Find Volunteer Opportunities - Results

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1. 4 Directions Farm


Address: 7388 Brandon Road
City: Shingle Springs State: CA Zip: 95682

Contact Person: Quynn Meyers-Keller
Contact's Position: Marketing and Outreach Manager
Phone: 9163379993

Descriptions: 4 Directions Farm is a nonprofit vocational farm certified by the California State Department of Education. Our program is an agricultural and horticultural academy designed for students pursuing a high school education. We blend vocational opportunities with standardized curriculum to provide students an applied academic experience. Through our program, these individuals are able to participate in meaningful work that instills them with a sense of value. This motivating and stimulating alternative is facilitated in an outdoor natural environment to promote education in an applied setting. One of the program's most valuable outcomes for our students is an understanding of product development and marketable job skill sets. They are instilled with valuable vocational skills that they can carry for the rest of their lives, but more importantly, they are instilled with the power of self-worth and self-advocacy.

Description of Volunteer Service: Volunteers would assist students in farm tasks such as sheering alpacas, feeding/watering animals, planting crops, tending fields, and providing project suggestions based on student abilities. Please note that volunteers will be working with students with special needs.

Keywords: animals, youth

2. 4-H Youth Development Program

Address: 70 Cottonwood Street
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Delynda Eldridge
Contact's Position: 4-H Program Representative
Phone: 5306668703
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: The UCCE 4-H Youth Development Program provides opportunities for 5-19 year old (male and female) youth to participate in research-based experiential education activities. "4-H" stands for Head, Heart, Hands and Health. Youth become members of clubs that meet monthly, and they work on projects that range from raising and showing livestock to learning sign language and performing skits for deaf children. All projects are designed to support the development of citizenship skills. Adult volunteers provide leadership for the diverse array of projects and events that are part of the 4-H program. The University of California Cooperative Extension Office oversees the implementation of this program. A corps of volunteers manages the program.

Keywords: volunteer groups, education, youth, animals, disabled persons

3. A Change of Pace Foundation


Address: 1260 Lake Blvd. #245
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307572012

Descriptions: The A Change of Pace Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization, established in 2007 after many years of conducting events as A Change of Pace Inc (est. 1987). Based in Davis, CA, the Foundation's annual efforts include healthy family-oriented events, youth exercise programs (with specific focus on elementary school-age children), kids triathlons and camps, and community education.

The Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors, of whom meet monthly. The Foundation relies on grants, donations, and special event income & sponsorships to fund our programs and events.

We have more than twenty years of experience on the local, regional and national level in the running and multisport field. The Positive Energy Campaign, established in 2006, was designed to encourage positive exercise for kids through fun, fitness-oriented events. This Campaign now includes four high-profile events, including one of the largest kids triathlons in the country, the California Kids Triathlon. With less than 30% of tested K-12 students in California meeting the criteria to be in the "Healthy Fitness Zone," we are striving to increase the number of kids we reach with our programs and events. Our events serve as a motivational tool for our after-school exercise programs.

The A Change of Pace Foundation strives to "encourage, educate and motivate kids to inspire life-long habits towards a healthy lifestyle."

Keywords: Organizations, recreation

4. A Touch of Understanding


Address: 5280 Stirling Street #102
City: Granite Bay State: CA Zip: 95746

Phone: 9167914146
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

Descriptions: A Touch of Understanding (ATOU) provides disability awareness programs designed to educate a new generation to understand the challenges associated with disabilities and to accept and respect all individuals.

The mission of A Touch of Understanding is to encourage acceptance and respect for all individuals and to minimize the discrimination, bullying and misunderstanding experienced by children and adults who are perceived as different for any reason, but especially those with disabilities.

Keywords: disabled persons, mentor/tutor, outreach, youth, education

5. ACC Senior Services


Address: 7334 Park City Drive
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 958314602

Contact Person: Kim Fujiwara
Contact's Position: Volunteer Manager
Phone: 9165035387
Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Descriptions: Founded in 1972, ACC Senior Services provides housing, education, and social services to help older adults sustain their independence and lifestyles. We have become one of the most responsive and dynamic organizations for seniors in the Sacramento region.

Keywords: Cultural, Education, Elderly, Health, Housing, Organizations, Recreational

6. Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide


Address: 5170 Golden Foothill Parkeway
City: El Dorado Hills State: CA Zip: 957629608

Contact Person: Yvette Kelley
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 9169520854

Descriptions: The mission of Achieving Positive Thinking Worldwide (APTW) is to improve mental wellness by teaching and educating people, especially women, who are dissatisfied, how to plan and to implement the skills and the confidence essential to make positive life choices by increasing employment and educational successes through proven positive thinking technique and strategies by providing positive thinking counseling, support from coaches and social workers, career mentoring, anger management classes, parenting enrichment groups, clothing for work and/or school, assistance with legal resources and a lifetime support network connecting to a community of positive thinkers.

Keywords: education, counseling, international, mental health, women

7. Adolescent Family Life Program


Address: 1625 Stockton Blvd. Suite 112
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Contact Person: Elaine Ellers
Contact's Position: Program Manager
Phone: 9162629141
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Sutter Teen Programs provides comprehensive case management services for pregnant or parenting adolescents who enroll prior to turning 18 years of age. There are two available Programs. The Adolescent Family Life Program is a voluntary program to any pregnant and parenting teen not receiving TANF (welfare) dollars. The Cal-Learn Program is a mandatory program for any pregnant and parenting teen that is under 19 and has not received their high school diploma. Case management includes: medical services, educational services, legal services, housing, fiscal support, child care transportation, infant development, and parenting education. The primary goals of both programs are:
-Reduce the incident of low-birthweight babies;
-Maximize educational potential of the teens and their children;
-Reduce the incidence of unplanned repeat teen pregnancy; and
-Reduce child abuse and neglect

Most contacts with clients occur at school or in their homes. Volunteers can help with office work and other tasks as needed.

Contact Felicia Parker-Rogers or Elaine Ellers for more information on volunteering.

Keywords: health, education, legal, housing, youth, women

8. Aerospace Museum of California


Address: 32 Freedom Park Dr
City: McClellan Park State: CA Zip: 95652

Contact Person: Jessica Atlas
Contact's Position: Program Coordinator
Phone: 9165643474
Hours: 10am-4pm

Descriptions: We are a local museum located on the outskirts of Sacramento on the former McClellan Air Force Base. We feature a large exhibit hall and 4-acre air park filled with over 50 historic aircraft and engines, in addition to several other exhibits.

Description of Organization & Volunteer Service: General Museum Volunteers (We are always accepting volunteers and no aviation knowledge is needed)

Keyword: aerospace, aircraft, education

9. Albert Einstein Residence Center


Address: 1935 Wright Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95825

Phone: 9169729555
Hours: 24 hours

Descriptions: This agency, which is sponsored by the Jewish community, provides low-income housing for the elderly. Volunteers are needed to provide one on one support to seniors and/or develop health, educational or recreational programs. Group projects can also be set up to work with the elderly.

Keywords: religious, housing, counseling, education, health, elderly

10. Alderson Convalescent Hospital


Address: 124 Walnut Street
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Gwen Devlin
Contact's Position: Activities Director
Phone: 5306629161
Hours: 6:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Descriptions: The Alderson Convalescent Hospital, is an elderly rest home. Anderson Convalescent Hospital provides support to those who are limited in their ability to care for themselves.

Volunteers are needed for one-to-one visits with the residents of the hospital. Other activities are possible, such as an educational program and Bingo. Daytime and evening commitments are preferred. Group projects are also available.

Alderson Convalescent Hospital (ACH) needs assistants with our planned events to run group and participate in the daily activities of events.

Facility is open 24 hours a day , activities run from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM daily and on weekends.

Keywords: Elderly, Health, Recreation, Disabled Persons, Education

11. Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Yolo County


Address: P.O. Box 447
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95617

Contact Person: Nancy Temple
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 5307568181__
Hours: after five PM

Descriptions: Alliance for the Mentally Ill is a program of education and support for relatives of a loved one who is mentally ill, emphasizing self-education, improving community attitudes toward the mentally ill, and advocacy for improved care and treatment of the mentally ill. The Alliance sponsors an annual educational program about effective disorders and a monthly family support group called "Caring and Sharing".

Keyword: mental health, education

12. Alzheimer's Association


Address: 1455 Response Road, Suite 190
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Katie Ball
Contact's Position: Volunteer Engagement Manager
Phone: 9169309080
Hours: M-F 9:00 - 5:00

Descriptions: Our vision is a world without Alzheimer's. Our mission is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Our team serves eight counties in the Greater Sacramento area. We estimate that over 65,000 people in our region have Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia and over 180,000 caregivers provide support. Our free local programs and services include a 24/7 helpline, care consultations for families, over 20 support groups, community education classes related to dementia and brain health, and caregiver education forums.

Keywords: Alzheimer's, Dementia, Seniors, Health

13. American Cancer Society


Address: 1545 Riverpark Drive, Suite 100
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Phone: 9165612900
Hours: M-F 9-5

Descriptions: The American Cancer Society is dedicated to conquering cancer and minimizing the burden of those who currently have cancer. The Society employs a three-level approach to meeting these goals:
-support cancer research;
-conduct education programs for early detection and prevention of cancer; and
-provide services and rehabilitation programs to cancer patients and their families, including tangible items as well as counseling through support group functions.

There are two support groups in Yolo County.
For information on the Sacramento Branch, contact them at 350 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, 95816. Their phone number is 446-7933. Support programs in Sacramento include:
-HOPE: resources for the Crisis of Cancer, offering tools to deal with the educational and emotional aspects of cancer; and
-I Can Cope, a series of eight classes with lectures, discussions, and study assignments to help participants regain a sense of self-control.

Cancer patients, their families, and close friends are eligible to join these groups.

Various volunteer opportunities are available including office assistance, health fairs, smoking cessation and breast self-exam teaching, and other educational seminars. A training period is required of volunteers and is provided by the agency.

Keywords: Community Development Health, health, counseling, women, youth, education, elderly

14. American Diabetes Association


Address: 2451 Crystal Dr
City: Arlington State: VA Zip: 22202

Phone: 8003422383
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm ET

Descriptions: Volunteer Website:
Patient Education Library:
Fax (703) 549-6995

Keywords: health, education

15. American Heart Association, Sacramento


Address: 2007 O Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Phone: 9164466505
Hours: M-F 8:30am-5pm

Descriptions: The American Heart Association is the nation's oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. Founded by six cardiologists in 1924, our organization now includes more than 22.5 million volunteers and supporters. We fund innovative research, fight for stronger public health policies, and provide critical tools and information to save and improve lives. Our nationwide organization includes 156 local offices and more than 3,000 employees. We moved our national headquarters from New York to Dallas in 1975 to be more centrally located. The American Stroke Association was created as a division in 1997 to bring together the organization's stroke-related activities.

What We Do: To improve the lives of all Americans, we provide public health education in a variety of ways. We're the nation's leader in CPR education training. We help people understand the importance of healthy lifestyle choices. We provide science-based treatment guidelines to healthcare professionals to help them provide quality care to their patients. We educate lawmakers, policymakers and the public as we advocate for changes to protect and improve the health of our communities.

Keywords: Community Development Health, health, education

16. Animal Services, Sheriff's Department. Yolo County. Animal Shelter


Address: 2640 East Gibson Road
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95776

Phone: 5306685287

Descriptions: Shelter houses lost or stray or unwanted animals of all types. Field Services provides enforcement of all animal related laws and ordinances, picks up stray or unwanted animals, transports injured strays for vet care, handles loose livestock, animal rescue and humane education, i.e., classrooms, adult groups and tours of facility. Issures cities in Yolo county for field and shelter services.

Volunteer opportunities available; must be able to handle animals and work around inmates.

Keywords: animals

17. Arthur F Turner Community Library


Address: 1212 Merkley Avenue
City: West Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95691

Phone: 9163756469
Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-5:30pm

Descriptions: Volunteer in the Homework Center and help enhance the academic and social skills of children in grades 3 - 8. The Homework Center is located in the Arthur F. Turner Community Library in West Sacramento from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Volunteers work with the Center Coordinator, providing homework help to children in subject areas such as reading, math and spelling. Volunteers will build skills in working with this age group and gain valuable mentoring experience while working one-on-one with children. We are currently accepting volunteer applications for the 2017-2018 school year. The Homework Center opened on Tuesday, August 29th, 2017.

Keywords: Youth, Tutor, Mentor, Education, Library

18. Asian Pacific Community Counseling


Address: 7273 14th Avenue, Suite 120B
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95820

Contact Person: Sue Chow
Contact's Position: Clinical Program Manager
Phone: 9163836783
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: Asian Pacific Community Counseling utilizes a multicultural and multilingual framework in providing mental health counseling, youth diversion programs, tobacco and drug education, and community social services to the Asian Pacific Islander community in Sacramento County.

Volunteers are needed to gather materials for workshops, fundraising events, youth activities and outreach programs. They will acquire knowledge of co-counseling and individual mental health counseling and will assist office administrative / clerical work. Bilingual students in the fields of psychology and sociology are preferred. Volunteers must show sensitivity to individuals from multi-ethnic communities and have the initiative to learn new tasks.

Keywords: Mental Health, Counseling, Youth, outreach, health

19. Assistance League of Sacramento


Address: 2751 Fulton Ave
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95821

Phone: 9164880808

Descriptions: Assistance League of Sacramento funds and staffs nine philanthropic programs in the Sacramento area including pre-school screening for amblyopia (lazy eye), Senior Friendship, Governor's Mansion History (Mansion docents, fourth grade classroom presentations and the California Heritage Essay Contest). Assistance League of Sacramento also sponsors "Kids on the Block", an educational puppet program for K-3 graders that help students handle bullying and personal safety. Other programs include Clothes for Careers, Bears, Scholarships, and Operation School Bell, which clothes disadvantage elementary students. Assistance League of Sacramento needs volunteers to create movies for Facebook and YouTube. The development of slide shows to be used for promotional events, graphic design work, space allocation and design layout for future building to house a thrift shop and administrative offices are needed. Volunteers to do data entry and computer training are needed.

Keywords: nonprofit, computer, graphic design, photography, video production, youth, seniors.

20. ASUCD Pantry


Address: Memorial Union #154
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Pantry Staff Team
Contact's Position: Pantry Volunteer Manager

Descriptions: The ASUCD Pantry is a student-run, student-directed campus food pantry under the Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD), serving up to 800 students daily through fresh produce, bread, non-perishable products, and basic necessities. We are located on the first floor of the Memorial Union, open 7 days a week.

Volunteers will directly interact with and assist students as they visit, as well as work to maintain the Pantry space. We ask our quarterly-committed volunteers for a 1.5 or 3 hour/week. One-time sign-ups are also available on our website.

Please email us to coordinate. We appreciate the support and dedication of groups across our campus and local community.

We have had 47,000+ visits in the 2018-2019 school year, and to operate, we have recruited, trained, and scheduled 120+ volunteers to staff the Pantry and now we are looking for Spring '20 volunteers to help expand our hours of operation.

Join us in our fight for a hunger-free campus and a healthy, thriving UC Davis community.

Follow Us on Social Media!

Visit us at the Memorial Union!

Keywords: Education, Emergency, Health, Hunger, Volunteer Groups, Disabled Persons, Elderly, Organizations, Women, Youth

21. Atkinson Family Services


Address: 4718 Engle Road
City: Carmichael State: CA Zip: 95608

Contact Person: Suzie Castaneda
Contact's Position: Office Manager
Phone: 9164895316
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: We are a local foster youth agency specializing in residential treatment services for teen girls. Volunteer opportunities include mentoring and tutoring youth, visiting friends as well as office clerical support and various projects as they come up.

Keywords: youth, education

22. Beanstalk (B.J. Jordan Child Care Programs)


Address: 1771 Tribute Road Suite A
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Paula Burchett
Contact's Position: Center Manager
Phone: 9163446259
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: Provides child care and development, educational, recreational and nutritional services in licensed centers and family child care homes that promote the healthy growth and develoment of children and encourages academic sucess in safe, supportive communities.

Free and sliding fee programs for income eligible (limited income) families as well as fee for service programs.

