Find Volunteer Opportunities - Results

1. 4 Directions Farm


Address: 7388 Brandon Road
City: Shingle Springs State: CA Zip: 95682

Contact Person: Quynn Meyers-Keller
Contact's Position: Marketing and Outreach Manager
Phone: 9163379993

Descriptions: 4 Directions Farm is a nonprofit vocational farm certified by the California State Department of Education. Our program is an agricultural and horticultural academy designed for students pursuing a high school education. We blend vocational opportunities with standardized curriculum to provide students an applied academic experience. Through our program, these individuals are able to participate in meaningful work that instills them with a sense of value. This motivating and stimulating alternative is facilitated in an outdoor natural environment to promote education in an applied setting. One of the program's most valuable outcomes for our students is an understanding of product development and marketable job skill sets. They are instilled with valuable vocational skills that they can carry for the rest of their lives, but more importantly, they are instilled with the power of self-worth and self-advocacy. Description of Volunteer Service: Volunteers would assist students in farm tasks such as sheering alpacas, feeding/watering animals, planting crops, tending fields, and providing project suggestions based on student abilities. Please note that volunteers will be working with students with special needs. Keywords: animals, youth

2. 4-H Youth Development Program

Address: 70 Cottonwood Street
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95695

Contact Person: Delynda Eldridge
Contact's Position: 4-H Program Representative
Phone: 5306668703
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: The UCCE 4-H Youth Development Program provides opportunities for 5-19 year old (male and female) youth to participate in research-based experiential education activities. "4-H" stands for Head, Heart, Hands and Health. Youth become members of clubs that meet monthly, and they work on projects that range from raising and showing livestock to learning sign language and performing skits for deaf children. All projects are designed to support the development of citizenship skills. Adult volunteers provide leadership for the diverse array of projects and events that are part of the 4-H program. The University of California Cooperative Extension Office oversees the implementation of this program. A corps of volunteers manages the program. Keywords: volunteer groups, education, youth, animals, disabled persons

3. Animal Care and Regulation


Address: 3839 Bradshaw Road
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95827

Contact Person: Celeste Ingrid
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9168755848
Hours: Wed - Fri, Sat, Sun

Descriptions: Promotes harmonious living of animals and people. Rabies control. Animal shelter enforces state and local animal handling regulations with services including sale/issuance of dog and cat licenses; care and treatment of impounded animals; notification of owners of licensed dogs or cats received, impounded, injured or dead; adoption services for unclaimed animals and euthanasia of unwanted, sick, old or severely injured animals. This organization services the areas of unincorporated Sacramento County and the cities of Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Isleton and Galt. Keywords: animals

4. Animal Services, Sheriff's Department. Yolo County. Animal Shelter


Address: 2640 East Gibson Road
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95776

Phone: 5306685287

Descriptions: Shelter houses lost or stray or unwanted animals of all types. Field Services provides enforcement of all animal related laws and ordinances, picks up stray or unwanted animals, transports injured strays for vet care, handles loose livestock, animal rescue and humane education, i.e., classrooms, adult groups and tours of facility. Issures cities in Yolo county for field and shelter services. Volunteer opportunities available; must be able to handle animals and work around inmates. Keywords: animals

5. Avian Rescue Corporation


Address: 1212 Saint Elizabeth Ct.
City: Concord State: CA Zip: 94518

Contact Person: Ron Howard
Contact's Position: President
Phone: 9256862350
Hours: 11AM-6PM

Descriptions: Companion birds are one of the preferred pets in the USA. Not all pets receive good care and a loving home. Established in 2001, Avian Rescue Corporation (ARC) has expanded to rescuing and providing a sanctuary for all types of birds. Thousand of birds are abandoned or lost annually; ARC provides care and rehabilitation until ARC can find them a new and caring home. Domesticated birds have little to no chance of survival in the wild. ARC has helped hundreds of birds by picking them up from animal shelters and individuals that can no longer provide a good home for their birds. At any one time, there are over 200 birds in the ARC system. Keywords: environment, animals, birds, rescue

6. Born Free USA United with Animal Protection Institute


Address: mailing: P.O. Box 22505
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95822

Contact Person: Wendy Coonrod
Contact's Position: Development Associate
Phone: 9164473085 ext202
Hours: M-F 8:30am-5pm

