nearly one hundred employees who keep our parks safe, vibrant and inviting.

Keywords: environment, disabled persons, mental health

52. Sacramento Horsemen's Association


Address: 3200 Longview Drive
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95821

Contact Person: Teri Burns
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9168028343
Hours: 9AM-5PM

Descriptions: Trail maintenance & Facility maintenance: pruning, painting, arena grading, weed eating, cleaning, etc.

Keywords: animals, environment, organizations, recreation

53. Sacramento Valley Conservancy


Address: 1501 Northgate Blvd.
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Carly Amatisto
Contact's Position: Program Coordinator
Phone: 9166123719
Hours: M-F 8:30AM-2:30PM

Descriptions: Sacramento Valley Conservancy is a non-profit that works to preserve open space in the Sacramento Region for farming, ranching, wildlife habitat, recreation, and outdoor education. At Camp Pollock, our 11-acre preserve along the American River Parkway, volunteers team up with SVC staff to accomplish tasks including: planting, weed eradication, painting, construction, fence building, outreach, native plant garden maintenance, and more!

Please contact our Program Coordinator if interested in learning more about what we do and how you can get involved.

Keywords: Education, Environment, Organizations, Outreach, Recreation, Volunteer Groups, Youth, Cultural, Ecology, Wildlife, Botany

54. Safety Center


Address: 3909 Bradshaw Road
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95827

Contact Person: Molly Patterson
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9164383351
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Quality safety education and training to reduce injuries and save lives. Safety software and other products for sale. Employee training booklets.

Alcohol and Drug Education Program offers court-mandated programs for first time and multiple offenders as well as drug diversion and juvenile program. Drug Free Workplace training for businesses.

Community Safety Training Program teaches safety-minded citizens how to save lives, prevent injuries, and avoid accidents. Courses include defensive driving and mature driver course.

Motorcycle Training Program for novice and experienced riders in Sacramento and San Jose.

Occupational Training Program offers more than 24 different occupational training sites throughout the state, covering everything from forklift operation and instructor training to confined space safety. Training for people responsible for their company's safety programs.

Safetyville USA (916) 366-7233 x211

Training for children in pre-school and grades K-3 in elements of safety and health. Children learn safety awareness in a realistic environment of a miniature town and are taught bicycle laws, fire safety procedures, and general injury prevention methods that can save a life.

Keywords: education, youth, recreation

55. Salvation Army


Address: 1200 North B Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Cruz Gusman
Contact's Position: Shelter Services Director
Phone: 9164529388
Hours: M-F 8-4:30pm

Descriptions: Shelter Services: Lodging and meals provided to homeless single men and women for 30 to 120 days, including a support system of multiple resources and specialize programs. Job development, computer training, employment counseling, mental health services, recreational activities and substance abuse counseling. Alcoholics Anonymous, alternative housing, spiritual counseling, chapel services, and bible studies also offered. Casework, counseling, and referral services provided to address other areas of need.

Other programs under the Salvation Army that use volunteers,
Adult Rehabilitation Center (916) 441-5267
Six-month residential social model treatment program for men with treatable handicap (I.e., alcoholism, drug abuse, anger of other abuse issues).
Sacramento Citadel Corps Center (916) 452-9388
Religious programs, fellowship, and recreation for all ages.
Child Development Center (916) 451-4230
Strives to meet the needs of individual children and encourage emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth.
Ray Robinson Oak Park Community Center (916) 452-9388
Educational, recreational, social and spiritual programs for all persons in a safe and secure environment regardless of age, race, religion, creed, color or gender.

Keywords: housing, recreaton, youth, substance abuse, hunger

56. Senior Nutrition Services

Address: 874 F St
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95605

Contact Person: Christine McCracken
Contact's Position: Program Supervisor
Phone: 9164449533
Hours: M-F 7:30-4:30pm

Descriptions: Home-delivered meals five days a week to clients who are unable to prepare nutritious meals for themselves and have no other means of having meals prepared for them.

Dining Centers offer congregate noon meals for seniors five days a week, Monday through Friday, at 19 locations throughout Sacramento. Most sites also offer supportive services such as leisure activities, legal aid and health outreach on a scheduled basis.

Keywords: hunger, elderly, legal, health, recreation, outreach

57. Society for the Blind


Address: 1238 S Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Contact Person: Chee Chang
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Hours: 8am-5pm

Descriptions: For more than 60 years, Society for the Blind has created innovative ways to empower individuals living with low vision or blindness to discover, develop and achieve their full potential. Society for the Blind is the only comprehensive rehabilitative teaching center that provides services for a 27-county region of northern California. The nonprofit provides low-vision eye care, life and job skills training, mentorship, and access to tools to maintain independence for 6,000 youth, adults and seniors experiencing vision loss each year.