Keywords: youth, health, childcare

23. Birth Connection


Address: P.O. Box 276044
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95827

Contact Person: Lois Baxter
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 9164519868
Hours: Tues-Fri 9-2, Other days by appt

Descriptions: Support and education for women with unplanned pregnancies. Assistance in basic decision making, goal setting, childbirth preparation, parenting, adoption planning and recovery for birth mother. Labor and hospital support; including access to prenatal care and accompaniment to hospital. Education for couples considering adopting a child. Information and referral on adoption. Monthly support group open for those exploring planning or recovering from an adoptive plan. Monthly support group open for adoptive adults.

Keywords: women, counseling, pregnancy, adoption

24. Bit Project


Address: 3119 Kemper Hall (1 Shields Ave)
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Melissa Thane
Contact's Position: Recruitment Officer
Phone: 6508635503

Descriptions: Bit Project is a student-run organization that conducts weekly outreach events at local elementary schools with the purpose of introducing students to robotics/STEM curriculum at a young age. By educating younger generations, we hope to prompt elementary schoolers to cultivate a genuine curiosity and passion for STEM. Our ultimate mission is to make STEM education accessible to all students, in order to encourage younger generations to explore the possibility of a future career in STEM.

We are currently looking for motivated UC Davis students who are interested in working with and engaging the elementary students in STEM activities. Both Non-STEM and STEM majors are welcome! If you are interested in learning more about us, check out what we are currently up to at

Keywords: Education, Organizations, outreach, student organizations, volunteer groups, youth

25. Blue Line Arts


Address: 405 Vernon Street, Suite 100
City: Roseville State: CA Zip: 95678

Contact Person: MaryTess Mayall
Contact's Position: Co-Executive Director
Phone: 9167834117
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-6PM

Descriptions: We endeavor to continue our 50 years of service, providing accessible arts education for all, presenting high caliber art exhibitions, bridging the arts, artists and business to fuel the creative economy, activating communities with art and creative fun! Blue Line Arts showcases the works of regional and national artists, and offers flexible exhibition space suitable for small musical performances, lectures, parties, and demonstrations. As a non-profit organization, Blue Line Arts is entirely funded by memberships, grants, sponsorships, fund-raising events and other donations.

Keywords: Cultural, Education, Organizations, Youth, Recreation, Outreach

26. Born Free USA United with Animal Protection Institute


Phone: 3014481407
Hours: M-F 8:30am-5pm

Descriptions: Born Free believes that every individual animal matters. Inspired by the Academy Award-winning film Born Free, we work locally, nationally, and internationally on the conservation front-lines, in communities, classrooms, courtrooms, and the halls of Congress, to end wild animal cruelty and suffering and protect threatened wildlife. Born Free also operates the country's largest primate sanctuary, which is home to 532 monkeys, many rescued from abuse in roadside zoos and private ownership or retired from research.

Keywords: animals, legal, lobbying, environment, education, outreach

27. Boy Scouts of America, Golden Empire Council


Address: 251 Commerce Circle
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Tyler Bonino
Phone: 9169291417 x108
Hours: M-F 8:30-5pm

Descriptions: Educational and family oriented recreational programs neighborhood groups. Trains volunteer leaders, maintains outdoor educational and camping facilities, and provides special programs for disabled children and adults. We have a lot of fun and no previous experience required. Traning provided.

For more information,

Keywords: disabled persons, mentor/tutor, environment

28. BPSOS Center for Community Advancement, Inc.


Address: 13950 Milton Ave. Suite 301
City: Westminster State: CA Zip: 92683

Phone: 7148972214
Hours: Monday-Friday 830am-430pm

Descriptions: BPSOS, Inc. (Boat People SOS., Inc.) is the nation's largest Vietnamese-American community organization, has deep roots in the community. Founded in 1980 as a volunteer group conducting rescue-at-sea missions during the boat people exodus, the organization has grown into a national network of 8 office locations across the U.S. and 2 locations in Southeast Asia.

BPSOS' mission is to empower, organize and equip Vietnamese individuals and communities in their pursuit of liberty and dignity. BPSOS-CCA is the California affiliate of BPSOS, a national Vietnamese-American non-profit community-based organization with 37-year track record of service. BPSOS CCA has multiple programs, one of which provides a pathway to citizenship and low cost or pro bono legal services.

Keywords: cultural, outreach, legal, health, education, mentor/tutor

29. Breathe California of Sacramento


Address: 909 12th Street, Suite 100
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Phone: 9164445900
Hours: M-F 9am to 5pm

Descriptions: Since 1917, Breathe has been finding creative and effective ways to tackle the region's most critical health issues.

When Breathe was founded as the Sacramento Society for the Prevention and Cure of Tuberculosis in December 1917, TB was killing one in five Americans and was the leading cause of death in the United States. Our solutions included mobile X-ray screenings, TB education campaigns, a TB prevention summer camp, and Sacramento's first Well Baby Clinic.

Breathe's legacy of creative and effective solutions continues to this day, through education, advocacy, policy, and more.

Keywords: health, youth, environment

30. Cache Creek Lodge


Address: 435 Aspen Street
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 5306625727

Descriptions: Cache Creek Lodge is a division of Yolo Alcoholic Recovery Center. It serves as a residential treatment center for men and women suffering from alcoholism and drug dependency. Residents are provided room and board seven days a week, staff supervision, and a structured educational program designed to help them regain their lives.

Sessions are held daily on all aspects of chemical dependency - physical, psychological and spiritual - so that residents may begin to learn how to reclaim their lives.

Also provide intensive day treatments, out patient services, and sober living.

Keywords: substance abuse, women, housing

31. Cal Aggie Camp


City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616


Descriptions: Cal Aggie Camp is looking for passionate and enthusaistic councelors to join their team. This camp gives foster and underprivileged youth from Davis and Sacramento an amazing summer experience. Applications are available on the ASUCD Job Vacancy Website ( Visit their website for more information.

Keywords: camp, counselor, youth, education, summer, ASUCD

32. California Arts Council


Address: 1300 I Street, Suite 930
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Phone: 9163226555
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Encourages the arts in California through community awareness, participation, and expression. Funds are awarded annually to individual artists and arts organizations under a number of programs in a broad spectrum of artistic disciplines. Arts information through "A Guide to Programs" and other publications. Artist in Residency program places professional artists in schools, social institutions and community organizations.

Keywords: youth, education, arts

33. California Conservation Corps


Address: 1719 24th Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 96816

Phone: 8009525627
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: The California Conservation Corps is the oldest and largest conservation corps in the country and develops thousands of young men and women into citizens with character, credentials and commitment.

Corpsmembers have numerous special opportunities in the CCC, working on backcountry trails, joining an exchange crew in Australia, improving fish habitat in cold streams and creeks, building in state parks, or participating in an AmeriCorps/CCC program.

Keywords: Employment/Training & Personal Development Corps Environment Emergency, education, nature

34. California Hospice & Palliative Care Association


Address: 3841 North Freeway Blvd. Suite 100
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95834

Phone: 9169253770
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Information about hospice services. Locates hospices in local communities, mails brochures about the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Professional and consumer education on end-of-life care.
For hospices in the Yolo county aread go to
For more information,

Keywords: health

35. California Human Development Corporation


Address: 117 West Main Street, Suite 1B
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 5306629601
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: CHD serves the farmworking community in Yolo County. The missions of CHD is to create paths and opportunities for those seeking greater self sufficiency, independence, and dignity through education, training, housing, and other services. They offer job training and general supportive services to low-income farmworkers.

Keywords: education

36. California Institute for Rural Studies


Address: PO Box 1047
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307566555

Descriptions: The California Institute for Rural Studies is a non-profit organization that conducts research and public education, working directly with individuals and rural communities. California Institute for Rural Studies seeks to build a society that is ecologically balanced, socially just, and economically sustainable.

Current major program areas are: Farm Labor and Rural Poverty, Land Ownership and Farm Structure, Water Distribution and Reclamation Law Implementation, and Rural Toxins. Funded primarily by foundation grants, California Institute for Rural Studies is not a volunteer-run organization, but is occasionally assisted by interns.

Volunteers are needed to conduct and assist with research projects. Internship credit is available.

Keywords: Environment Community Dev

37. California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation


Address: 2210 K Street, Suite 201
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Phone: 9164467904

Descriptions: CRLAF is a statewide non-profit civil legal aid organization providing free legal services and policy advocacy for California's rural poor.

We focus on some of the most marginalized communities: the unrepresented, the unorganized and the undocumented.

We engage in community education and outreach, impact litigation, legislative and administrative advocacy, and public policy leadership at the state and local level.

We seek to bring about social justice to rural poor communities by working to address the most pressing needs of our community: Labor, Housing, Education Equity, Health Care Access, Worker Safety, Citizenship, Immigration, and Environmental Justice

Keywords: legal

38. California State Parks


Address: 1416 9th Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9163247407
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Volunteers are vital to California's State Parks. The first volunteers served over 100 years ago and worked hard to preserve our most treasured places, and teach the public about their value. Today, the program has grown to nearly 40,000 volunteers who donated over one million hours of time in 2013. They assist staff in countless ways, in nearly all of California's State Parks. Please consider volunteering today and be the difference tomorrow!

After identifying the district or park(s) in which you would like to work, please contact the district or park volunteer coordinator (information on the Volunteers in Parks Program Brochure, link on the top of this page) to ask about current volunteer opportunities and the address to which you should mail your completed application. You may apply to more than one park.

Describe on the application any relevant experience, education, talents, skills and interests you possess. Each park has its own needs and will be looking for volunteers with the ability to accomplish certain tasks. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the coordinator to place you in a volunteer position that meets your needs as well as the parks.

If you would like to receive a volunteer packet, please contact (916) 324-7407 or with your name and address.

Keywords: environment, cultural

39. Californians For Drug-Free Youth


Address: 600 B Street, Suite 1450
City: San Diego State: CA Zip: 92101

Phone: 6195575753

Descriptions: CADFY is a 501(c)3, nonprofit substance abuse prevention organization working in collaboration with individuals, agencies and organizations to bring parents, youth, schools and communities together to build and promote safe and healthy communities.

CADFY works at the state, national and international levels to encourage policies that target illicit drug use and related problems, promote research-based prevention strategies and programs and create initiatives that support drug awareness and education.

Californians for Drug-Free Youth is an affiliate of the National Federation of Parents.

Volunteers are always welcome to assist with Red Ribbon Week and other educational activities to promote healthy, drug free lifestyles.

Keywords: Drugs Community Development, substance abuse

40. Catholic Faith Formation - Catholic Diocese of Sacramento

Address: 2110 Broadway
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: John Reisch
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9167330123
Hours: M-F 8:30-4:30pm

Descriptions: For Catholic parishes in 20 counties in Northern California. Trains teachers and cathedral workers for preschool through adult. Programs in:
Youth Ministry: leadership formation of youth and adults retreats, special events, resources and consultation services for junior high and high school students. Cheryl Tholcke, Coordinator.
Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry: leadership development, retreats and activities for Hispanic youth and young adults. Milagros Calvetti, Coordinator.
Pendola Center: summer camp program for boys and girls ages 6-17 and a backpacking program for high school students. Family Camp on Labor Day Weekend. Outdoor School in the fall, grades 5, 6 and 7. Stephen Tholcke, Director.
Camp Recreation: summer camp for adults and children with disabilities. John Donohoe, contact person.
Ministry to Persons with Special Needs: responsible for accessibility, religious education and outreach to people with disabilities. Michelle Hendricks, Coordinator.
Ministry to the Deaf: coordinates religious education, liturgy, accessibility and interpreters for deaf children and adults. Stanley Simonet and Debbie Vanderfold, contact persons.

Keywords: religious, youth, disabled persons, counseling, mentor/tutor

41. Center for Advocacy, Resources & Education (CARE)


Address: One Shields Avenue
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Allyanna Pittman
Contact's Position: Education & Outreach Specialist
Phone: 5307540530

Descriptions: The UC Davis Center for Advocacy, Resources & Education (CARE): Advocacy Office for Sexual and Gender-based Violence and Sexual Misconduct, formerly known as Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP), is the on-campus, confidential resource for all students, staff and faculty who have experienced any form of sexual violence, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic/dating violence, and stalking.

Our mission is to reduce sexual violence using a multi-faceted approach, including primary prevention, education and awareness, and trauma-informed survivor services. We work to broaden public awareness about the nature of sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, stalking, and its impact on people of all genders, reinforce the necessity of healthy communication - including healthy sexual communication and consent, and to mitigate the trauma of the victim/survivor. Volunteers for CARE assist with prevention education and outreach. Please visit our website to check if our volunteer application is open.

Keywords: education, advocacy, resources

42. Center for Fathers and Families


Address: 2251 Florin Road, Suite 152
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95822

Phone: 9165683237
Hours: M-F 8:30-5:30pm

Descriptions: The Center for Fathers and Families (CFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency with a strong history of responding to the needs of fathers and their families by offering programs and services that lead to family growth, enrichment, and empowerment.

We also strive to equip each member of the family with the skills, information, and resources necessary to promote a strong family life, which in turn promotes stronger, healthier communities. To see this vision to fruition, beginning in 2007, CFF expanded our services to include our Making After School Time Enriching and Rewarding (MASTERS) program. MASTERS serves 2,200 low-income children and families each and every school day by providing homework assistance, enrichment activities, recreation, and health and wellness activities and education. We knew it was extremely important to partner with school and other community based organizations in managing youth time between 3-6 PM.

Keywords: women, youth, mentor/tutor, father, paternity

43. Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA)


Address: One Ferry Building Suite 50
City: San Francisco State: Ca Zip: 94111

Contact Person: Cindy Mendoza
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 4152913276x152

Descriptions: The Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture is dedicated to promoting a sustainable food system through the operation of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and its educational programs. We are a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation organized in 1994 to educate urban consumers about sustainable agriculture and to create links between urban dwellers and local farmers. We have managed the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market since 1999. Volunteers are needed in all aspects of the organization, including the office, the kitchen, the market and events.

Keywords: environment, hunger, outreach

44. CETA Foundation/Phoenix Ranch


Address: 5046 Midway Road
City: Vacaville State: CA Zip: 95688

Contact Person: Dr. Sue Chan
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 5302190897

Descriptions: To support understanding and service between people and animals through education, animal-assisted therapy and animal rescue. Volunteers provide care for animals in a sanctuary setting, participate in programs when opportunities arise.

For more information, please visit: and

Keywords: Animals, organizations, health

45. Child Haven, Inc


Address: 801 Empire Street
City: Fairfield State: CA Zip: 94533

Phone: 7074255744
Hours: M-F 9-6

Descriptions: Child Haven, Inc., a nonprofit corporation established in 1983 provides intensive therapeutic mental health and developmental services for children and their families with the belief that early intervention, education, and targeted professional services help children heal and families thrive. Children served at Child Haven often suffer from severe neglect, have experienced the trauma of physical or sexual abuse and been exposed to violence.

Child Haven was the principal and singular source of psychotherapy for abused children and infants in this community for many years. Now offering in-depth and varied psychological assessments and specialized therapies such as Art Therapy and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Child Haven continues to be a forerunner in Solano mental health services by providing effective, comprehensive and intense therapeutic services.

Keywords: Infant development, youth, mental health

46. City of Davis Fire Corps


Address: 530 Fifth Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Beth Parker
Contact's Position: Office Assistant
Phone: 5307575684

Descriptions: The Davis Fire Department is beginning a new program, The Davis Fire Corps. It is a locally-driven Citizen Corps program that allows community members to offer their time and talents to their local fire department in non-operational roles. Fire Corps serves as a gateway to information for and about fire department programs and meets a citizen's desire to serve as well as a department's need for support.

If you are interested in joining please R.S.V.P. to Beth Parker at 530-757-5684.

Keywords: corps, education

47. City of Sacramento Volunteer Program


Address: 915 I Street, Historic City Hall 1st Floor
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Mary Lynn Perry
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9168088317
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Descriptions: The City of Sacramento is a municipal government and provides fire, police, utility and other services for the city's residents. In addition, the city has a variety of amenities for both residents and visitors including parks, recreation programs, a zoo, and museums. Volunteers provide a broad source of expertise, talent, and manpower for City programs. Volunteers gain new skills, meet new people, make use of talents, develop greater knowledge and understanding of city government, help solve community issues, secure job references, explore career possibilities and gain personal satisfaction of making a difference in their community.

Volunteers assist with special events, animal care, gardening, tours, arts and crafts, child development, and much more. Some departments can utilize volunteers as young as 12, while others require the volunteer to be at least 21. Short-term options include helping with fairs, festivals, sports activities, adopt-a-park clean-ups and other one-day events. On-going opportunities offer the chance to work with animals as well as youth and seniors. Unpaid internships and group options are also available.