Descriptions: A national animal advocacy nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization working to alleviate captive animal suffering, rescue individual animals in need, protect wildlife including highly endangered species in their natural habitats, and encourage compassionate conservation globally. We also own and operate the 186-acre Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Texas, home to more than 500 primates, many of whom were rescued from grim conditions and now reside in a naturally enriched environment with minimal human interference. Our primary campaign areas currently include animals used in entertainment, captive exotic animals, trapping & fur, and the international wildlife trade. Keywords: animals, legal, lobbying, environment, education, outreach

7. Canine Companions for Independence


Address: 2965 Dutton Avenue
City: Santa Rosa State: CA Zip: 95407

Phone: 7075771700

Descriptions: Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs at no charge to the recipient. Keywords: animals, disabled persons

8. Canine Companions for Independence, Sacramento Chapter


Address: PO BOX 2746
City: Citrus Heights State: CA Zip: 95611

Contact Person: Nancy Foust
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9167224243
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Serving Sacramento, Placer and Yolo counties. Four types of Canine Companions for disabled people: Service dogs who perform helpful tasks for people who use wheelchairs or have other mobility limitations in their arms and/or legs; hearing dogs alert people who are hearing impaired to important sounds such as telephones, alarm clocks buzzers, smoke alarms and a baby's cry; skilled companion dogs help children with disabilities, or for any individuals with developmental disabilities, or for any placement where the supervision of a third party is required; facility dogs work with professional caregivers in hospitals, hospices, nursing facilities and other programs to improve the health and wellbeing of those in their care. For more information on how you can help, Keywords: animals, disabled persons

9. CETA Foundation/Phoenix Ranch


Address: 5046 Midway Road
City: Vacaville State: CA Zip: 95688

Contact Person: Dr. Sue Chan
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 5302190897

Descriptions: To support understanding and service between people and animals through education, animal-assisted therapy and animal rescue. Volunteers provide care for animals in a sanctuary setting, participate in programs when opportunities arise. For more information, please visit: and keywords: Animals, organizations, health

10. City of Sacramento Volunteer Program


Address: 915 I Street, Historic City Hall 1st Floor
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95814

Contact Person: Mary Lynn Perry
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9168088317
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Descriptions: The City of Sacramento is a municipal government and provides fire, police, utility and other services for the citys residents. In addition, the city has a variety of amenities for both residents and visitors including parks, recreation programs, a zoo, and museums. Volunteers provide a broad source of expertise, talent, and manpower for City programs. Volunteers gain new skills, meet new people, make use of talents, develop greater knowledge and understanding of city government, help solve community issues, secure job references, explore career possibilities and gain personal satisfaction of making a difference in their community. Volunteers assist with special events, animal care, gardening, tours, arts and crafts, child development, and much more. Some departments can utilize volunteers as young as 12, while others require the volunteer to be at least 21. Short-term options include helping with fairs, festivals, sports activities, adopt-a-park clean-ups and other one-day events. On-going opportunities offer the chance to work with animals as well as youth and seniors. Unpaid internships and group options are also available.

11. Equestrian Center


Address: 1 Equestrian Lane
City: Davis State: CA Zip: 95616

Contact Person: Holly Fox
Contact's Position: Program Coordinator
Phone: 5307522372
Hours: M-F 8-5pm

Descriptions: Operates an affordable, extensive year-round program in English and Western riding for all ages, from beginning through advanced levels. Offers successive, week-long summer camps for kids that include riding and swimming. Specialized classes are offered in Eventing, Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Advanced Western, and team competition. Tours and birthday party trail rides are available. Horse boarding is also available.

Keywords: animals, youth, recreation, horses

12. Fairytale Town

Address: 3901 Land Park Drive
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95822

Contact Person: Sarah Thomas
Contact's Position: Program Manager
Phone: 9168087462

Descriptions: For over 50 years, Fairytale Town is a non-profit organization that has offered children and families a safe place to imagine, play and learn. With 25 playsets based on nursery rhymes and fairytales, a friendly flock of farm animals, two performing arts stages and several gardens, learning has never been more fun! Keywords: youth

13. Front Street Animal Center


Address: 2127 Front Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: Wambui Prouty
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9168088166
Hours: M, T, Th, F 11-5pm; W 11-7pm