Current Volunteer Needs: Access News Readers - Access News is a reading service that allows volunteers to record current news, magazines, circulars, and other items of interest so that people who are blind, low vision, or cannot read conventional print can listen to these publications through the telephone. Time commitments are very flexible and you can record from home as well as in our studio.

Keywords: Physical Disability Recreation Education Disabled Persons

58. Therapeutic Riding and Off-Track Rehabilitation (TROTR)


Address: 22408 County Road 102
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95776

Contact Person: Shannon Personeni
Contact's Position: Owner/Manager
Phone: 5308673866

Descriptions: TROTR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that specializes in adaptive horseback riding, as well as taking former racehorses and helping them find new, loving forever homes. TROTR is certified by PATH Intl and provides adaptive riding lessons and hippotherapy to people of all ages and abilities. We rescue a variety of animals ranging from horses and donkeys to alpacas and llamas to tortoises and pigs, and everything in between. We also participate in school and community outreach and offer multiple educational enrichment programs for homeschool, public, and private school children. Our volunteers assist in farm tasks, groom and turn out horses, feed animals, and especially help with adaptive riding lessons as leaders and sidewalkers. There are plenty of volunteer and internship opportunities for people of all backgrounds and interests and we would love to have you join us!

Keywords: animals, disabled persons, education, organizations, outreach, recreation, volunteer groups, youth

59. Tiny Tot Preschools- Elk Grove Recreation and Park Department


Address: 8820 Elk Grove Blvd., Suite 3
City: Elk Grove State: CA Zip: 95624

Phone: 9166853917
Hours: M-F 8:30-11:30am, 12:30-3:30pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Preschool from September to June. Preschool day camp during the summer from 8:30am-11:30 or 12:30-3:30pm. Three hours per day preschool offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday for four-year-old, Tuesday and Thursday for three-year-olds.

Keywords: youth

60. Trinity House


Address: 2701 Capitol Avenue
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Contact Person: Patrick Jaggard
Contact's Position: Administrator
Phone: 9164464806
Hours: M-F 8-4pm

Descriptions: Residential care for the elderly in studios and one-bedroom apartments; skilled nursing care, meals and recreation, regular trips and daily in-house activity program.

Keywords: elderly

61. Woodland Opera House


Address: 340 2nd Street
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 5306669617

Descriptions: The Woodland Opera House building is owned by the State of California but management is by a professional staff hired by the Woodland Opera House Board of Trustees. The Board is made up of arts lovers, theatre buffs, historians and business persons. Although the building is owned by the State of California, it receives no financial support from the state, the county or the city. WOH is completely self sufficient. The WOH brings in 50% of the total income, other programming and rental brings in about 15%, fundraising totals another 15% and the remainder of the budget is balanced with donations, corporate underwriting, foundation grants, etc.

Keywords: Recreation

62. YMCA


Address: 1300 College Street
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 5306621086
Hours: M - F, 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Descriptions: Camping and day camping are available. Summer schedule offers day camps for first through seventh graders. Day camp offers arts and crafts, swimming, field trips, BBQ, sports, overnight campouts, and more. Day camp is held at the YMCA's 12 acre fenced site, at Nelson's Grove.

Keywords: youth, recreation

63. Yolo Basin Foundation


Address: 45211 County Road 32B (East Chiles Road)
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95618

Contact Person: Chelsea Martinez
Contact's Position: Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 5307573780
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Descriptions: Yolo Basin Foundation is looking for volunteers to support their environmental education programs by assisting with special events, tours, school programs, and general office work. YBF is dedicated to expanding public appreciation and stewardship of wetlands and wildlife in the Yolo Basin through education and innovative partnerships.

If you wish to volunteer with Yolo Basin Foundation, please visit our website for more information and ways to volunteer. You can fill out our online volunteer application or contact Chelsea Martinez with any questions about volunteering with Yolo Basin Foundation. Thanks!

Keywords: outdoors, youth, environment, local, education, wildlife, wetlands, animals, organizations, recreation

64. YWCA


Address: 1122 - 17th Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Sarbjit Kaur
Contact's Position: Program Director
Phone: 9162648066
Hours: M - F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Descriptions: The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Sacramento provides a wide range of recreational and athletic activities/facilities for women and men, with an emphasis on the personal, professional, and physical development of women. They offer support groups, education, information, dance and fitness classes, clubs, etc.

Other programs include:
1. YWCA Women's Residence for low-income women and senior citizens.
2. Women, Infant, Children's Nutrition Education and Supplemental feeding program (WIC) for low-income women and their families.
3. Teenage Pregnancy prevention, information, parenting, and referral program (TAPP).
4. Single parent displaced homemakers program (SOLO) for people trying to reenter the job market.
5. ENCORE, an exercise and support group for women recovering from breast cancer surgery.
6. Teen Father Program (TFP), with information, referrals, job searches, parenting and counseling for young fathers.

Keywords: women, religious, education, mentor/tutor, counseling, elderly, youth