Keywords: Animals, Cultural, Disabled Persons, Education, Elderly, Environment, Recreation, Volunteer Groups, Youth

48. CommuniCare Health Centers


Address: Volunteer opportunities at our clinics in Davis, Woodland and West Sacramento
Phone: 5307533498
Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Descriptions: Without the continued interest, support and dedication of volunteers, CommuniCare would not be what it is today. Having started with only a handful of volunteers many years ago, CommuniCare prides itself on serving the people of Yolo County. We value the importance of a teaching and learning environment at all levels of the organization and offer year-round volunteer opportunities at our locations in West Sacramento, Davis and Woodland.

CommuniCare Health Centers is a Federally Qualified Health Center providing health care to those in need since 1972. CommuniCare provides comprehensive health care services delivered by a dedicated team of providers and support staff through our clinic sites and outreach programs. Our goal is to develop and maintain a long-term, healing partnership with each of our patients, while ensuring the best possible health outcomes. Serving communities throughout the Yolo County region, CommuniCare provides health services for one in every nine residents of the area. Our services include primary medical and dental health care, behavioral health services, substance use treatment, health education and support services.

CommuniCare Health Centers welcomes and values the contributions of volunteer providers, community volunteers, and learners of all types to provide services and administrative support in our clinics and programs. We are deliberate and thoughtful when placing volunteers based on their education, experience, existing skills, and interests.

Keywords: Health, Mental Health, Substance Abuse

49. Community Alliance With Family Farmers

Publications: Quarterly Newsletter: Agrarian Advocate

Address: 36355 Russell Blvd
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307568518x30
Hours: M-F 8-5

Descriptions: Want to interview a local farmer? Attend harvest festivals and local food & wine events for free while spreading the good word about sustainable agriculture? Create a local food directory for your hometown? Accompany 4th graders on a class trip to the farm? Learn how farmers markets are related fighting urban sprawl? Contact us to learn about these opportunities and more.

Don't have much time but still want to help? Become a CAFF member and start making a difference! We're a grassroots advocacy group that's working to keep family farmers on their land by bringing fresh local food to your plate. Student memberships are available for $20, Basic Memberships for $50, Business memberships for $250

Keywords: Environment Lobbyists, Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Farming, Local Food, School/Education, Nutrition, Farmers, youth

50. Community Link


Address: 8001 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 100
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95826

Phone: 9164477063

Descriptions: Our mission is to help people turn ideas into community action through information, planning, civic engagement, and advocacy for human needs in the Sacramento Region.

Information: Provide the public with timely, valuable, and accurate information about the condition of people and communities in the Sacramento Region, and connect people with available resources to help them and their families.

Planning: Produce credible and meaningful community-based research to inform health and social policy and practice, and create safe, unaligned environments that welcome participation of diverse interests in addressing issues and resolving community problems.

Civic Engagement: Transform communities and increase civic engagement by involving volunteers in meaningful community service projects that address critical needs.

Advocacy: Help people influence public policy to improve the community's quality of life and assist those most affected by public policies or community conditions in building their capacity to enhance health, economic and social well-being.

Keywords: outreach, education

51. Community School Solutions/Smart Kids


Address: 4700 Roseville Road
City: North Highlands State: CA Zip: 95660

Contact Person: Michael Williams
Contact's Position: Directo
Phone: 9162441913
Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2-4 pm

Descriptions: Positions Available: 10-12

Deadline to Apply: Ongoing at start of semesters

Description: Paid position. $13.50/hour. Provide tutoring to elementary school students (mainly 3rd-6th graders) who are below reading grade level. Tutors typically spend 30-60 minutes each week outside of class for preparing class lesson plans and selecting books. Ongoing training will be provided.

Desired Qualifications: Strong desire to work with challenged youth. Experience with children in school/education setting preferred. Strong time management skills. Must be able to participate in Smart Kids training.

Keywords: Tutoring, mentoring, kids, youth, education, mentor/tutor

52. Congress of California Seniors


Address: 1230 N Street, Suite 201
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Phone: 9164424474
Hours: M-F 8-4pm

Descriptions: The Congress of California Seniors focuses its primary attention on legislative and consumer issues that impact older adults. The CCS education and advocacy program has proved to be an effective tool in influencing public policy decisions made by the state legislature and other state officials. CCS analyzes and rates all state legislators on their voting record related to key senior issues and publishes the "Seniors Legislative Report Card."

In addition, the CCS Education and Research Fund, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, provides educational programs and consumer information for seniors to constituent groups and to the greater senior community throughout the state. Through the efforts of both organizations, the Congress of California Seniors has become a major progressive voice for seniors, their families and their communities.

For more information,

Keywords: elderly, housing, religious

53. Country Day Summer


Address: 2636 Latham Drive
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95846

Contact Person: Adolfo Mercado
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9164818811
Hours: M-F 9-6

Descriptions: "Summerbridge is about getting younger students into learning and older students into teaching." Sacramento Summerbridge is designed to assist talented, middle school age students to overcome cultural, economic, and educational barriers that place them educationally at risk and provides them with the opportunity to strengthen their academic skills so that they can enter and succeed in college prepatory classes when they reach high school. The program offers a rigorous six-week summer sessions where students attend classes taught by high school and college students. Students also attend year-round tutoring sessions where high school and college students volunteer as their tutors and mentors. Classes are small (4-7 students) and are focused on personal interaction and individual student initiation.

Volunteer needs are as follows:
-School year tutors are needed to work with students individually or in small groups.
-Summerbridge is an AmeriCorps program, so volunteers may be hired as a Year-Round Teacher or Teaching Coordinator and receive a small living allowance and an educational grant toward college loans or graduate school
-Teachers are needed during the summer--SUMMERBRIDGE WILL TRAIN YOU! A small living allowance is paid, but one receives the life time experience of being a full-time classroom teacher for six weeks.
-Office and other types of help are always welcome.

Keywords: mentor/tutor

54. Crime Victims Assistance Network (iCAN) Foundation


Address: 1809 S St, #101316
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Contact Person: Kaitlyn Wood
Contact's Position: Education and Outreach Specialist
Phone: 9162733603

Descriptions: We are the Crime Victims Assistance Network (iCAN) Foundation and our mission is to support, educate, and empower those impacted by violent crime. We are currently recruiting volunteers to participate in our Victim Advocate Training program to help us further serve the victims/survivors in our Yolo and Sacramento counties.

Keywords: crime victims, education, support

55. Crocker Art Museum


Address: 216 O Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Risa Burmich
Contact's Position: Education Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9168081182
Hours: Tues-Sun 10AM-5PM, Thurs 10AM-9PM

Descriptions: The Crocker Art Museum features the world's foremost display of California art and is renowned for its holdings of European master drawings and international ceramics. The Crocker serves as the primary regional resource for the study and appreciation of fine art and offers a diverse spectrum of exhibitions, events, and programs to augment its collections, including films, concerts, studio classes, lectures, children's activities, and more.

The Museum has also dedicated the historic building's entire first floor as an education center, which includes four classrooms, space for student and community exhibitions, the Gerald Hansen Library, and Tot Land. It is the only museum in the Sacramento region accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), a recognition given to fewer than 1,100 of the nation's 33,000 museums. AAM accreditation certifies that a museum operates according to standards set forth by the museum profession, manages its collections responsibly, and provides quality service to the public.

Keywords: cultural, art

56. Cross Cultural Center


Address: One Shields Avenue
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Michelle
Phone: 5307524287

Descriptions: The Cross-Cultural Center (CCC) supports and advocates for the institutional goal of campus diversity. Our work fosters understanding of and appreciation for the cultures, traditions and histories reflected in the campus community. We sponsor multicultural arts and educational programs, symposia, workshops, seminars, lectures, exhibits and performances; develops and funds opportunities for undergraduates to enhance their leadership potential. The CCC serves as a community center for the students, faculty and staff at UC Davis. It provides a safe space for community members to explore themselves as well as learn about other races and cultures. We also have for public use an extensive library of reading materials by faculty and noted authors in the area of multiculturalism.

EVERYONE is welcome at the CCC!

Keywords: cultural

57. Davis Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Group


Address: UC Davis Student Health and Wellness Center, Health Education and Promotion, One Shields Ave.
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Tamara Stirling
Phone: 5307529652
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm

Descriptions: DAODAG provides assessments, education, training and referrals to treatment for students with identified needs related to alcohol, tobacco, or other drug issues.

Health Education and Promotion
Keywords: Student organizations, education, health, outreach, substance abuse

58. Davis Central Park Gardens


Address: B Street (Between 3rd and 4th Street)
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Emily Griswold
Contact's Position: President of the Board of Directors
Hours: Every other Saturday

Descriptions: The gardens showcase beautiful plants and sustainable gardening practices in Davis' award-winning Central Park. Community volunteers lead garden maintenance and educational programs in partnership with the City of Davis and the Yolo County Master Gardeners. We hold volunteer gardening sessions on alternate Saturday mornings year-round. Volunteers are provided tools and direction for garden projects, and work days are led by experienced local gardeners. Volunteer events are every other Saturday. Fall/Winter from 10am-12pm; Spring/Summer from 9am-11am.

Keywords: plants, garden, biology, horticulture, environmental science, sustainability, organizations, volunteer groups

59. Davis Farm to School


Address: P.O. Box 1813
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95617

Contact's Position: Davis Farm to School Program Coordinator

Descriptions: The mission of Davis Farm to School is to create an educational and cultural environment in our schools that connects food choices with personal health, community, farms, and land.

Founded in 2000, Davis Farm to School supports the Davis Joint Unified School District in their goals to provide farm and garden-based education, increase farm fresh foods in school meals, and reduce solid waste through recycling and composting programs.

Keywords: farm, school, food, education, health, community

60. Davis Joint Unified School District


Address: 526 B Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Contact each school for volunteer opportunities
Hours: M-F 7:30am-4pm

Descriptions: For the most up-to-date information on all DJUSD school information and contacts, please see:

The Davis Joint Unified School District includes continuation, elementary, junior high, and high schools throughout the City of Davis and outlying rural areas. Volunteers may be needed on to assist teachers with children in the classroom, tutoring, and to work in the learning skills centers (select schools). Prior to contacting the schools, know the days and times you are available and what age group (if any) you prefer to work with.

Individuals should directly contact the schools for additional, one-time or on-going projects.

Keywords: education, mentor/tutor, youth

61. Davis Waldorf School

Address: 3100 Sycamore Lane
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Tina Rheault
Contact's Position: Administrator
Phone: 5307531651
Hours: 7:45-3:30 M-F

Descriptions: The Davis Waldorf School was founded in 1986 and serves approximately 200 preschool to 8th grade children. Set on a beautiful 5-acre campus in North Davis, the Davis Waldorf School program balances artistic, academic and practical work educating the whole child - hand and heart as well as mind. Its innovative methodology and developmentally-oriented curriculum, permeated with the arts, address the child's changing consciousness as it unfolds, stage by stage. Imagination and creativity are cultivated as well as cognitive growth and a sense of responsibility for the earth and its inhabitants. Under the warm and active instruction of their teachers, children are provided with a creative and nurturing environment in which to develop, grow and learn. We need volunteers to help with staffing our festivals, fundraisers, help in our garden program and with our campus maintenance and landscaping.

Keywords: Education Youth

62. Design Alliance


Address: 124 Cruess Hall
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 956168585

Contact's Position: Museum Staff
Phone: 5307526150
Hours: Call for hours

Descriptions: Design Alliance presents programs featuring talks by leading designers. All lectures coordinate with the opening receptions. Design Alliance is a support group for the Design Museum at UC Davis and hosts gallery receptions, fund-raisers, design competitions and field trips. Design Alliance also promotes and develops public awareness of the Design Museum through community involvement, educational programs, curator talks and symposiums.

Keywords: recreation, art

63. Developmental Disabilities Service Organization


Address: 5051 47th Ave
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95824

Phone: 9164565166
Hours: M-F 8:30am-5pm

Descriptions: From two sites in Sacramento and one site in Stockton, DDSO is an award-winning nonprofit that annually provides 400 adults with disabilities the opportunity to experience independence, job training, employment, physical Lion-Glass-Mosaiceducation, visual and performing arts, life skill building, social interaction, active participation in the community, nurturing relationships and more.

Today, there is more opportunity than ever to honor and recognize the contributions and independence of people with disabilities. They have diverse ideas and choices to make about where they want to go, how they want to spend their time, and with whom they want to interact. DDSO's programs strive daily to help individuals achieve their dreams of being gainfully employed doing meaningful work, living in a home where they can make their own life choices, contributing to society through volunteering, and impacting the world through visual and performing arts.

Keywords: recreation, disability, developmental

64. Developmental Disabilities Service Organization, Inc. (DDSO, Inc.)


Address: 5051 47th Ave
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95864

Phone: 9164565166
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: From two sites in Sacramento and one site in Stockton, DDSO is an award-winning nonprofit that annually provides 400 adults with disabilities the opportunity to experience independence, job training, employment, physical Lion-Glass-Mosaiceducation, visual and performing arts, life skill building, social interaction, active participation in the community, nurturing relationships and more.

Developmental disabilities are a diverse group of severe chronic conditions that are due to mental and/or physical impairments. They include cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, epilepsy and intellectual disabilities. There may be challenges with major life activities such as language, mobility, learning, self-help, and independent living. Developmental disabilities begin anytime during development up to 22 years of age, and last throughout a person's lifetime.

Today, there is more opportunity than ever to honor and recognize the contributions and independence of people with disabilities. They have diverse ideas and choices to make about where they want to go, how they want to spend their time, and with whom they want to interact. DDSO's programs strive daily to help individuals achieve their dreams of being gainfully employed doing meaningful work, living in a home where they can make their own life choices, contributing to society through volunteering, and impacting the world through visual and performing arts.

If you have some extra time on your hands, Developmental Disabilities Service Organization (DDSO) counts on the commitment of volunteers at every level of the organization to help us fulfill the promise of our mission to enhance the quality of life of adults with developmental disabilities. As an organization, we embrace, value and highly recognize the contributions of volunteers and in return, we provide growth and support to those who choose to give us their time, resources and talent. DDSO welcomes all those individuals who are accepted in our Volunteer Program, and who through their interest for DDSO have demonstrated a shared belief in our mission.

DDSO offers volunteers support and growth. Guided by each individual's interests and skill set, we position our volunteers in areas that we believe they can further their knowledge or acquire new and valuable experiences.

Key words: developmental disabilities; special needs artists; short center artists; alan short center

65. Dixon Teen Center


Address: 455 E A St.
City: Dixon State: CA Zip: 95620

Contact Person: Grace Angelos
Contact's Position: Administrator
Phone: 7076765106
Hours: Available by email most hours of day

Descriptions: The Dixon Teen Center is a place where teens find a place to belong, build relationships with trusted adults, and fortify stronger friendships with teens their age. Open six days a week, the Dixon Teen Center offers a myriad of educational and fun activities geared towards the embetterment of our youth with emphasis on Developmental Assets.

Keywords: Dixon, teens, teen center, kids, high school, tutor, homework, volunteer, long term, short term, Friday, Saturday, flexible, special events, clerical, life skills, music, supervise, computers, computer lab, internet, fun, games, activities, building relationships

66. Eco Volunteer UP


Address: Marsella E8-45 and Shyris
City: Quito State: Ecuador Zip: 5932

Contact Person: Maria Viteri
Contact's Position: Manager
Phone: 5939983344x89
Hours: 8am-5pm

Descriptions: Eco Volunteer UP was founded 20 years ago. It is an Ecuadorian organization has a range of a volunteer programs located in Ecuador - South America. It provides volunteer work placements in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, Coast, Amazon, Galapagos and in the disappearing Cloud Forest. It works with orphanages, a disabled children's school, day care centers, hospital and is also involved in ecological projects to conserve the Ecuadorian forest.

Ongoing volunteer projects include: Teaching English to the children and environmental education in cloud forest, Coast, Amazon, conservation project in cloud forest, Coast, Amazon and Galapagos, organic farm Galapagos, Cloud Forest and scientific research indifferent places, social projects as orphanage project, day care project, children with disabilities, Medical project in Quito.

Spanish Language: The Spanish classes run from 20 hours to up over two weeks or more weeks. For beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The students can make their own flexible schedule.

We also provide Alternative Breaks, Summer Expeditions that includes volunteering and trips.