Descriptions: Code enforcement activities. Key services are rabies control, animal collection and redemption, animal adoption services, animal licensing and code enforcement, animal humane education, rabies, vaccinations and micro chip clinic, spay/neuter program, and Partners for Pets volunteer program. Keywords: animals

14. Grassroots Campaigns


Address: 2400 22nd St #230
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95818

Contact Person: Caitlyn Hughes or Hitesh Bussie
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9164461100

Descriptions: Grassroots Campaigns specializes in running face-to-face outreach campaigns for progressive advocacy groups, humanitarian organizations, and political campaigns. We are currently working on behalf of a range of partners including the Save the Children, The Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, Sierra Club, and Oxfam America to raise awareness, identify new supporters, raise funds, and win concrete victories for change. We also run field campaigns to register and mobilize voters, pass legislation through grassroots advocacy, and build long-term volunteer networks. Keywords: Animals, Cultural, Disabled Persons, Education, Emergency, Environment, Health, Housing, Hunger, International, Legal, Lobbyists, Mental Health, Mentor/Tutor, Organizations, Outreach, Recreation, Women, Youth

15. Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary


Address: 6001 Folsom Blvd
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95819

Contact Person: Phyllis
Contact's Position: New Volunteer Outreach
Phone: 9165561155
Hours: Wed-Sun, 12-6pm

Descriptions: Those interested in becoming a Happy Tails volunteer, must first attend a New Volunteer Orientation meeting to learn about our organization, programs and services, volunteering guidelines and opportunities. An RSVP by the coordinator is required to attend. A Volunteer Application and information on how to get started in various roles will be provided during the meeting. For more information about our organization and volunteer roles, please visit our website at (Please note that Happy Tails is not able to offer one-time volunteer opportunities at this time).

Keywords: animals

16. Horseplay Therapeutic Riding Center


Address: 5949 Silveyville Rd.
City: Dixon State: CA Zip: 95620

Contact Person: Debra Cleveland
Phone: 7074478733

Descriptions: Horseplay is a year-round riding program, affiliated with the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, that provides structured riding sessions for disabled children and adults. The program offers three 45-minute Saturday morning sessions, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., two sessions on Tuesday evenings, 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., and one Wednesday evening session, 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Through riding, our participants relax, develop self-esteem and physical strength and coordination. We need volunteers to lead the horses and walk alongside the horse to encourage and stabilize the rider as needed. You do not need experience with special needs students or horses, just enthusiasm and the ability to follow instructions. You aren't required to commit to volunteering every Saturday, but it's helpful if you are available at least one Saturday a month. More information is available on-line at Riding is the highlight of the week for many of our riders; join us and experience the joy of creating a positive experience for our riders while hanging out with horses and great people! Keywords: Disabled Persons Animals Youth Recreation

17. Project R.I.D.E., Inc.


Address: 8840 Southside Avenue
City: Elk Grove State: CA Zip: 95624

Contact Person: Suzi Lawton
Contact's Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 9166857433
Hours: Mon. 9am-4pm, Tues-Thurs 9-6pm, Fri. 9-3pm.

Descriptions: Services Provided: Therapeutic horseback riding program for children and adults from the Elk Grove and Sacramento County special education programs. Helps to improve clients'' physical, mental and emotional functioning through interaction with specially trained horses and R.I.D.E. volunteers. Service to children and adults outside school setting as openings are available. Keywords: animals

18. RedRover


Address: 1122 S Street
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95811

Contact Person: Karly Gould
Contact's Position: Education Manager
Phone: 9164292457
Hours: M-F, 8:30-4:30pm

Descriptions: Founded in 1987, RedRover focuses on bringing animals out of crisis and strengthening the bond between people and animals through a variety of programs, including emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education. UAN is headquartered in downtown Sacramento and offers a range of volunteer opportunities. Mainly, volunteers are needed for occasional office-based projects to support our programatic offerings. Volunteers can also train to join our nationwide team of over 3,000 trained volunteers who shelter animals displaced during disasters or rescued from large-scale cruelty such as puppy mills and hoarding cases, or who visit classrooms to foster empathy and improve critical thinking skills in children using humane themes. Learn more about volunteer opportunities at Learn more about our Program and Communications Internship here.