Keywords: cultural, youth, health, international

67. Education Department - Planned Parenthood


Address: 201 29th Street, Suite A
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Phone: 9163251700
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: Support group for pregnant and parenting offered called "Teen Success." Training for teachers, counselors, youth workers and other professionals is available. Family life education series taught in high schools, middle schools and community settings. Community educators are available to speak to groups regarding reproductive health issues and human sexuality.

Keywords: women, youth

68. Emerson Junior High


Address: 2121 Calaveras Ave.
City: Davis State: CA. Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307575430

Descriptions: Tutoring opportunities available. We are looking for Tutors in academic subjects and are specifically interested in establishing a list of bilingual tutors to work with students for whom English is their second language. Tutors who are fluent in Spanish, Chinese and other languages are desired.

Qualifications: Strong academic skills; patience fluency in a language other than English, as well as English.

Keywords: mentor/tutor, education, youth, bilingual

69. English Teacher Training College



Descriptions: The English Teacher Training College and Bilingual Classroom Initiative (ABCi) is a not-for-profit Austrian college with a dual mission: Firstly, as a college to provide a practical education in teacher training for Student Teachers from the English-speaking world based solely on the candidate's academic merit. Secondly, as a charity outreach, to promote language learning, cultural exchange and foster understanding between English-speaking countries and Austria by bringing hundreds of teachers from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, America, Canada, Northern Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia into Austrian classrooms to reach every child with a free English project by the year 2020.

Volunteer duties:
Teaching young learners in Austrian schools, Applying the active learning approach to teaching children and youth the English language, Free accommodation, food vouchers and ground transportation provided

Keywords: teaching, abroad, education, teacher training, international

70. Ethel McLeod Hart Multipurpose Senior Center


Address: 915 27th Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Contact Person: Roseanne Bernardy
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9168085462

Descriptions: A multipurpose senior center providing leisure enrichement classes, supportive services, creative education, health and wellness and social opportunities.

Keywords: senior, older adults, health, recreation

71. Food Literacy Center


Address: 2973 Third Ave.
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95817

Contact Person: Mai Err Chang
Contact's Position: Program & Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9168566307
Hours: 9am - 5pm

Descriptions: Do want to help change kids' eating habits in a way that could affect them for a lifetime? If so, you should join our team! We believe that food education should be fun, approachable and practical. We want to empower kids to explore more foods and make smart choices on their own. Our mission is to inspire kids to eat their vegetables. We teach low-income elementary children cooking and nutrition to improve our health, community and environment. As a small nonprofit, our volunteer opportunities expand from working with the kids in the classroom to office work. You can help us deliver hands-on cooking and nutrition lessons or mailout letters to donors. Other projects may include assistance with community outreach, fairs, and fundraising events.

Keywords: Education, Health

72. Foster & Kinship Care Education Program


Address: 2300 East Gibson Road
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95776

Phone: 5306615772
Hours: M-F8-5pm

Descriptions: The Woodland Community College Foster and Kinship Care Education (FKCE) program serves Yolo County foster parents, kinship/relative care providers, and individuals interested in becoming foster parents or in adopting a child.

We provide free classes and workshops to individuals who are:
Parenting a child placed in out-of-home care and you want to improve your parenting skills
Taking care of a relative's child
Need to complete the State mandated foster care education requirements
Interested in being a foster or adoptive parent

The mission of Woodland Community College Foster and Kinship Care Education (FKCE) is to provide quality education and training for care providers of children and youth in out-of-home care so that these providers can meet the child's educational, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs. There are 523,000 reasons to provide education and support to families caring for children placed outside their birth families. This is the number of youth in the United States currently living in foster care because their own family is in crisis and cannot provide for their day-to-day needs.

Keywords: youth

73. Freedom From Hunger


Address: 1460 Drew Avenue, Suite 300
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307586200
Hours: M-F, 9-5

Descriptions: Freedom from Hunger is a supporting organization of Grameen Foundation. When our two organizations joined forces in October 2016, core operating functions, programs and staff of Freedom from Hunger were integrated into Grameen Foundation. At the same time, Freedom from Hunger continues to operate as a charitable organization and a supporting organization of Grameen Foundation, guiding projects across the world to give women the tools they need to end poverty and hunger for themselves and their families.

Microfinance is a powerful self-help support tool that allows the very poor to reduce the day-to-day uncertainties of cash management. Whether it is saving money or gaining access to credit, vital needs can be met and opportunities pursued.

But financial services alone are not enough to help the very poor climb out of poverty. Freedom from Hunger has developed and promoted "value-added" or "integrated" microfinance programs that pair financial services with education and health protection.

Our education programs engage women at their microfinance group meetings to promote better health, nutrition, business and money management. Using dialogue, story, song, demonstrations and pictures, women with little or no schooling learn practical skills to build futures of health, hope and dignity.

For more information, visit our web site at
Keywords: women, education, youth, health, hunger

74. Friends for Survival


Address: P.O. Box 660365
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 958660365

Contact Person: Marilyn Koenig
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 9165575882
Hours: Thurs 7:30-9:30pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Information and referral source for community support groups serving those who are grieving; sponsors the Bereavement Outreach program, publishes bereavement resource brochure; speakers bureau.

Bereavement Outreach meeting held every Thursday at Sutter Center for Psychiatry, 7700 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento. Educational meetings on grief related topics are held the first and third weeks of the month; open to professionals and the general public. Sharing meetings held two or three times a month for grieving persons and their support people only.

Keywords: health, counseling, outreach

75. Friends of the Davis Public Library


Address: PO BOX 91, 315 E 14th St
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95617

Contact Person: Jeff Lee
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 5303025580

Descriptions: The Friends of the Davis Public Library provides support to library programs at the Davis branch of the Yolo County Library. Our funding comes from the sale of donated books and magazines at both the library and regularly scheduled book sales. Enthusiastic volunteers accepted.

Keywords: Education, Library, Books, Donations

76. Friends of the River


Address: 1418 20th Street, Suite 100
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Phone: 9164423155
Hours: M-F 9-5

Descriptions: Friends of the River is a California non-profit environmental organization incorporated in 1976. They work to preserve, protect, and restore rivers, streams, and their watersheds. They accomplish these goals through public education, citizen activist training and organizing and expert advocacy to influence public policy. Irregularly scheduled meetings and "volunteer nights" are held. They also provide a booking service for river trips.

Keywords: Environment

77. GoEco


Address: 69 Bograshov
City: Tel Aviv State: Israel Zip:

Contact Person: Daniella
Contact's Position: Content Manager
Phone: 6462404545x506
Hours: Sunday to Thursday 8:00AM - 3:00 PM GMT

Descriptions: GoEco is a leading eco-tourism company with over 150 marine conservation, animal conservation, environmental, community aid, medical and teaching volunteer opportunities abroad! GoEco promotes award-winning programs that are carefully chosen by the company's founding sustainable travel experts. Programs are available in 40 countries, and many long-term and research-based programs can qualify for academic credit.

Keywords: abroad, international, wildlife conservation, marine conservation, marine biology, medicine, teach English abroad, environmental

Pre-defined searches: animals, education, environment, health, international, volunteer groups, women, youth

78. Goodwill Industries of Sacramento Valley, Inc.


Address: 8001 Folsom Blvd, Suite 200
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95826

Contact Person: Pat Calvo
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9163959000
Hours: M-F 7:30-4pm

Descriptions: Retail store, recycling and salvage. Accepts donations of used goods, vehicles, equipment, etc.

Vocational Rehabilitation
6630 Franklin Blvd. Sacramento
Robert Siebenthal, Career Services Coordinator
M-F 8-4:30pm

Situational assessment and work evaluation to assess work behaviors and skills; work adjustment and work experience to develop appropriate work behaviors and attitudes for consumers with developmental disabilities.

Trade training programs: office technology, sign making and custodial training. Working training, job placement and supported employment. Clients must have a disability or disadvantaging condition which constitutes a significant barrier to employment, present no acute medical or psychological problems, and be able to care for their own personal needs. Sacramento City Unified School District provides a full-time teacher for remedial education of clients at Goodwill Industries.

For more information,

Keywords: disabled persons, education

79. GraceCity Center


Address: 701 Dixieanne Ave
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Emily Mazzariello
Contact's Position: Community Mobilizer
Phone: 9167982533
Hours: Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm

Descriptions: Are you passionate about fighting human trafficking locally? Do you want to make an impact in the lives of urban youth and families in Sacramento?
GraceCity Center is a resource center that serves urban youth and families in Old North Sacramento, Del Paso Heights, and the Dixieanne Neighborhood. Our youth advocates and team seek to empower youth, ages 13 through 30, pursuing their goals in education, employment, and the arts. GCC also provides pro-bono counseling and conducts frequent outreaches in the community. Other resources at the center include a clothes closet, showers, a computer lab, and a large gathering space. Come serve as volunteer support staff during the week or help out at our 2nd Saturday outreaches.

Support staff roles may include direct interaction with young people, conducting neighborhood outreach, and helping manage a resource closet and computer lab. Support staff commitment is weekly or bi-weekly during the hours of 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday.

GCC's 2nd Saturday is from 11:00-2:00 every 2nd Saturday. We serve the community with lunch, kids activities, sports, an open mic, and caring relationships. At the start of the outreach, there is an orientation at 10:00 am for new volunteers, which makes it a great introductory event for anyone wanting to learn more about the center and what we do. Each event looks a little different; there are often opportunities to work on projects at the center or to be present with neighbors around activities and food.

Keywords: hunger, youth, outreach

80. Graduate Initiative in Volunteerism and Education (GIVE)

City: Davis / UC Davis State: Zip:

Contact Person: Lacey Baldiviez

Descriptions: GIVE is dedicated to encouraging graduate students to play an active role in their community through service. The committee provides opportunities for these students to contribute on many levels including providing service education and service projects for graduate students.

Keywords: education

81. Grassroots Campaigns


Address: 2400 22nd St #230
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: Caitlyn Hughes or Hitesh Bussie
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9164461100

Descriptions: Grassroots Campaigns specializes in running face-to-face outreach campaigns for progressive advocacy groups, humanitarian organizations, and political campaigns. We are currently working on behalf of a range of partners including the Save the Children, The Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, Sierra Club, and Oxfam America to raise awareness, identify new supporters, raise funds, and win concrete victories for change. We also run field campaigns to register and mobilize voters, pass legislation through grassroots advocacy, and build long-term volunteer networks.

Keywords: Animals, Cultural, Disabled Persons, Education, Emergency, Environment, Health, Housing, Hunger, International, Legal, Lobbyists, Mental Health, Mentor/Tutor, Organizations, Outreach, Recreation, Women, Youth

82. Green Party of Yolo County


Address: 1794 Trinity Way
City: West Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95691

Contact Person: Mike Cordova
Contact's Position: Chair
Phone: 9165720042
Hours: M-F 8-10 PM, Weekends 11 AM - 11PM

Descriptions: Political Party promoting Green solutions, community service, & democracy

Keywords: politics, green, community, environment, peace, justice, feminism, Earth Day, climate, ecology, science, reform, sustainability, energy, equality, healthcare, renewable, education, jobs, training, innovation, activism, housing, progressive, Women, Youth

83. HandsOn Sacramento


Address: 8001 Folsom Blvd., Suite 100
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95826

Contact Person: Valeri Mihanovich
Phone: 9164477063
Hours: M-F 8-noon, 1-5pm

Descriptions: The Regional Center for Volunteerism-HandsOn Sacramento (HOS) was created in 1998 as a program of Community Link in response to the community's need for a full?service volunteer action center. Founding volunteers wanted to create social change through volunteerism and education, believing that each person's involvement will make a real difference in our community.

We now serve the entire Sacramento region (Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, El Dorado and Nevada Counties) with more than 8,000+ registered volunteers and 450+ non-profits. As a leading volunteer agency in the Sacramento region and proud member of the Hands On Network, our commitment to innovative social change is demonstrated through our many roles in the community.

Keywords: outreach

84. Head Start and Early Head Start Programs


Address: 925 Del Paso Blvd # 200
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Robin Miller
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9162633804
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Classroom provides children and their families, primarily from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with education, medical care, social services, nutritious meals, and educational services for children with specific disabling conditions.

Keywords: youth, disabled persons

85. Health Education Council


Address: 3950 Industrial Blvd., #600
City: West Sacramento State: CA Zip: 956916509

Phone: 9165563344
Hours: M-F 8:30-5

Descriptions: At the Health Education Council, we work with residents, community, business and health care leaders to implement programs that impact the underlying drivers of health - the conditions and factors that affect a person's ability to achieve health and well-being.

Our teams of public health professionals believe that cross-sectors partnerships built on trust and respect can transform neighborhoods into places that nurture health for all residents

Volunteer Opportunities Available: Administrative Assistants, Fundraisers, Interns, Mentors, Special Events Community Outreach, and Volunteer Guest Speakers

Keywords: health, education, safety, family, access

86. Heidrick Ag History Center


Address: 1962 Hays Lane
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95776

Contact Person: Iulia Bodeanu
Contact's Position: Membership Coordinator
Phone: 5306669700
Hours: Tus-Sun 10-5pm

Descriptions: The Heidrick AG History Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing people's understanding and appreciation of the rich heritage of agriculture and transportation. Our mission is to protect, preserve and educate through our one-of-a-kind collections of antique trucks and tractors, which is the largest of its kind in California. Our museum exhibits honor the regions agricultural and transportation heritage, which makes us a destination for visitors from all over the world. Within our 130,000 square-foot facility we house two of the largest collections of antique farming and transportation equipment, the Fred C. Heidrick Antique Ag collection and the Hays Antique Truck collection. We offer educational opportunities for students interested in careers in education, museums, non-profit organizations, history, and agriculture.

Keywords: cultural

87. Holmes Junior High School


Address: 1220 Drexel Drive
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307575445
Hours: M-F 8-3pm

Descriptions: Apart from regular school services, Holmes Junior High provides the following programs and services: special reading program, wide range of curricular sports, clubs and activities, Title I program, extended library hours and after school tutoring program, self-contained core classes for Gifted and Talented (GATE) students, Migrant Education program, Full Inclusion program.

Keywords: youth, education

88. Italian Cultural Society


Address: Sierra II Community Center, 2791 24th Street, Room 13
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Phone: 9164825900

Descriptions: The Italian Cultural Society had a dream of connecting our community with our Italian heritage and culture by building a center that would offer this opportunity to learn, gather and unify. After several years, the dream was realized with the completion of the Italian Center in Carmichael.

The Italian Center in Carmichael is the epicenter of maintaining our heritage, culture and pride. The Italian Cultural Society's mission is to serve the cultural needs of our community by providing some of the best and most unique cultural programs and activities in our region. Through cultural programs and events, the Italian Center provides opportunity to learn about and share our Italian heritage and history, strengthen our unity and identity, and enable new generations to enjoy and participate through cultural and educational activities. As a regional center we offer outstanding language, dance, and cultural programs which carry on our traditions for young families with children and adults.

For more information,

Keywords: youth, cultural

89. Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region


Address: 2130 21st St.
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Phone: 9164860906
Hours: M-Thurs 9am-5pm. Fri 9am-2pm

Descriptions: The Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region is a philanthropic, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides educational, cultural, and social services and programs within the Jewish community locally and around the world. The Federation movement, collectively among the top 10 charities on the continent, protects and enhances the well-being of Jews worldwide through the values of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedakah (charity and social justice). We serve to empower and give a voice to the community and to the centrality of Israel to the Jewish people.

Keywords: Cultural

90. League of Women Voters of Sacramento


Address: 921 11th St, Suite 700
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Phone: 9164478683
Hours: M, W, F 11-3pm

Descriptions: The League of Women Voters of Sacramento County is an organization of both women and men who encourage informed and active participation in government, work to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influence public policy through education and advocacy. The League does not support or oppose candidates or political parties.

Located in California's Capitol, LWV Sacramento is uniquely positioned to participate in the study of political issues at both the local and state level. Members of LWVSC meet monthly throughout the county. We study governmental issues and provide a variety of voter education services to help voters make informed decisions at the polls.
Keywords: Lobbyists, Women

91. Legal Services of Northern California


Address: 517 12th Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Bill Kennedy
Contact's Position: Attorney
Phone: 9165512150
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Free legal services to low-income eligible clients in civil law matters such as housing, health, welfare, employment, unemployment, Social Security, discrimination, and education. Administrative office for 23 Northern California counties.

Keywords: housing, counseling

92. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual + Resource Center (LGBTQIA+ Resource Center)


Address: Student Community Center, Suite 1400, 397 Hutchison Drive
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Ness Nguyen
Contact's Position: Office Coordinator
Phone: 5307522452
Hours: Monday:10-4:30pm, Tues-Thurs 10-6pm, Friday 10-5pm

Descriptions: The purpose of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center (LGBTQIA+ Resource Center) is to provide an open, safe, inclusive space and community that is committed to challenging sexism, cissexism, genderism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterosexism. We recognize that this work requires a continued process of understanding and dismantling all forms of oppression. We are committed to this process both in our work and in the structure of the Center itself. The LGBTQIA+ Resource Center promotes education as well as space for self-exploration about all sexes, genders and sexualities and their intersections with other identities. The LGBTQIA+ Resource Center values and honors that we are complex, multifaceted, and whole individuals. The LGBTQIA+ Resource Center is a dynamic, responsive and collaborative organization that serves UC Davis and the surrounding region by providing a growing spectrum of programs, resources, outreach and advocacy.

Volunteers help make many of the programs and services offered by the UC Davis Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center possible. Volunteers assist with various projects including updating resources, compiling program evaluations, advertising events, and supporting existing programs. The volunteer program welcomes new volunteers every quarter, if you are part of our listerv you should receive the application via email, otherwise please contact Joanna at to be added to our listerv and/or for more information.

For more information, visit:
Keywords: outreach, education, LGBTQIA

93. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America - Greater Sacramento Chapter

Address: 2143 Hurely Way, Suite 110
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95825

Contact Person: Cheryl Johnson
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 9169294720
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: Local chapter of national organization whose purpose is to raise funds for the Society's programs which benefit patients with leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, multiple myeloma and lymphoma. Financial aid to leukemia patients for some medications, blood transfusions, X-ray treatment, radiation therapy and transportation to and from the doctor's office. Other services include research, public and professional education and information and leukemia patients.

For more information,
Keywords: health

94. Mercy Housing


Address: 5 after school program locations near UC Davis- one in Esparto and 4 in Sacramento
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip:

Contact Person: Rebekah Kornblum
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9163303356
Hours: M-Th 2:30-5pm (After School Programs)

Descriptions: Mercy Housing's mission is to create stable, vibrant, and healthy communities by developing, financing and operating affordable, program-enriched housing for families, seniors and people with special needs who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing opportunities.

We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to assist with the after school program onsite at different affordable housing communities. With staff support, volunteers will assist between 10-20 middle and elementary aged youth to complete homework and build literacy skills. Volunteers will also help implement physical education and art activities throughout the semester. Gain experience in an educational setting, learn about affordable housing, and give back to your community- all while having fun! Individuals should be able to volunteer 2-4 times a month and commit for at least two months, though a full semester is preferred.

Key words: Housing, Community Development, Children, Youth, Education, Reading, Literacy, Seniors, Homeless, Special Needs, Veterans

95. Mutual Housing Association California


Address: 3321 Power Inn Road, Ste 320
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95826

Contact Person: George Xiong
Contact's Position: Resident Programs Manager
Phone: 5309080800
Hours: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Descriptions: Mutual Housing owns and operates 1,071 homes, housing over 3,600 residents; including 346 homes in Davis and Woodland. We offer a permanent solution to the housing needs of California's diverse families. With residents taking a key role in overseeing their properties and developing programs through site-specific resident councils, communities are created in which residents have a vested interest. Councils and issue-specific site committees provide leadership in the identification of resident and community needs and in raising resources to fill those needs. These include youth development programs, education and economic development resources, safety and security programs, and recreational facilities. The mission of Mutual Housing California is to develop, operate and advocate for sustainable housing that builds strong communities through resident participation and leadership development.

Keywords: Housing, Education, Elderly, Environment, Health, Cultural, Mentor/Tutor, Organizations, Outreach, Recreation, Volunteer Groups, Youth

96. NAMI California


Address: 1111 Howe Avenue, Suite 475
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95825

Phone: 9165670163
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Descriptions: NAMI California is a grassroots organization of families and individuals whose lives have been affected by serious mental illness. We advocate for lives of quality and respect, without discrimination and stigma, for all our constituents. We provide leadership in advocacy, legislation, policy development, education and support throughout California.

Keywords: mental health, legal

97. Newman Catholic Student Community


Address: 514 C Street
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact's Position: Administration
Phone: 5307537393
Hours: M-F 11AM-10AM

Descriptions: The Newman Catholic Center in Davis was established in 1965 and is sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. The Newman Center is housed on the original site of St. James Catholic Church. St. James Parish is now located at 14th and B streets. John Henry Cardinal Newman was a proponent of liberal education, the role of the laity, and the place of conscience in one's life. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has established chaplainries called Newman Centers, named in his honor, to care for the spiritual needs of those engaged in university life and to serve as a Catholic presence in the university environment.

The Newman Catholic Centers empower college students to form authentic Christian community, celebrate the diverse expressions of their Catholic faith, and discern their vocation as disciples of Jesus for the Church and for the world.

Keywords: Religious Education, Student organizations

98. Oak Park Preschool, Incorporated


Address: 3500 Second Avenue
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95817

Phone: 9164519498
Hours: M-F 8am-4pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: Helps develop students' intellectual, physical and social skills. Parent education classes held at least once a month to help develop social skills and learn about early childhood rearing. Collaborates with SETA Head Start to bring additional services to preschoolers and low-income families.

Keywords: Youth

99. Omni Youth Programs


Address: 9616 Micron Avenue #750
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95827

Contact Person: Cynthia Mumford
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 9163622000x11
Hours: Varies almost daily. Check website for details.

Descriptions: Omni youth programs is a non-profit agency providing youth marijuana and alcohol prevention in Sacramento County since 1979 through youth and family Evidence-based programs, community outreach, and speaking engagements, and interactive drug prevention exhibits. Our mission is to create strong families, develop youth leaders, and engage the community to prevent youth alcohol and marijuana use.

We value our Volunteers! Volunteering benefits everyone - youth and families in our programs, Omni Youth Programs, and even you - the volunteer! We offer extremely flexible weekday hours with some weekend and evening for one-time events. Volunteer for a few weeks or year round. It's up to you! All volunteer training and training materials provided free.

Interns can assist with Outreach (booths, support at speaking engagements, running interactive hands on exhibits, getting the word out, online announcements, etc.), Administrative Support, Data & Evaluation, Graphics, Translations and more depending on your skills, interest and our need at the time. We always strive to make this an experience that works for you!

Keywords: Youth, substance Abuse, Outreach, Education

100. Outreach 360


Address: 7954 West Fetlock trail
City: Peoria State: AZ Zip: 85383

Contact Person: Bryan Linck
Contact's Position: Vice President
Phone: 4802828513
Hours: 8am-9pm EDT

Descriptions: Every day of the year, Outreach360 empowers children to overcome the limitations of poverty through our dynamic education programs fueled by our creative and enthusiastic volunteers. We believe in bringing people together and harvesting the power of collective human potential to transform the world. But, lasting change doesn't happen overnight! It happens when passionate volunteers come together and work to create a better future for all. At Outreach360, we create a safe, affordable, and exciting way for college teams and summer interns to join our cause in transforming the world and giving children a life of choice.

Keywords: international, education, youth

101. Peace Corps


Address: 230 South Hall
City: UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact's Position: Peace Corps Representative

Descriptions: The Peace Corps is an international volunteer organization operated by the U.S. government. The Peace Corps sends Americans abroad to tackle the most pressing needs of people around the world. Peace Corps Volunteers work with local communities at the grassroots level on initiatives that create sustainable change, impacting thousands of lives well beyond the 27 months of service. Peace Corps Volunteers have worked in 141 countries since the program was founded in 1961, working from Asia to Central America, and from Europe to Africa.

In each of these countries, Volunteers work with governments, schools, and entrepreneurs to address changing and complex needs in education, health and HIV/AIDS, business, information technology, agriculture, and the environment. When they return home, Peace Corps Volunteers bring their knowledge and experiences and a global outlook back to the U.S., enriching the lives of those around them.

If you are interested in applying to the Peace Corps, we highly encourage you to speak with a Peace Corps recruitment advisor prior to applying. You should start the application process at least six months prior to your planned travel date. View the application steps on the website for more detailed instructions.

Keywords: Corps Employment

102. PeachTree Health Midtown (previously The Birthing Project)


Address: 1900 T Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Phone: 5307493242
Hours: 8AM-5PM

Descriptions: Peach Tree Health is committed to providing personalized, affordable, high-quality health services. Peach Tree Health is your center for healing, opportunity and hope. We are here to keep our neighbors healthy and our community growing.

Family Medicine: We provide comprehensive, non-emergency, primary care services for for adults and children. Our services are to treat the "whole patient" and include general physical exams, sexually transmitted disease screening, TB testing, hypertension care and diabetic treatment.

Pediatrics: Peach Tree Health is here to care for your children, ages newborn through adolescence, with emphasis on the treatment of minor illnesses, routine physical exams, immunizations and parent education. We also have a pediatric dental facility opening in Yuba City this year.

Immediate Care: At Peach Tree Heath, we have two immediate care locations to serve you, Sacramento and Yuba City. We can accommodate patients who need to be seen by a provider but who do not have a life-threatening condition warranting an emergency room visit.

Women's Health: Peach Tree Health services for women include gynecological services such as annual exams and pap tests, treatment for urinary tract and vaginal infections, mammogram referrals, family planning education, pregnancy testing, birth control supplies and sexually transmitted disease treatment.

Keywords: women, youth, counseling, mentor/tutor, health

103. Pence Gallery


Address: 212 D Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Natalie Nelson
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 5307583370
Hours: Tues-Sun 11:30am-5pm

Descriptions: The Pence Gallery's mission is to educate and inspire the community through offering high caliber art exhibits, supporting the development of local artists, and providing education programs for all ages.

The Pence is a nonprofit art gallery, founded in 1976, that serves the community through the display of work by local & regional artists. We have a gift shop, and three rooms for the display of art. The Pence hosts two annual fundraising events that it uses volunteers for.

Keywords: education, organizations, art

104. PERIOD at UC Davis


City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Annie Wang
Phone: 9252857002
Hours: M-F 9AM-6PM

Descriptions: PERIOD at UC Davis is the local Davis chapter of PERIOD, and international non-profit destigmatizing, celebrating, and improving access to menstrual hygiene through Education, Service, and Advocacy. Our UC Davis chapter are currently working on our Free the Period initiative to secure free menstrual products to students in bathrooms campus-wide, and eventually University of California system-wide, because they are basic necessities like toilet paper and soap. We create educational workshops and campaigns to combat the stigma against periods and we also collaborate with local non-profit organizations to distribute menstrual products to communities in need. Visit our website for volunteer sign-up opportunities!

Keywords: Education, Health, Media, Outreach, Volunteer Groups, Women

105. Plainfield Elementary School


Address: 20450 Road 97
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 5306629301

Descriptions: Plainfield Elementary School needs mentors for children grades K-6 and volunteers to participate in their great gardening program. There are also opportunities to volunteer in the classroom.

Keywords: youth, children, education, kids

106. Progress Ranch Treatment Services for Children


Address: 2725 Loyola Drive
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95618

Phone: 5307532566
Hours: 8-5 PM

Descriptions: Since 1976, Progress Ranch has provided residential care and treatment to emotionally troubled boys from 7-12 years old. Community homes provide a safe, trusting environment for the boys to live and ameliorate their emotional problems through learning social skills; individual, schools, group, and family therapy; and mainstreaming into community activities.

Volunteers are needed to act as "special friends" and literacy tutors for the children (similar to the big brother/sister program) and should have a desire to work with abused and neglected youths as tutors, counselors, interns, and child care workers. Employment opportunities may also be available. Qualifications include good communication skills, mature and reliable adult modeling, and a sincere desire to help troubled boys.

This agency is also looking for help with fundraising, upkeep and maintenance of the houses, and household responsibilities.

Keywords: Youth mental education, mental health, mentor/tutor

107. Project R.I.D.E., Inc.


Address: 8840 Southside Avenue
City: Elk Grove State: CA Zip: 95624

Contact Person: Suzi Lawton
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9166857433
Hours: Mon. 9am-4pm, Tues-Thurs 9-6pm, Fri. 9-3pm.

Descriptions: Services Provided: Therapeutic horseback riding program for children and adults from the Elk Grove and Sacramento County special education programs. Helps to improve clients'' physical, mental and emotional functioning through interaction with specially trained horses and R.I.D.E. volunteers. Service to children and adults outside school setting as openings are available.

Keywords: animals

108. Putah Creek Council


Address: 106 Main St. Suite C
City: Winters State: CA Zip: 95694

Contact Person: Amy Williams
Contact's Position: Stewardship Coordinator
Phone: 5307953006

Descriptions: We are a local environmental non-profit that works primarily in Davis and Winters to protect and enhance Putah Creek through education, advocacy, and community-based stewardship. We host work days at our greenhouse, planting events, and cleanups.

Keywords: environment, education

109. Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy


Address: 25344 County Road 95
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5302194477
Hours: Phone Preferred

Descriptions: Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy is a wilderness area on a beautiful peninsula overlooking Lake Berryessa. It has been declared by the Nature Conservancy as one of the finest preserved areas in the Coast Range. Wilderness trips and overnight guided tours are available for small groups. Volunteers are always needed to assist with tours, fundraising, outreach, memberships, and educational seminars.

Keywords: Education, Environment, Wildlife, Projects, Research, Outreach

110. Reading Partners


Address: 8 locations throughout Sacramento
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip:

Phone: 9169960830
Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-5 pm (depending on location)

Descriptions: Reading Partners provides an opportunity for volunteers from the community to give one 45 minute session each week to tutor one-on-one with an elementary school student.

Pick any 1-hour time slot that's convenient for you between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Thursday (you are welcome to help more if able).

Reading Partners uses a very structured and easy-to-follow curriculum.

One-on-one instruction at the student's reading level provides the opportunity for individualized academic attention and a healthy learning relationship with you, the volunteer.

Volunteers are, in turn, supported at all times by Reading Partners school site coordinators and staff.

For more information, please visit

Keywords: education, school, children, reading

111. RedRover


Address: 1419 21 Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Phone: 9164292457
Hours: M-F, 8:30-4:30pm

Descriptions: RedRover staff and volunteers provide temporary emergency sheltering, resources, financial assistance and emotional support when animals and people are in crisis. We empower educators to help kids develop empathy and awareness of animals' well-being and increase awareness about the importance of the human-animal bond.

Keywords: animals, education, teaching, children, disaster, communication, writing, marketing, social media, journalism

112. River City High School


Address: 1100 Clarendon Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95691

Contact Person: Don Allen
Contact's Position: Counselor
Phone: 9163757800

Descriptions: River City High School is a comprehensive high school in culturally diverse West Sacramento with a student enrollment of approximately 1300 students. River City was selected by the state of California as one of its "Distinguished Schools" during the 95-96 school year. In addition to a full range of academic coursework, River City offers a career path program called REACH and Tech Prep academy in Engineering and technology which features a project driven integrated curriculum.

Teacher assistants and tutors are needed to help in a variety of classroom experiences including facilitating group projects, working with students individually and possible presenting information to the class at the discretion of individual teachers.

Keywords: youth, education

113. Rotary Club of Davis


Address: PO Box 185
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Bill Hollingshead
Contact's Position: Polio Eradication Chairman
Phone: 5307589779

Descriptions: The main objective of Rotary is service in the community, in the workplace, and throughout the world. Rotarians develop community service projects that address many of today's most critical issues, such as children at risk, poverty and hunger, the environment, illiteracy, and violence. They also support programs for youth, educational opportunities and international exchanges for students, teachers, and other professionals, and vocational and career development. The Rotary motto is Service Above Self. We are looking for students and student organizations to volunteer for local and international service projects.

Keywords: International, youth, hunger, education, environment, education

114. Sacramento Area Creeks Council


Address: PO Box 162774
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95816

Contact Person: Alta Tura
Contact's Position: President
Phone: 9164544544
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: Encourages the preservation, protection, restoration and maintenance of natural streams in urban or man-made environments by educating the general public on the aesthetic, recreational and ecological value of the natural streams in urban areas. "Dipping into Creeks" educational packet. Workshops for educators, creek kit, and water quality monitoring kit available for classroom use.
Organizes neighborhood creek cleanups and a community-wide "Creek Week." Holds meetings, gives workshops and field outings to increase awareness of the value of natural streams. Encourages alternative flood control project design, stream bank stabilization methods and land use planning that preserves creeks as open space. Develops information on creek care in cooperation with county departments.