Keywords: animals, education, teaching, children, disaster, communication, writing, marketing, social media, journalism

19. Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)


Address: 6201 Florin-Perkins Road
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95828

Contact Person: Marnie Musser
Contact's Position: Volunteer Program Manager
Phone: 9165042847
Hours: Sun, Tues, Fri, Sat 11am-4pm; Wed, Thurs 1-6pm

Descriptions: Services Provided: also knows as Human Society and as animal shelter. Relocated unwanted pets into new homes and runs a full service animal shelter. Low-cost spay and neuter clinic and humane education for schools and community groups. Lost and found service. Investigates animal cruelty complaints; 24-hours animal rescue service. "Love on Loan" pet therapy visits to senior citizen rest homes. Mobile Adoption Service shows pets from shelter at pet stores for adoption. Keywords: animals, elderly

20. Sacramento Zoos


Address: 3930 West Land Park Drive
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95822

Contact Person: Brooke Coe
Contact's Position: Volunteer Assistant
Phone: 9168087444
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday

Descriptions: Locates in William Land Park; home to more than 600 animals including 40 endangered or threatened species. The 14-acre zoo plays an important role in the conservation of rare and endangered species. Research, captive breeding programs and education of visitors are all part of the zoo's efforts to promote understanding of the global environment, awareness of the plight of endangered animals and the need to promote conservation of the world's natural resources. Their many volunteer programs include: Keeper-Aide Program: For many volunteers interested in biology, zoology, animal science, and other related fields. To qualify for the program, volunteers must complete a zoo volunteer application and submit a resume and cover letter. Keeper-aides work directly with the animal keepers in food preparation, animal care, and enclosure maintenance. Grounds Maintenance: Volunteers on this crew help with basic grounds maintenance, clean-up, and exhibit renovation. Docent Program: Volunteers attend a 40 hour training class, held each January, to become tour guides, present educational slide presentations and live animal encounters. Clerical: Assist Zoo administration with clerical duties. Fund Raising Events/Special Promotions: Volunteers help develop, plan, produce, and staff special events throughout the year. Keywords: animals, environment

21. Shriners Hospital for Children


Address: 2425 Stockton Blvd.
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95817

Phone: 9164532087
Hours: Seven days a week, 24-hours

Descriptions: Quality service to children in need of orthopedic care, acute burn care and reconstructive care, spinal cord injury care and orthopedic rehabilitation services. Acute and rehabilitative inpatient and outpatient services. Physical and occupational therapy, recreation therapy, on-site school, school re-entry program, pet therapy, assistance dogs. Keywords: animals, health, education

22. The Regional Center for Volunteerism-Hands On Sacramento


Address: 8001 Folsom Boulevard
City: Sacramento State: CA Zip: 95826

Contact Person: Valeri Mihanovich
Contact's Position: Director
Phone: 9164477063x101
Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

Descriptions: Action, Innovation, Impact. Throughout the year, The Regional Center for Volunteerism-Hands On Sacramento works with individuals, businesses, community groups, nonprofit organizations and public agencies to transform good intentions into good works. Through our online volunteer-matching system,, we connect more than 8,000 volunteers a year to a variety of projects serving many interest areas including the environment, arts, animals, local schools, children, seniors, and more. A proud affiliate of HandsOn Network, The Regional Center for Volunteerism has served the region since 1998. Keywords: volunteer groups

23. uVolunteer


Address: 501 Silverside Road, Suite 105
City: Wilmington State: Delaware Zip: 19809

Contact Person: Nathaniel Amponsah
Contact's Position: Program Manager
Phone: 13022412159
Hours: 9am-5pm

Descriptions: uVolunteer specializes in providing volunteer work placements in Costa Rica, Ghana and Thailand. Our service learning projects include Teaching, Care & Community, Construction, Environment and Animal Conservation. Our program promotes change and provides direction and purpose for our participants. Additional benefits are cultural insight, adventure and a safe environment for independent, female and student travellers. Keywords: animals, education, environment, international, organizations

24. Yolo County Sheriff's Office


Address: 140 Tony Diaz Dr
City: Woodland State: CA Zip: 95776

Phone: 5304065174

Descriptions: The Animal Services Section is responsible for the operation of the Yolo County Animal Services shelter and animal control services to the cities, unincorporated areas of the county, and the property of the University of California at Davis. The program is supported primarily through contracts for service with the cities, generous donations from citizens and businesses, and dog licensing fees. Keyword: Animals