Keywords: environment

115. Sacramento Children's Home

Publications: Find us on Facebook!

Address: 2750 Sutterville Road
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95820

Contact Person: Wendy Beseda
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9162908199
Hours: Volunteer M-F 8:30-12:30 Agency M-F 9:00-4:30

Descriptions: The Sacramento Children's Home is a comprehensive child and family service organization that has been providing services to the most vulnerable children and families in Sacramento for over 150 years. We focus on ending the generational cycle of child abuse and neglect through programs including our Crisis Nursery Program, Family Resource Centers, Counseling Programs, Wraparound, Education, and our legacy Residential Treatment Program. This year alone will provide support and services to over 6,900 children and 4,600 families in our community.

Volunteers are a valuable part of the Sacramento Children's Home. The work they do enhances our ability to provide excellent service to the children and families that we serve through our numerous programs. Every hour that is donated to the Sacramento Children's Home is an hour that makes a big difference to a child in your community.

Keywords: Youth

116. Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center


Address: 4201 I Street Suite #5
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Phone: 9163709927
Hours: M-F 8:30am-4:30pm

Descriptions: The purpose of this organization is to assist new immigrants, refugees and other underserved individuals in the greater Sacramento area to achieve economic self-sufficiency, social empowerment, and cultural appreciation. The Center accomplishes this mission by providing quality educational, vocational, human services and health programs to these individuals.

Programs include expanded learning for students, summer programs, employment centers, and student support services.

Keywords: Cultural Community Development Mentor/Tutor

117. Sacramento City Fire Department


Address: 5770 Freeport Blvd, Suite 200
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95822

Phone: 9168081300
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Fire protection, advanced life support and transportation, first-aid including CPR and defibrillation, technical rescues, swiftwater resources, county-wide hazardous materials incident response, fire prevention, public education and code enforcement. Twenty-two stations located throughout the city. Emergency planning for the City of Sacramento.

Keywords: emergency

118. Sacramento City Unified School District


Address: 5735 47th Avenue
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95824

Phone: 9166437400

Descriptions: The SCUSD Volunteer Program believes that parents, grandparents, neighbors and community partners have a wealth of ideas and talents to share with our students and our schools. Volunteers help foster stronger school/community relationships by creating a common ownership in the success of our schools, as well as, demonstrating the importance of community service to our students.

Currently, SCUSD volunteers work in a variety of capacities: doing work from home; acting as tutors and mentors; providing assistance in the classroom; participating on District partnership teams and advisory boards; assisting in a school's main office or library and organizing fundraising efforts.

Keywords: education

119. Sacramento County Children's Coalition


Address: 925 Del Paso Boulevard, Suite 500
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Abigail Nosce
Contact's Position: Coordinator
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Advisory body responsible for evaluating and making recommendations, promoting the health and well being of children and families in Sacramento County. Advocates for children's issues and provides oversight and community education to ensure that the needs of children and families and the provision of services to meet those needs are a priority in Sacramento County. Maintains a strategic plan and ensures adequate funding to provide services.

For more information,
Keywords: health, youth

120. Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services (SFBFS)


Address: 3333 3rd Avenue, Sacramento CA 95817 and 1951 Bell Avenue, Sacramento CA 95838
Contact Person: Matt Pruitt
Contact's Position: Volunteer Services Assistant Manager
Phone: 9169253240x3398
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Descriptions: Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is dedicated to assisting those in need by alleviating their immediate pain and problems and moving them toward self-sufficiency and financial independence. We do this by offering free programs and services including food, clothing, adult education, parent education and much more. We offer dozens of volunteer opportunities and welcome community members to join us in our mission.

Keywords: Hunger

121. Sacramento History Museum


Address: 101 I Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Janessa West
Phone: 9168087059

Descriptions: Keywords: education

122. Sacramento Housing Alliance


Address: 909 12th Street, Suite 114
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Rachel Iskow
Contact's Position: Interim Executive Director
Phone: 9164554900
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: Coalition which promotes decent, affordable housing and enhanced opportunities for lower income households and homeless people through advocacy, education and participation in public discourse.

Keywords: housing

123. Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission


Address: 915 I Street, 3rd Floor
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Melissa Cirone
Contact's Position: Arts Education Coordinator
Phone: 9168083992
Hours: M-F8-5pm

Descriptions: Art in Public Places Provides visual art experiences in public locations through the production of temporary and permanent works of art in public places and rotating exhibitions at the Robert T. Matsui Gallery (at City Hall) and the Sacramento Municipal Utility Gallery. A volunteer docent or tour guide program provides tours and presentations to the general public, community organizations, and students.

Grants and Cultural Programs: This program oversees the distribution of County and City funds to arts organizations in Sacramento, and cultivates professional development and stabilization of artists and arts groups.

Arts Education: Provides professional development to teaching artists, and produces arts education programs in Sacramento schools, social institutions, and other community organizations.

Keywords: youth, women, environment, substance abuse, cultural

124. Sacramento Public Library - Adult Literacy Services


Address: 828 I Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Anita Dash
Contact's Position: Adult Literacy Associate
Phone: 9162645032
Hours: M-F, 9-6pm

Descriptions: Teaches adults to read and write. Recruits and trains volunteer tutors. One-on-one tutoring available in branch libraries

Keywords: mentor/tutor, education, organizations

125. Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)


Address: 6201 Florin Perkins Road
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95828

Contact Person: Rayla Maier
Contact's Position: Volunteer Supervisor
Phone: 9165042807
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm

Descriptions: Established in 1892, the Sacramento SPCA is a non-profit shelter devoted to fostering a loving and compassionate community for animals and people by providing assistance, creating lifelong relationships, and saving lives.

We've worked to reduce pet overpopulation through affordable spay/neuter services, promote the humane treatment of animals through education and outreach, and assist pet owners through a variety of programs and services designed to keep pets and their families together for life.

Join the Sacramento SPCA and volunteer for one of our many different volunteer positions, including animal socialization, spay/neuter and vaccine clinic assistance, customer service, humane education and our summer camp kindness, development work, and many many more!

Keywords: animals, education

126. Sacramento Valley Conservancy


Address: 1501 Northgate Blvd.
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95815

Contact Person: Carly Amatisto
Contact's Position: Program Coordinator
Phone: 9166123719
Hours: M-F 8:30AM-2:30PM

Descriptions: Sacramento Valley Conservancy is a non-profit that works to preserve open space in the Sacramento Region for farming, ranching, wildlife habitat, recreation, and outdoor education. At Camp Pollock, our 11-acre preserve along the American River Parkway, volunteers team up with SVC staff to accomplish tasks including: planting, weed eradication, painting, construction, fence building, outreach, native plant garden maintenance, and more!

Please contact our Program Coordinator if interested in learning more about what we do and how you can get involved.

Keywords: Education, Environment, Organizations, Outreach, Recreation, Volunteer Groups, Youth, Cultural, Ecology, Wildlife, Botany

127. Sacramento Zoos


Address: 3930 West Land Park Drive
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95822

Contact Person: Phillip Drobnicki
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9168087444
Hours: Tue-Sat, 7:30 a.m-4:30 p.m

Descriptions: Locates in William Land Park; home to more than 600 animals including 40 endangered or threatened species. The 14-acre zoo plays an important role in the conservation of rare and endangered species. Research, captive breeding programs and education of visitors are all part of the zoo's efforts to promote understanding of the global environment, awareness of the plight of endangered animals and the need to promote conservation of the world's natural resources. Their many volunteer programs include: Keeper-Aide Program: For many volunteers interested in biology, zoology, animal science, and other related fields. To qualify for the program, volunteers must complete a zoo volunteer application and submit a resume and cover letter. Keeper-aides work directly with the animal keepers in food preparation, animal care, and enclosure maintenance. Grounds Maintenance: Volunteers on this crew help with basic grounds maintenance, clean-up, and exhibit renovation. Docent Program: Volunteers attend a 40 hour training class, held each January, to become tour guides, present educational slide presentations and live animal encounters. Clerical: Assist Zoo administration with clerical duties. Fund Raising Events/Special Promotions: Volunteers help develop, plan, produce, and staff special events throughout the year.

Keywords: animals, environment

128. Safety Center


Address: 3909 Bradshaw Road
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95827

Contact Person: Molly Patterson
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9164383351
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Quality safety education and training to reduce injuries and save lives. Safety software and other products for sale. Employee training booklets.

Alcohol and Drug Education Program offers court-mandated programs for first time and multiple offenders as well as drug diversion and juvenile program. Drug Free Workplace training for businesses.

Community Safety Training Program teaches safety-minded citizens how to save lives, prevent injuries, and avoid accidents. Courses include defensive driving and mature driver course.

Motorcycle Training Program for novice and experienced riders in Sacramento and San Jose.

Occupational Training Program offers more than 24 different occupational training sites throughout the state, covering everything from forklift operation and instructor training to confined space safety. Training for people responsible for their company's safety programs.

Safetyville USA (916) 366-7233 x211

Training for children in pre-school and grades K-3 in elements of safety and health. Children learn safety awareness in a realistic environment of a miniature town and are taught bicycle laws, fire safety procedures, and general injury prevention methods that can save a life.

Keywords: education, youth, recreation

129. Sahaya International


Address: 1504 Portola Street
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Koen Van Rompay
Phone: 5307569074

Descriptions: Sahaya International consists of a network of friends who volunteer their time to build awareness and support of healthcare, education, environmental and socio-economic grassroots programs in developing countries.

Keywords: education, environment, outreach

130. Salvation Army


Address: 1200 North B Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Cruz Gusman
Contact's Position: Shelter Services Director
Phone: 9164529388
Hours: M-F 8-4:30pm

Descriptions: Shelter Services: Lodging and meals provided to homeless single men and women for 30 to 120 days, including a support system of multiple resources and specialize programs. Job development, computer training, employment counseling, mental health services, recreational activities and substance abuse counseling. Alcoholics Anonymous, alternative housing, spiritual counseling, chapel services, and bible studies also offered. Casework, counseling, and referral services provided to address other areas of need.

Other programs under the Salvation Army that use volunteers,
Adult Rehabilitation Center (916) 441-5267
Six-month residential social model treatment program for men with treatable handicap (I.e., alcoholism, drug abuse, anger of other abuse issues).
Sacramento Citadel Corps Center (916) 452-9388
Religious programs, fellowship, and recreation for all ages.
Child Development Center (916) 451-4230
Strives to meet the needs of individual children and encourage emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth.
Ray Robinson Oak Park Community Center (916) 452-9388
Educational, recreational, social and spiritual programs for all persons in a safe and secure environment regardless of age, race, religion, creed, color or gender.

Keywords: housing, recreaton, youth, substance abuse, hunger

131. Shores of Hope


Address: 110 Sixth Street
City: West Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95605

Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9163720200
Hours: M-F 8:30-5pm

Descriptions: Shores of Hope is dedicated to reversing the negative consequences of economic, social and other misfortune in the areas of employment, health, housing and hunger through education, technology and other resources so that each member of our community can enjoy and participate to his or her full potential in the richness of life in our community, our society and our country.

Keywords: youth, women, education, child development, transitional housing, transportation

132. Shriners Hospital for Children


Address: 2425 Stockton Blvd.
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95817

Phone: 9164532000
Hours: Seven days a week, 24-hours

Descriptions: Shriners Hospitals for Children Northern California is a regional pediatric medical center providing highly specialized care and rehabilitation to children with congenital conditions and complex medical needs regardless of the families' ability to pay. Located just minutes from downtown Sacramento, the Northern California Shriners Hospital treats children who have orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, cleft lip, scars from any cause, need for specialized plastic surgery and other complex surgical needs. Our hospital is a destination of choice for families throughout Northern California, the Western United States, Northwestern Mexico and Canada. The course of care is determined individually for each patient. Each patient's path to success is fueled by private donations and driven by excellence in treatment, teaching and research.

Volunteer application link:

Keywords: health, education

133. Sierra Nevada Journeys


Address: 2515 Venture Oaks Way
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95833

Contact Person: Kayla Reeser
Contact's Position: Volunteer and Intern Coordinator
Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Descriptions: Sierra Nevada Journeys is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that delivers innovative outdoor, science-based education programs for youth to develop critical thinking skills and to inspire natural resource stewardship. Through multiple points of contact, our classroom-based programs, overnight science camps, professional development for teachers, and parent engagement opportunities surround students with resources they need to succeed. All programs are designed to foster higher cognition and build long-term student achievement.

Field Educator Volunteer or Field Educator Internship:
Students would be responsible for leading groups of 12-15 students on a 3 hour field trip. Our field trips are on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8:30 AM to 1:15 PM. This volunteer position requires training and availability during the work day. We have some volunteers that join us once a week, others that come a couple times a month. We also have different trainings throughout the year that we ask volunteers to attend. These are usually 3-4 Fridays in the fall and spring. Internship applicants must be available once a week.

Family STEM Night Volunteer:
Students are responsible for running a science station at a local school. These events are on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings from 4:30-7:15 PM. This position does not require any training, and students can choose how many events you would like to attend. We usually have one or two events every week in the Fall and Spring and volunteers can pick the dates they would like to attend.

Some information about Family STEM Night Volunteers:
- 3 hour commitment on a Tuesday, Wednesday evening
- Family STEM Night takes place at local Sacramento schools in their multi-purpose room
- Volunteers get the opportunity to run a fun, hands-on, and interactive science station with students and families
- We need about 6-8 volunteers for each event
- Volunteers do not need previous science or teaching backgrounds

The following link has a great video about our Family Science Night events:

Keywords: Education, Environment, Youth, Science, Outdoors, Teaching

134. SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity (MOSAC)


Address: 400 Jibboom Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Contact's Position: Team Development Coordinator
Phone: 9166745000
Hours: Mon-Fri, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sat-Sun, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Descriptions: Volunteers are an integral part of creating an experience for our guests that is smooth, user-friendly, fun, and memorable. Volunteers provide vital support in the exhibit areas, at special events, with education preparation, and with greeting/ wayfinding. All kinds of people volunteer at MOSAC, from teenagers to seniors and from science novices to science professionals. Volunteering is an opportunity to teach, to learn, to meet people, to experience a stimulating environment, and to enhance curiosity. Some of our volunteers contribute just a few hours a month, while others prefer to work several hours each week.

Keywords: Science, kids, youth, teaching

135. Society for the Blind


Address: 1238 S Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Contact Person: Chee Chang
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Hours: 8am-5pm

Descriptions: For more than 60 years, Society for the Blind has created innovative ways to empower individuals living with low vision or blindness to discover, develop and achieve their full potential. Society for the Blind is the only comprehensive rehabilitative teaching center that provides services for a 27-county region of northern California. The nonprofit provides low-vision eye care, life and job skills training, mentorship, and access to tools to maintain independence for 6,000 youth, adults and seniors experiencing vision loss each year.

Current Volunteer Needs: Access News Readers - Access News is a reading service that allows volunteers to record current news, magazines, circulars, and other items of interest so that people who are blind, low vision, or cannot read conventional print can listen to these publications through the telephone. Time commitments are very flexible and you can record from home as well as in our studio.

Keywords: Physical Disability Recreation Education Disabled Persons

136. St. HOPE


Address: P.O. Box 5447
City: Sacramento State: California Zip: 95817

Contact Person: Andrea Perez
Contact's Position: Executive Assistant & Special Projects Coordinator
Phone: 9163200518
Hours: 8AM - 5PM

Descriptions: Established in 1989, St. HOPE's mission is to revitalize the Oak Park community through public education and economic development. We are currently seeking volunteers to assist the schools with classroom support and athletic event support.

137. Student Recruitment Retention Center


Address: Student Community Center
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Mayra Lamas
Contact's Position: Collective Administrative Director

Descriptions: The Student Recruitment Retention Center is a student-run, student-initiated organization on campus. It is an organization that works for educational equity through recruitment and retention efforts in leadership development. Retention is putting on workshops on campus on time management or other issues relevant to retention, providing general support, or providing a social environment conducive for specific communities.In recruitment, the SRRC does outreach trips to high schools, middle schools and community colleges to get students ready for higher education and encourage them to apply. The SRRC encompases many programs that work to assist students, SAFE (Southeast Asians Furthering Education), Bridge (Pilipino/a), GAAAP (Graduate Academic Acheivement Advocacy Program), NE'UE (Natives Empowering Unity through Education), Yi'kal Kuyum (Latino/a), Collective (all encompassing/Transfer), and ACE (African Diaspora Cultivating Education), working with these programs you will be working in a multi-cultural environment. In addition to putting on workshops, you can find experience with graphic design, campus tours, and even help in a video publicity project. These various programs also put on various leadership retreats to empower and encourage students to be active in their community. Because the SRRC is student-run, there is much freedom in how you decide you want to do things, as you can design your own internship. Or you can work closely with an intern to find other practical experience. Specific experiences can be tailored. You can also gain experience in writing budgets and proposals, and you can intern/volunteer anywhere from a quarter to a year. Yearly internships are paid through a stipend. Volunteers and Interns can work anywhere from a quarter to a year. Applications are received all year, and hiring is at different times for each program.

For more information, contact us at the SRRC and refer to our website at

138. Suicide Prevention of Yolo County


Address: P.O. Box 622
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95617

Contact Person: Ting Ting Lee
Contact's Position: Crisis Line Director
Phone: 5307567542
Hours: M-F 9-5pm

Descriptions: The mission of Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Yolo County is to provide crisis prevention and intervention, education and community outreach services to the residents of Yolo County. Play a role in saving the lives of Yolo County residents. Join the dedicated volunteers who answer our phones as the first point of human contact in the steps toward mental health. Volunteers undergo a 36-hour training program in which they develop the skills needed to manage issues of depression, suicide, family relationship conflicts and mental illness. Initially, volunteers serve six hours per week and donate a one-year service commitment upon successful completion of the training program. Please join us. Your voice and your ear are more valuable than you can imagine. Volunteers have been, and continue to be the backbone of this agency. Quality training provides volunteers with the opportunity to participate in the increased well-being, not only of themselves, but of the community they live in.

Keywords: counseling; emergency; health; mental health; organizations; volunteer groups; youth

139. Teach For America


Address: 685 Market Street, Suite 500
City: San Francisco State: CA Zip: 94105

Phone: 4156890800

Descriptions: Teach for America is the national corps of outstanding and diverse recent college graduates of all academic majors who commit two years to teach in under-resourced urban & rural public schools. We bring together individuals from a wide range of racial, ethnic, & cultural backgrounds who will be lifelong leaders in the pursuit of educational excellence for all children.

We are seeking campus organizers, dynamic entrepreneurial individuals who are committed to expanding educational opportunity in this country and to helping shape the consciousness of their peers. Campus organizers work with the Recruitment Team to increase awareness about conditions facing children in urban and rural public schools and to inspire their most talented peers to commit two years to teach in America's most underesourced areas.

Keywords: Education Youth

140. Terra Nova Counseling


Address: 7844 Madison Ave, Suite 152
City: Fair Oaks State: CA Zip: 95628

Phone: 9163440249

Descriptions: Founded in 1985 as A.F.T.E.R. Counseling Agency, our non-profit organization provides psychotherapy, counseling and education to residents of the Sacramento Region to help promote their growth and development. With approximately 20 therapists and 10 Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors, we provide services for over 1,000 individuals, couples, and families per week.

The Children's Services program is one of the Sacramento County contracted providers of mental health services for Medi-Cal eligible children. Approximately 250 children and their families are seen weekly in office or in the child's school or home for a variety of reasons that affect their day-to-day functioning.

The Behavioral and Community Services (BCS) program provides services to adults and children, either individually, as couples or as families. In addition to psychotherapy, BCS staff offer group counseling in anger management, parenting and co-parenting skills, and as part of juvenile diversion programs run in conjunction with the Citrus Heights Police Department. BCS also accepts managed care insurance patients and is able to accept some clients on a sliding scale.

The Drinking Driver Program provides counseling and educational services at three locations for those convicted of a DUI or who are required by DMV to attend the program. The program ranges from 3 to 18 months in length based on the severity of the conviction and whether the person is a first-time or multiple offender.

Keywords: youth, counseling, therapy, AOD, Drinking Driver Programs, outpatient.

141. The California Museum


Address: 1020 O St.
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Pamela Dupzyk
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9166538099
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5pm.

Descriptions: Looking for a rewarding way to serve the community? The California Museum invites you to join our volunteer program to assist staff in presenting exhibits and programs on the state's history, arts and culture of diversity, which inspire more than 125,000 annual visitors. Whether you're looking for a few hours to fill or a regular position, a range of opportunities are available to choose from including:
- Gallery Guides & Assistants to facilitate field trip & group visits
-Events Assistants to work at the Museum's special events
-Classroom Presenters to provide K-12 education programs to field trip groups
-History, Arts & Culture Facilitators to educate general admission & tour visitors
-Ambassadors to represent the Museum at community events

No experience necessary! All volunteer positions feature in-depth training and offer parking, public transit and ridesharing reimbursement. Best of all, benefits include Museum memberships with reciprocal admission at other institutions, store discounts, invitations to volunteer events and more!

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9-5.
Museum Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-5.

To learn more or to apply today, visit For questions or assistance, contact Pamela Dupzyk, Volunteer Coordinator, at (916) 653-8099 or

142. The Complete Wholeness House

City: Dixon State: CA Zip:

Contact Person: Michelle Wright
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 7074509068

Descriptions: Because there is need, there is The Complete Wholeness House. We are a non-profit transitional maternity home which provides homeless pregnant women with housing, supportive programs, and spiritual guidance during the pregnancy and after the baby is born. The goal of The Complete Wholeness House is to provide expectant mothers in crisis pregnancies, the essential services needed to become healthy, successful parents. The objective of The Complete Wholeness House is to offer shelter through pregnancy and up to six months after the birth of their child, while at the same time providing counseling, employment training, education opportunities, life skills, and financial/savings planning. Women will have access to needed services, including parenting classes and substance intervention if the need is present. Individualized case management on site.

Keywords: transition home, maternity, women, homeless, pregnant, support, housing, shelter, counseling

143. The GreenHouse Community Center


Address: 2201 Northview Drive
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95833

Contact Person: Johanna Ledesma
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9166179934
Hours: 9am - 6pm

Descriptions: The GreenHouse is a non-profit, 501c3 organization located in the Gardenland Northgate neighborhood of Sacramento, California. We offer after-school tutoring, mentoring, spiritual development, and leadership development for neighborhood youth.

We serve a neighborhood with one of the highest concentrations of children in the Sacramento area. We operate out of an "Asset-Based Community Development" model where we build on the inherent dignity, strengths, and leadership gifts of families and youth for the purposes of community-wide transformation.

We're seeing youth from this community discover their gifts, renew their focus on academics, growing as neighborhood leaders, attending local colleges and universities, and even becoming members of our Board of Directors. We're celebrating seventeen years of community transformation!

Volunteer opportunities-
Evergreen program (1st - 6th grade) Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:00 - 5:30. Monday and Wednesday are academic based we focus on literacy and math. Fridays we have workshops, we encourage our volunteers to teach a workshop it can be anything from playing outdoor games to baking, or something a volunteer has a passion for and would love to share with our youth.

We also have Intern positions Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:45 - 5:45. The Intern will help our Program Director set-up for program and support her with enrichment activities/workshops for 1st - 3rd grade on Monday and Wednesday. If you would like to do volunteer on Fridays we encourage a workshop that will carry out for 3 weeks.

R4 program is a teen after-school program for middle and high school students. The youth in R4 have access to qualified tutors and volunteers who not only help their academic learning, but also walk with them as they develop emotionally and socially.

R4 also goes on fun and educational field trips to college campuses, local farms, and other fun places around Sacramento. We have program Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 - 5:30. We also encourage volunteers to teach a workshop. There are Intern opportunities on those days also from 1:45 - 5:45.

Keywords: mentor ship, youth, tutor, education

144. The Willow Clinic


Address: 1200 North B Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Hours: Every Saturday, 9am-1pm

Descriptions: The mission of the Willow Clinic is to comprehensively improve the health of the homeless population of Sacramento, while providing a unique platform for undergraduate and professional student education. The Willow Clinic achieves this by empowering students to operate a makeshift clinic each Saturday, where local homeless individuals can seek medical and psychiatric care as well as a host of other services. The Willow Clinic brings together a diverse set of compassionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic students and healthcare professionals who work together to provide these much needed services to one of the most historically neglected populations. Currently featuring an expanded dispensary, extended community resources, dental services, nutrition counseling, and more the Willow Clinic is an essential, growing fixture in the safety net of healthcare in Sacramento.

We strive to improve the health and well being of the homeless while raising the awareness of medical students and undergraduates to the unique needs of this traditionally ignored population. Using the tools of screening, education and advocacy, we endeavor to detect and prevent disease, to teach basic life skills, and to promote utilization of community services. Our goal for each patient is to catalyze their transition from control to personal health to self reliance and ultimately to understand their ability to contribute to society and to their well being. Our goal for each student is to incite appreciation for the diversity of health care needs and foster the commitment to improve medicine for all.

Keywords: Volunteer Groups, Clinic, Health, Mental Health

145. Therapeutic Riding and Off-Track Rehabilitation (TROTR)


Address: 22408 County Road 102
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95776

Contact Person: Shannon Personeni
Contact's Position: Owner/Manager
Phone: 5308673866

Descriptions: TROTR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that specializes in adaptive horseback riding, as well as taking former racehorses and helping them find new, loving forever homes. TROTR is certified by PATH Intl and provides adaptive riding lessons and hippotherapy to people of all ages and abilities. We rescue a variety of animals ranging from horses and donkeys to alpacas and llamas to tortoises and pigs, and everything in between. We also participate in school and community outreach and offer multiple educational enrichment programs for homeschool, public, and private school children. Our volunteers assist in farm tasks, groom and turn out horses, feed animals, and especially help with adaptive riding lessons as leaders and sidewalkers. There are plenty of volunteer and internship opportunities for people of all backgrounds and interests and we would love to have you join us!

Keywords: animals, disabled persons, education, organizations, outreach, recreation, volunteer groups, youth

146. Think Together


Address: 550 Valley Way
City: Milpitas State: CA Zip: 95035

Contact Person: Zoraida Aceves
Contact's Position: HRBP
Phone: 4089462727
Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm M-F

Descriptions: Think Together is one of the leading and largest nonprofit providers of academic support programs in the U.S., serving more than 140,000 students across 440-plus locations throughout CA. Our academically oriented programs and dedicated team of nearly 3,000 employees are helping students close the achievement gap to provide all students with the opportunity and ability to go to college and have successful careers.

Think stands for Teach, Helping, Inspiring, & Nurturing Kids. Think Together is a network of extending learning time programs established to help students who are academically performing far below grade level and/or at risk of leaving school prior to graduation.

Think Together is currently looking for volunteers to support and grow in our organization within the following cities: San Jose, Newark and Daly City. Our after school programs run approximately between the hours of 2:00pm-6:00pm Monday-Friday. Our volunteer opportunities in our elementary and middle schools will allow you the opportunity to work directly with students through various academic and enrichment activities. Working with a wide range of students from K-8, you will gain many professional growth opportunities in your leadership skills, classroom management skills, and interpersonal skills.

If you would like to learn more about Think Together, our website has information about our program:

Here are the steps to complete to volunteer with Think Together:
Volunteers Ages 18+:
- Clear a Background Check via Livescan with the Manager of Volunteers (no cost) This needs to be scheduled
- Submit proof of negative TB taken within the last 3 years
- Complete the Online Application: Volunteer Application - Bay Area:

Keywords: Education, kids, afterschool, children, nonprofit, teaching, school, teacher, classroom, bay area

147. Tree Davis


Address: P.O. Box 72053
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95617

Contact Person: Erin Donley Marineau
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 5307587337
Hours: N/A; We do not have a physical office

Descriptions: TREE Davis is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about urban trees. Tree plantings, care workshops, and education-specific literature are among the many services TREE Davis provides.

Volunteer opportunities include Outreach and Education, Tree Planting, Tree Maintenance, Outdoor Activities, and Manual Labor.

Keywords: Environment, tree, education

148. UC Davis Arboretum


Address: 448 La Rue Rd
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Melissa Cruz
Phone: 5307548293
Hours: M-F 8:30am-12pm; 1-4:30pm

Descriptions: 100 acres of garden featuring drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants. Docent guides lead tours and environmental activities for children and adults.

Volunteers trained in gardening and nursery work, landscape design, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and environmental education.

Keywords: environment, youth

149. UC Davis Medical Center Trauma Prevention and Outreach Program


Address: 4900 Broadway, Suite 1650 2315 Stockton Blvd
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95820

Phone: 9167349799

Descriptions: The Trauma Prevention and Outreach program was established in 1996, under the UC Davis Level 1 trauma center, to proactively face the public health challenge of trauma related death and injury.

Working closely with faculty and staff in the health system, our program maintains a commitment to decreasing preventable death and injuries through education, research and community outreach. Long standing partnerships with state agencies, law enforcement agencies and allied health organizations have allowed us to reach out to families, schools, community centers, medical professionals and beyond.

Keywords: education, health, youth

150. UC Davis Olive Center


Address: 392 Old Davis Road
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Adele Amico Roxas
Contact's Position: Associate Program Director
Phone: 5307524284
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Descriptions: The UC Davis Olive Center is a self-supporting university/industry coalition that is building California's crop of the future. Keywords: Olive oil, education, food, health, sensory, tasting

151. UC Davis Raptor Center


Address: Animal Resource Services, University of California
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307526091

Descriptions: With the help of volunteers, the California Raptor Center is able to care for and rehabilitate the 300-350 sick, injured, and orphaned raptors we receive each year. Student and community volunteers feed and provide medical care under the direction of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Theirs is an extraordinary labor of love and learning.

We offer unique opportunities to work with local raptor species. We specifically provide invaluable hands-on training in the compassionate clinical care and management of birds of prey, and provide educational programs to the general public and the university community.

Special volunteer work days can be arranged for community groups or businesses who wish to help the Center. Projects vary considerably based on the skills and resources of the participating groups. Contact us at 530.752.6091 for further information about how your group can schedule a day.

Keywords: animals, education, bird

152. United Way - Read to Succeed


Address: 716 Main Street Suite B
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Maria Manzur
Contact's Position: Education Coordinator
Phone: 5306623633
Hours: 8am-4pm

Descriptions: Woodland United Way is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Yolo County by mobilizing people and resources to strengthen our community and advance the common good.

Our Initiatives:
Education - helping children and youth achieve their potential
Income - promoting financial stability and independence
Health - improving people's health

The purpose of United Way's "Read to Succeed" program is to use community-based volunteers to help close holes in students' phonics knowledge so that they become stronger readers. The program will focus on students in 1st/2nd grade who are not making adequate progress on the BPST (Beginning Phonics Skills Test). Volunteers will work with students to target specific phonics deficiencies.

Keywords: education, youth

153. Universal Giving


Address: 560 Sutter Street
City: San Francisco State: CA Zip: 94102

Contact Person: Hyuna Lee
Contact's Position: University Lead
Phone: 4152969193

Descriptions: Universal Giving is a social entrepreneurship non-profit dedicated to increasing international giving and volunteering. We are a San Francisco based organization that was established in 2002 by founder and CEO Pamela Hawley. We currently have 10 employees. Our free web-based service ensures that donors and volunteers find the right opportunity, in the right country, right now! Through our customized search box, you can search for an opportunity by a country (i.e. Afghanistan) and/or a focus (i.e. Education & Literacy), and Universal Giving provides a list of fun and exciting opportunities for you.

Keywords: International, volunteer groups

154. Upward Bound


Address: One Shields Avenue
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Hours: M-F, 8-5

Descriptions: UC Davis Upward Bound is a federally funded educational program. The goal of Upward Bound is to provide high school students who are low income or whose parents who did not attend college better opportunities for attending college. We offer both a summer program and academic support during the school year. We offer these services to students who qualify at our partner schools located in Sacramento, Shasta, Siskiyou, and Solano counties.

Keywords: Education Youth

155. uVolunteer


Address: 501 Silverside Road, Suite 105
City: Wilmington State: Delaware Zip: 19809

Contact Person: Nathaniel Amponsah
Contact's Position: Program Manager
Phone: 1302241215x9
Hours: 9am-5pm

Descriptions: uVolunteer specializes in providing volunteer work placements in Costa Rica, Ghana and Thailand. Our service learning projects include Teaching, Care & Community, Construction, Environment and Animal Conservation.

Our program promotes change and provides direction and purpose for our participants. Additional benefits are cultural insight, adventure and a safe environment for independent, female and student travellers.

Keywords: animals, education, environment, international, organizations

156. Veterans Affairs Department


Address: 1111 Howe Avenue, Suite 390
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95825

Phone: 9165667430
Hours: M-F 8-4:30pm

Descriptions: Outreach and individual, group, marriage, family, child, job and education counseling; coordination with other agencies (both VA and non-VA); information, referral and follow-up services. Readjustment counseling to veterans. Treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and related symptoms. Case management, employment support and information assistance. Alcohol and substance abuse counseling and referral. Evening hours for support groups.

Keywords: health

157. Visions

Publications:, Facebook: Visions~UC Davis Chapter

Contact Person: Venita Sivamani
Contact's Position: Coordinator

Descriptions: Visions is a global nonprofit organization serving youth and communities through education. We work to enable students, teachers, schools, and non-governmental organizations to become self-sufficient and capable of participating as leaders in today's society. Volunteers frequently travel to Sri Lanka and India to work with youth, to implement projects, and to support local non-profit organizations. Visions is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the U.S.

The Visions Chapter at UC Davis constitutes a group of students committed to eradicating inequality. We hold regular board meetings, outreach events, and fundraisers. We are looking for motivated members and volunteers interested in service, leadership, and international education to join our team.

Keywords: Non profit, youth, education, travel, international



Address: CSI #273 One Shields Ave
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616


Descriptions: In 2001, UC Davis undergraduates and medical students established the Vietnamese Cancer Awareness, Research and Education Society (VN CARES) in response to the National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) report that revealed Vietnamese American women had the highest incidence rate of cervical cancer - five times greater than Caucasian women.

VN CARES began working with the Sacramento Vietnamese community to implement three goals:
1. Inform the community about the prevalent types of cancer that affect the target population - namely breast, cervical, and prostate cancer.
2. Educate the community about the benefits of performing regular cancer screenings and the available cancer treatments.
3. Enroll people to receive free cancer screenings.

VN CARES Mission Objectives

Short Term Objectives
* i. Recruit members who will assist VN CARES in helping the community.
* ii.Promote cancer awareness through outreaches and educational presentations.
* iii.Recruit, enroll, and assist Vietnamese individuals into cancer preventative care and cancer treatment programs.
* iv.Gather qualitative and quantitative data about the healthcare services provided to the Vietnamese community.

Long Term Objectives
* i.Reduce the cancer-related disparities in the Vietnamese community.
* ii.Ensure that all Vietnamese individuals obtain skills and knowledge to maintain a cancer reducing lifestyle.
* iii.Participate in the planning and implementation of research activities designed to identify the health care needs of the Vietnamese community.
* iv.Network with other organizations to achieve common objectives.

Keywords: Health, Clinic

159. West Sacramento Friends of the Library


Address: PO BOX 692
City: West Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95691

Contact Person: Mark Johannson
Contact's Position: President
Phone: 9163756465

Descriptions: The West Sacramento Friends of the Library provides support to the Arthur F. Turner Branch of the Yolo County Library in West Sacramento. By raising funds through used book and magazine sales, the EYFOL provides children's programs, audio books, videos and a variety of services, supplies and equipment to supplement county funding. Call the library at (916) 375-6465 for more information about Friends of the Library.

Keywords: education

160. Wildlife Care Association


Address: 5211 Patrol Road
City: McClellan State: CA Zip: 95652

Contact Person: Yenifer Guzman
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Hours: 10am-6pm daily

Descriptions: Wildlife Care Association is a nonprofit organization committer to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of local wildlife. We are in constant need of volunteers who are willing to help keep our facility running smoothly, take care of the animals and/or educate the public about wildlife. For more information on specific volunteer positions, people can visit our website and they can also apply there. (

Keywords: Animals, Education, Outreach, Environment, Wildlife

161. Winters High School Migrant Education


Address: 101 Grant Ave.
City: Winters State: CA Zip: 95694

Contact Person: Maria Gastelum
Contact's Position: Secondary School Advisor
Phone: 5307956140x153
Hours: M-Th: 7:30am-3:30pm

Descriptions: Volunteers are needed for tutoring and assisting high risk, Limited English Proficiency students during or after school hours at Winters High School. You could make the difference by being a positive role model, big brother/big sister, and/or tutor.

To leave a message for Maria Gastelum: 5307956140 x149
Keywords: mentor/tutor

162. Women's Civic Improvement Club of Sacramento


Address: 3555 Third Avenue
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95817

Phone: 9164518870
Hours: M-F 8:30-5pm

Descriptions: For 81 years, the Women's Civic Improvement Club of Sacramento, Inc.(WCIC), has provided programs, services and activities geared toward meeting the needs of Sacramento's low-income communities.

Their purpose is:
To provide a community center in which group programs are geared toward the development of responsible citizens. Emphasis is directed toward underprivileged group participation.
To foster and promote programs and services to increase the economic, cultural, educational and social levels of community members regardless of race, age, religion or gender.
To expand opportunities available to low-income community members to obtain adequate low cost housing with special emphasis on the elderly, disabled and low-income women and children.

Keywords: youth, hunger, elderly

163. Women's Resources and Research Center


Address: 113 North Hall
City: Davis / UC Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Phone: 5307520127
Hours: M-F 9-5

Descriptions: The Women's Resources and Research Center provides opportunities to promote gender equity in the UC Davis community. The WRRC hopes to achieve our vision- a world in which gender equity is achieved and people of all marginalized genders have the opportunities and support to realize their full potential. We are committed to an intersectional approach in our activism that works to combat all forms of oppression.

The Volunteer Program provides an opportunity to promote gender equity on the UC Davis campus primarily by assisting the community in the Joy Fergoda Library. The Volunteer Program will allow students to learn about resources, books, and educational programs that focus on gender equity and social justice.

Responsibilities may include: staffing the library, greeting community members, checking books in and out, shelving returned books, creating new book displays, maintaining the physical space, and supporting library functions such as the printing and computer stations.

Program Requirements:
1) 2 hour orientation session
2) 2 hour commitment every week

Keywords: Student organizations, women

164. Woodland Public Library


Address: 250 First Street
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 5306615980
Hours: M-Th 9AM-7PM, F 12-4PM, Sat 9AM-4PM

Descriptions: The Woodland Public Library accepts volunteers for a variety of general tasks. In addition, UC Davis students are needed for a one-on-one tutoring program for adults wanting to improve their English literacy. This opportunity requires a 6 month commitment, 2x per week for 1 to 1.5 hours each time, plus a 2-hour training prior to volunteering.

Keywords: Education

165. Woodland United Way


Address: 716 Main St, Suite B
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Phone: 5306623633
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm

Descriptions: Woodland United Way was formed in 1968 by a group of community volunteers who wanted to make a difference in their own community through local fundraising and distribution of those funds to support our local non-profit organizations and community projects. Today, Woodland United Way is working with over 50 partner agencies to solve critical education, income and health needs in our community. Our current focus is grade level reading. Our Read to Succeed Tutor program places trained volunteers in 1st and 2nd grade classrooms to help students who have fallen behind with their phonics skills. We believe focusing on our children today will lead to a brighter future tomorrow. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit our website! GIVE, ADVOCATE, VOLUNTEER. LIVE UNITED.

Keywords: education, health, children, teaching, tutor

166. Yolo Basin Foundation


Address: 45211 County Road 32B (East Chiles Road)
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95618

Contact Person: Chelsea Martinez
Contact's Position: Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 5307573780
Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Descriptions: Yolo Basin Foundation is looking for volunteers to support their environmental education programs by assisting with special events, tours, school programs, and general office work. YBF is dedicated to expanding public appreciation and stewardship of wetlands and wildlife in the Yolo Basin through education and innovative partnerships.

If you wish to volunteer with Yolo Basin Foundation, please visit our website for more information and ways to volunteer. You can fill out our online volunteer application or contact Chelsea Martinez with any questions about volunteering with Yolo Basin Foundation. Thanks!

Keywords: outdoors, youth, environment, local, education, wildlife, wetlands, animals, organizations, recreation

167. Yolo Community Care Continuum


Address: 285 W. Court Street, Suite 207 (PO Box 1101 Davis, CA 95617)
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Kacy Goulart
Contact's Position: Administration
Phone: 5307582160

Descriptions: Yolo Community Care Continuum (YCCC) is a non-profit agency servicing people with a mental illness in Northern California. We currently have programs located in Davis, Woodland, Roseville, and Auburn. We provide housing, direct services, education and advocacy for people with a mental illness. All of our programs are voluntary based and our programs provide client-driven services, which assists people to attain their highest level of mental health. YCCC strives to excel as a dynamic presence in our community.

Farmhouse (located in Davis): a long term residential treatment program that offers a group living environment. Adults live and work cooperatively, learning the skills necessary to make a successful transition from a highly structured treatment environment to a less restricted form of independent living.

Safe Harbor Crisis House (located in Woodland): a short term residential treatment program which provides crisis intervention in a supportive, group living environment for adults who are experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms. The program is designed for individuals who need an intermediate step between a hospital stay and returning home or who wish a more structured setting in order to prevent psychiatric hospitalization.

Harmony House (located in Auburn): an adult residential facility with a treatment component program that offers mentally ill individuals a group living environment. Adults live at Harmony House cooperatively; learn the skills necessary to live independently while receiving support from highly trained Mental Health Workers.

Supportive Housing Program (office in Woodland): Cooperative living opportunities are provided through the YCCC housing project. Houses and congregate living apartments are located in Davis and Woodland. At each house, residents have their own room and do their own shopping and cooking. House meetings, facilitated by a YCCC Mental Health Worker, help residents to divide chores and resolve any issues that may arise between housemates. Staff also provides individual support to those who need help with activities of daily living or managing their mental health symptoms.

Cornerstone (located in Roseville): a short term residential treatment program which provides crisis intervention in a supportive, group living environment for adults who are experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms. The program is designed for individuals who need an intermediate step between a hospital stay and returning home or who wish a more structured setting in order to prevent psychiatric hospitalization.

Keywords: mental health, treatment

168. Yolo County Arts Council

Address: 120 W. Main Street, #B,
City: Woodland State: CA Zip:

Contact Person: Yvonne Majesko
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 5306668018

Descriptions: The Yolo County Arts Council (YCAC) is a private nonprofit 501 ( c ) (3).Federal Tax I.D. #94-2814155 and has partnered with the County of Yolo and the State of California since 1981.

YCAC is working to develop county-wide awareness and access to art and art education and convey the positive value and impact the arts play in enriching lives of our residents of all ages. We are a collaborative organization exploring cultures, diversity and the spirit of Yolo County residents past and present. We have a vision to be a strong, comprehensive county resource for the arts and art education.

Our Goals are:
. Promote technical assistance, training and communication between artists and the community
. Increase awareness of the public participation in the arts in all disciplines
. Promote and facilitate arts education in K-14 schools, youth and adult programs through community partnership
. Be the source on art and art education for the residents, business and municipalities in Yolo County

Keywords: art, youth, education

169. Yolo County Department of Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health


Address: 137 North Cottonwood Streetq
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Christina Hill-Coillot
Contact's Position: Deputy Director Clinical Services
Phone: 5306668516

Descriptions: The Yolo County Alcohol and Drug Programs Office offers various rehabilitation and prevention programs for youth and adults, in schools and on the job.

1. Employee Assistance Service: a program that helps employers develop and institute alcohol and drug policies. Additionally, the program trains and orients supervisors and employees on dealing with substance abuse problems - how to assess the problem, refer the abuser and make appropriate use of counseling services.

2. Beamer Street Residential Treatment and Detoxification Center: a seven day residential treatment program that provides an educational experience for men and women who wish to develop and maintain a sober lifestyle. The primary focus of the program is relapse prevention and includes group and individual counseling, drop-in support, and a 24-hour crisis line.

3. The School and Youth Outreach Program: functions to prevent and reduce youth alcohol and other drug related problems. The program provides counseling to high risk youth and their families, as well as drug/alcohol assessments, individual and family counseling, peer support groups, parent education, and positive alternatives such as Friday Night Live.

The Davis address is 600 'A' Street, and the phone number is 757-5530.

We have an office in West Sacramento:
500 Jefferson Blvd.
West Sacramento, CA 95691
(916) 375-6350

Keywords: Community Development Admin Drugs Couns Substance Abuse

170. Yolo County Historical Museum - Gibson House


Address: 512 Gibson Road
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: James C. Glica-Hernandez
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 5306661045
Hours: Tue - Fri, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Descriptions: Yolo County Historical Museum is dedicated to the preservation and sharing of Yolo County history. Volunteer opportunities include history center activities, educational programming, collection maintenance, grounds maintenance, docent work, and gardening.

Keywords: cultural

171. Yolo County Library Archives & Record Center


Address: 226 Buckeye St
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: Heather Lanctot
Contact's Position: Archives & Record Center Coordinator
Phone: 5306668010
Hours: M - F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Descriptions: The Yolo County Library strives to bring diverse and dynamic programs and services to its many communities and residents through innovation, communication, engagement, collaboration and diversity, providing opportunities for everyone to read, grow, discover and interact with one another and the world at large.

The Yolo County Archives is looking for volunteers to assist in general research, transcribing documents using Excel and/or Word, genealogy research, collection processing, data entry, creation of finding aids and box lists, research and creation of displays and Facebook posts, etc. All volunteers must provide at least 2-3 hours of work each week for one year.

Keyword: Education, archive

172. Yolo County Office of Education


Address: 1280 Santa Anita Court
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95776

Phone: 5306686700
Hours: M - F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Descriptions: Yolo County Office of Education was established in 1850, Yolo County became one of the original twenty-seven counties in California. In 1852, the role of the County Superintendent was initially defined by the state legislature as an add-on function to the office of County Assessor. From 1852 to 1878, the chief fiscal officer in Yolo County was officially titled "Assessor and Superintendent of Schools."

In recent decades, the responsibilities of the County Superintendent have continued to grow. In 1992 a state law designed to help ensure the financial solvency of schools required county offices to monitor district finances and added new responsibilities to the County Office's Business Services departments. In 2013, California enacted a new school funding formula model, known as the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), and an accountability program called Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). These new enactments expanded the local monitoring responsibilities of all 58 county offices of education.

Today, the Yolo County Office of Education operates under the direction of Garth Lewis who became Yolo County Superintendent of Schools on January 7, 2019.

Keywords: Teen Youth School Mentor/Tutor

173. Yolo Reads, Yolo County Library Family Literacy Program


Address: 226 Buckeye St.
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Nancy Pacheco
Contact's Position: Program Coordinator
Phone: 5306668019
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Descriptions: Yolo Reads is committed to providing quality literacy support for English speaking adults in Yolo County. Our adult learners have goals associated with reading and writing, such as creating a resume, sharing a book with children, or learning new computer skills. Visit the Yolo Reads web page for information about the program, to learn about becoming a tutor, the time commitment requested of tutors, and to hear what learners across California have to say about library literacy programs.

Keywords: Community Dev Education, literacy

174. YoloArts


Contact Person: Danielle Thomas
Contact's Position: Executive Director
Phone: 5304064844

Descriptions: YoloArts is a non-profit organization, founded in 1981 as a recommendation of the Yolo County Cultural Plan to further the arts and culture of the county. YoloArts mission is to cultivate and advocate support for all the arts, to participate in advancement of arts education in ours schools and community, and to foster communication among artists, business, education, government, and the residents of Yolo County.

Keywords: education

175. YWCA


Address: 1122 - 17th Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Sarbjit Kaur
Contact's Position: Program Director
Phone: 9162648066
Hours: M - F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Descriptions: The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Sacramento provides a wide range of recreational and athletic activities/facilities for women and men, with an emphasis on the personal, professional, and physical development of women. They offer support groups, education, information, dance and fitness classes, clubs, etc.

Other programs include:
1. YWCA Women's Residence for low-income women and senior citizens.
2. Women, Infant, Children's Nutrition Education and Supplemental feeding program (WIC) for low-income women and their families.
3. Teenage Pregnancy prevention, information, parenting, and referral program (TAPP).
4. Single parent displaced homemakers program (SOLO) for people trying to reenter the job market.
5. ENCORE, an exercise and support group for women recovering from breast cancer surgery.
6. Teen Father Program (TFP), with information, referrals, job searches, parenting and counseling for young fathers.

Keywords: women, religious, education, mentor/tutor, counseling, elderly, youth